Review: Grip & Flow by Kennedy Ryan


FLOW is the prequel to A Flow that gave us a good look at Bristol and Grip’s relationship before he was famous. Bristol was on spring break and decided to come out to LA to visit her long lost brother. It has been 5 years since they have seen each other. Bristol was so excited to meet him at the airport and to her surprise Grip showed up instead. Bristol and Grip ended up spending the week together exploring the city and their chemistry toward each other. The two even made future plans of a long distance relationship and possibly Bristol moving closer to Grip. On the day Bristol departs to go back home, she finds out something about Grip that she was afraid of all long – Grip might already have been taken. This is a totally different drama that Bristol has no room for. So, Bristol boards a plane home without looking back.

Grip is a full-length conclusion to Grip and Bristol’s love story. It starts 8 years later when Bristol has moved to LA to be near her brother. She is starting a career in entertainment management. Grip is now a bright rising star in music. Bristol is now his manager. Age has agreed with Bristol – she is gorgeous and tougher with a no non-sense attitude. She vows not to mix business with pleasure and that includes dating Grip, no matter how much he tries to convince her to pick up where they left off. Bristol is brilliant at managing Grip’s career but managing her heart has not been easy… Grip is not short of female fans throwing themselves at him. Will Bristol be able to let go of the past and give Grip a second chance at proving that they are meant to be?

Grip and Flow was quite a refreshing, entertaining read. The relationship between Grip and Bristol is a classic case of opposites attract. Bristol is beautiful, sophisticated, and a trust fund baby who went to elite schools. Grip grew up in a bad neighborhood. He had to work hard just to survive, put food on the table and further his career. After all those years struggling he finally has a big break. Grip is no doubt sexy with a load of talent – he just needs the right opportunity to come along. I adore Grip – what happened 8 years before with Bristol was not his fault and he deserves a second chance … Grip is a loyal friend and a good guy … well … given the fact that he is hung well I would have forgiven him a long time ago LOL… Bristol has a good head on her shoulders, is strong and intelligent. I admire that she broke out from her rich family and made something of herself. However, in regards to Grip I sometimes feel she still acts like a brat who plays hard to get. She pushed Grip away but she is jealous when he is with someone else. I mean a man got to do what a man got to do. I think for the most part Grip tries to move on because he thinks Bristol does not care for him and would not give him the time of day. Their relationship is definitely turbulent with highs and lows. Bristol did redeem herself at the end though. I am glad they are happy together. I like the second chance/music star story – it was sweet, sexy and romantic.

Fantastic read!  4.5 Stars!!!



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