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Review: Royally Endowed by Emma Chase (8/14/2017)

Royally endowed

Royally Endowed by Emma Chase ~ 5 Stars

OMG!!!! This book is something else. Emma Chase hit it out of the park again. She had me at the prologue! Right of the bat, the end of the prologue got my heart racing out of control. I knew at that point there was something bad happening there but of course I had no idea what. You have to read until nearly the end to finally get your answer. I did not expect the drama and suspense that came with this romantic fairytale.

I really love the modern fairytale feel of this book. Logan St. James is a security guard for the royal family. He grew up on the wrong side of the track but is determined to make a better life for himself. Logan is a little mysterious, broody, sexy as sin “he covers his tattoos and scars with a respectable suit. He’s handsome, loyal, brave, skilled with his hands and…other body parts.” – UM, YES PLEASE! Logan has the focus and dedication to his job, nothing could deter him, not even the beautiful sister to the crowned princess – Ellie Hammond … or can it?

Ellie is a sweetheart. She is quirky, funny and full of life. Their love affair really begins a while back when Ellie is still a senior in high school. Logan was assigned to watch over Ellie while her sister visits Wesco. For years, Logan watches over Ellie – I suspect his feelings for Ellie are a little more than a protective guard. Ellie always thought of Logan as her very own knight – she has always has a crush on him and her feelings run deeper over the years but she never really pursues it. Ellie knows he is off limits for obvious reasons – he is her guard and she is the princess’ sister. Ellie always been a free spirit – her motto is to “suck the lemon of life” but she realizes that she has been playing safe. She wants to take a risk, lay her heart on the line and hope that Logan wants her like she always wanted him. Will poor Logan finally give into the beautiful tempting Ellie?

“Somebody once told me a slow-burning fire is the hottest – and it must be true. Because Logan and I are a f*cking inferno.”

I enjoy the slow burn, angsty romance – it’s the best kind. Logan and Ellie’s romance was brewing over several years. So, when they finally gave in to each other – it’s nothing short of inferno – sexy, passionate, burning up the sheets deliciousness. I have to admire Logan’s loyally. He has been in love with Ellie but he is dedicated and loyal to the prince so he kept away from Ellie until she was much older. I also love the way the author describes Logan watching Ellie grow from the quirky teenager to a beautiful swan – Logan is drawn to her but always admires Ellie from the sidelines. It’s super sweet and endearing.

I really fell in love with Logan and Ellie. They seem perfect for each other. Ellie’s life is far from baking at a family bakery but she is sweet and down to earth. Logan is her perfect knight – protecting Ellie while keeping his attraction to her at arms length. Except a little suspense and twist to the plot – this was fun, sexy, sweet, romantic, and totally swoony. Just PERFECTION!
I am honestly obsessed with Emma’s modern fairy tale romance. This is book 3 and it just gets better and better. If you have not picked up one yet start with Royally Screwed, then Royally Matched. They are all amazingly good.

I also enjoy the little snippet of the royal family Nicholas and Olivia, Henry and Sarah. I missed them and I was so glad to have them back in this book. Nicholas is so funny and protective to little sister in law Ellie. The part about Ellie’s apartment shopping had me laughing so hard.

“We’ll find you a new place to love. I’ll even ask the owner to loosen the pipes so they leak if that’ll make you happy, but you can’t stay here. Absolutely not.” – LOL, hilarious!

I also had the pleasure of reading Royally Raised – a short snippet into the life of King Henry and Queen Sarah. They have several children – one in particular, the eldest girl seems hardheaded, funny, and entitled. The King and Queen want to reign her in and show her what the real world is all about. But if Princess Jane, the future heir is anything like her sassy grandmother (which I suspect she definitely is) we are in for a wild ride. I’m very intrigued to find out what is next but I suspect a story on this spoiled princess …. I am dying for more! Emma, are you listening to me?

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Royally endowed T

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Review: Shear Heaven by Katy Regnery (8/10/2017)

Shear Heaven


Shear Heaven by Katy Regnery ~ 5 Stars

“Love is a battlefield”

My God! I’m crying my eyes out. I am a sucker for fairytales and I love this book so much – the characters, their love story and the happily-ever-after. For such a short story, this novella is packed with all the feels. I cried, laughed, swooned and cried again. I have been a fan of Katy for a long time and I cannot even begin to tell you how much all her stories touched my heart in some way. It does not matter if the book is contemporary, fairytale inspired, or a paranormal – each story and their characters bring a special meaning or a message that stay with me long after the last page is turned. I am not surprised I once again fell in love with Nico and Bella in this beautiful piece.

Nico is an Italian prince, also a lawyer in Florence. Nico is visiting NY to celebrate his sister Valentina’s engagement. Bella is a hairstylist who is slaving away in her Godmother’s salon. Bella came to the rescue when Nico could not find any salon open to help style Valentina’s hair. I adore Bella. She is sweet, innocent and sheltered so she does not realize Nico is a real prince. When they first meet, Nico is immediately intrigued by Bella – a breath of fresh air compared to all the greedy ladies who are always vying for his attention. The problem is Nico is as good as engaged to a princess – he will not be married for love. Nico wants to stay away from Bella but there is something special about Bella that he cannot resist. Nico convinces Bella to spend a week with him – promising no kissing and no falling in love. After a week whirlwind romance, will Nico have a change of heart? Can a prince and a country girl find their happily-ever-after?

