Review: See Through Heart by Amie Knight (a debut novel)

See Through HeartSee Through Heart by Amie Knight ~ 4.5 Stars

“I didn’t know how to stop loving her, but I didn’t know how to love her anymore, either.”

OMG!!! I just finished a incredible childhood friendship turned lovers and found out it was a debut novel – just amazing.  Amie Knight definitely knocked it out of the park because this book will make you feel, rip out your heart, make you feel pain, cry, heal you and make you fall in love all over again.  It was such an emotional and heart-warming read.  For me, when a book makes me cry I know the writing is brilliant – and boy was I a sobbing mess.  Everything from the storyline to the writing gripped my heart and captivated my mind, from the beginning until the end.

Right at the prologue, I knew this was going to be an emotional book.  I was a bit puzzled at the end of it but let me make clear – this is not a love triangle.  I promise this is a once in a life time soulmate kind of love — you do not want to miss this.

The first few chapters of the book were about the childhood years of the main characters.  Ainsley and cousin Lori grew up together.  The girls were inseparable until Adrian moved in next door – the girls and Adrian instantly became fast friends.  Adrian adores both of the cousins but he has his heart set on Ainsley.  Unfortunately, life dealt them a big blow and the grief these young kids endured forever changed their life.

“Our destinies had been written the moment I’d laid eyes on her, and I wasn’t going to give her up ever again.”

Fast forward four years later Ainsley finally comes home.  Adrian is no longer the young teenager she remembers. He is a sexy, dreamy, talented artist and is not short of women throwing themselves at him.  Adrian has no interest in making amends with an old best friend who shattered his heart years ago.  I love the relationship between Ainsley and Adrian.  There is a fine line between love and hate with these two.  Ainsley broke his heart by leaving (she has her reasons) but Adrian never went after her.  Adrian is all sexy and alpha around Ainsley and he hates how she still affects him.  Ainsley is sweet, caring, talented, but a little broken.  These two were soulmates and destined to be together but can they forgive each other after the pain, the distance, and years apart?  This story deals with some heavy issues (not the main plot) but there were plenty of light-hearted moments, fun banters between friends, lots of angst, teary moments, and of course super sexy romance.  I enjoyed every single character in this book.  Miranda and Kelley were awesome — best girlfriends you wish you had.  I am very curious if there will be a story for Kelley/Anthony.   I also adore Miranda and I hope for a story of her and Holden.

“I’d lost myself.  I’d lost Adrian. But I’d finally found us.  In one of the most obvious places ever, tucked neatly inside Lori’s heart.”

See Through Heart is a beautiful love story guys.  The cover is gorgeous, the story is heart-felt, and the writing is absolutely phenomenal for a debut novel.  It was a fast read.  After reading the acknowledgment, I realized the author wanted to get a very important issue across to the readers, however, I feel that it is not the main story of the book.  It was mentioned early on but not in detail.  So for me, this is a childhood friends to lovers/second chance romance genre. LOVED IT! I highly recommended.

Congratulations to author Amie Knight! What a wonderful debut novel. I cannot wait to read more of this author in the future.
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