Review: The Knocked up Plan by Lauren Blakely

Knocked up plan

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“You’re a package deal, Nicole. I want the whole package. And I want to spend the rest of my life making sure you always feel that zing.”

Holy molly, my … ovaries!!! I think they are going to explode from all the hotness of the swoony hero and heroine. Blakely is a queen of romantic comedy and she delivered yet again in another gorgeous romance.

Here is the scoop – Nicole is independent, sassy and fierce. She has never been lucky in love but her clock is ticking so she wants to have a baby. Without a partner, it would be difficult, right? No problem. Nicole only wants a sperm donor and not a husband she happened to find a perfect candidate – her coworker Ryder. Ryder is a total package – successful dating columnist, single, sexy as sin. He has been burned by an ex-wife so Ryder is in no hurry to jump into any kind relationship either. When Nicole proposes that Ryder be a sperm donor for her child – he agrees but with one condition – he wants to do it the traditional way which is having lots of hot sex with the mother to be. In exchange, Nicole will help Ryder write about how to woo a woman in ten dates which also means Ryder takes Nicole on dates – WIN WIN for both I think. What will happen though when Ryder falls for the mother of his child and their relationship is no longer platonic, just helping a friend out?

“I am in love. I’m madly in love with the woman I took on the trapeze. She turned my world upside down.”

All I am telling you is that Nicole and Ryder’s chemistry is explosive from the beginning. They are sweet friends at first. Then they turn from baby making buddies to romantic lovers. I love Ryder – he is super sweet and caring the way he takes care of his woman. I also adore Nicole – she is beautiful, fun, witty and apparently irresistible This book is just sweet, sexy, hilarious, and charming. I was giggling and smiling the whole time. If you are looking for a low drama high on swoony sexy adorable romance – this is the one! Another fantastic read from this author! Lauren Blakely delivered every time – you can count on it!!!


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