To Have and to Hold (The Wedding Belles #1) by Lauren Layne

4 Stars!

Lauren remains my go to girl for a sweet and easy ride. To Have and to Hold is just a sweet love story. Brooke Baldwin is humiliated on her wedding day when she finds out her fiancé is a con man. She flees to New York City for a new beginning and lands a job as a one of the city’s top wedding planners. Her first client is a rich hotel heiress and she’s ready to deliver a great wedding. There’s only one problem… the bride’s brother, Seth Tyler, is trying to scheme to stop the wedding. He is a stubborn and controlling man and he’s determined to stop this wedding with Brooke’s help. However, Seth and Brooke find themselves in a sticky predicament…their chemistry is on fire. Now Seth has a new goal named Brooke. Can he convince her to take a chance on him?

Oh man, poor Brooke! The poor girl was duped by a con man. I think I would be like Brooke too if I was conned…totally broken and mistrusting of not only myself but everyone around me. I think her hesitancy to take a chance on Seth was completely understandable. However, I did get a little frustrated with Brooke at the end because I thought she over reacted with Seth. He oversteps some boundaries, but his intentions are good. I also did not agree with Brooke about keeping secrets from Seth’s sister, Maya. While I know Brooke feels it’s not her place to spill bad news, she is friends with her and clearly Maya wasn’t marrying the right man. Maybe it’s the girl power in me or just my personality, but as a friend, I would tell my friends the bad news even if they don’t want to hear it. In the end, I’m glad Brooke finally sees the error of her ways and takes a chance on a great life.

“I want a relationship that might be hard sometimes but is worth it. And you, Seth Tyler, are most definitely worth it.”

Seth is an interesting character. He is one straight laced man. He’s controlling and stubborn and he definitely makes some mistakes. Albeit, he has good intentions and I think that counts the most. He just needs to improve his communication skills. It took a while to really like Seth. I had a hard time with his rigid structured nature, but his heart is so good and by the end, I was pretty smitten with him. I also love that being vulnerable is so out of character for him, but he tries for Brooke. He puts forth the effort.

“I’ll take whatever you’re giving. A drink. Dinner. A walk. Maybe a movie. Joint custody of the dog. Keys to the same home—this home. A wedding. Babies. Things like that.”

This was definitely a cute read. It was a feel good love story with just the right amount of drama and a great ending. Happy reading!


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