“She was discovering, minute by minute, that it wasn’t his love for her that would hurt her in the long run. No. It would be her love for him that could destroy her, that could leave a lasting and agonizing mark on her soul.”

I mean what can I say? This is a romance based on Rapunzel. Who does not love a good fairytale right? Nico and Bella are both trapped in a life that has been set forth by their family – “Chattel in velvet chains. Property. A slave. A pet. Cared for in luxury, but far from free.” Nico is about to marry for status and money and Bella is slaving away for the witch godmother with no prospects for a future. Bella wants to give Nico all of herself even if it is temporary but she is scared her heart will shatter after Nico leaves. But in the end Bella realizes that she would rather have a week full of love than a life time of nothing. Geeze! Like I said I cried on so many occasions … This story is full of heart and feels.

“I heard this in a movie once: I’d rather have thirty minutes of wonderful than a lifetime of nothing special. That’s how I feel about you. About us.”

I also love Nico’s sister “Serene Highness” – OMG! She is a sassy little thing who does not take no for an answer. She is feisty, spirited, but also sweet. She deserves happiness as well. I would LOVE a story on her.

Shear Heaven is gorgeous guys – beautifully written. Katy continues to amaze us all with her talent for storytelling – another stunning, heartfelt modern fairytale I won’t soon forget.

“I didn’t fall in love with your hair, cara mia. I fell in love with your heart.”

I know I am a little crazy with all quotes but come on! They are all so romantic. This novella is just flawless!


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Review: Royally Raised by Emma Chase (8/7/2017)

Royally Raised


Totally intrigued – 2 chapters – a quick peak into Henry and Sarah now crowned King and Queen. They have several children – one in particular the eldest girl seems hardheaded, funny, and entitled 😜. The King and Queen wants to reign her in and show her what the real world is all about. But if Sarah is anything like her sassy grandmother (which I suspect she definitely is) we are in for a wild ride. I’m very intrigued to find out what is next but I suspect a story on this spoiled princess …. I hope!! It’ll be awesome read! More please!!!



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Review: Wicked Wish by Sawyer Bennett (8/7/2017)

Wicked wish



WHOA! This book is quite possibly my favorite of the Wicked Horse series. Sexy, romantic, heartfelt.

Jorie thought she had it all – happily married to her long-time sweetheart for nearly a decade, until one day he kicked her out claiming she was a bad lay. Jorie was broken hearted and she moved in with her friend in Vegas. One night, Jorie and her friend found themselves at the Wicked Horse, a prestigious sex club. It did not take long for Jorie to find herself in the same playroom with a scorching hot hotel owner, Walsh. The two strangers shared one erotic and passionate sexual encounter but it turned out they were not strangers at all. It just has been a long time since Walsh laid eyes on the sweet sister of his best-friend. Things are about to get messy and complicated.

I have to say Sawyer Bennett never disappoints. I have been a long-time fan and I feel like every time I pick up one of her books I can count on a good storyline and some scorching sexy times. Erotic, steamy, sexy – you can count on it! But Sawyer is a such a versatile writer – she always accompanies a steamy story with a great storyline. I love the forbidden romance. Jorie and Walsh have known each other for quite sometime. Jorie looked up to Walsh like her knight in shining armor — crushing and pinning for him since her teenage years. Walsh was always protective of Jorie – his best friend’s sister, but his feelings for Jorie weren’t all sisterly love. Walsh knows Jorie is off limits. With his wild lifestyle associated with the Wicked Horse and the noncommittal relationship outlook, Walsh knows his friend Micah would never approve of their relationship. Jorie is no longer an innocent girl – she is all grown up, beautiful, sexy and she is hell bent on exploring her sexuality. The only person she wants to do that with is Walsh. Lines were crossed – there is no going back. I enjoyed the push and pull, the angst, and of course the erotic passionate scenes. I enjoyed the little drama that made my heart jump a little but it was just enough to not take away from the love story. I love Walsh – alpha hero, protector, and truly a knight. I adore Jorie as well – it was not her fault she was full of self-doubt but it did not take her long to pick herself up and find herself again. Over all, this book is well-written. A beautiful romance! This author is a one-click for me, always!



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Review: Cocky Client by Whitney G (8/7/2017)

Cocky Client


Oh well! Cocky Client was short but so freaking delicious I don’t want it to end. So you got a cocky rich client who got fire from every PR companies on earth. He is desperate to retain another company to clean up his man-whore image among other things. What’s the man to do? He sent 3 million dollars anonymously to a small PR company in advance hoping to retain them. Well, turns out the owner is someone he was well acquaintance with in the bedroom, only less 24 hours ago. Oops!!! Cocky client thinks he is paying a hefty amount of money so he can present a huge list of demands … Not so fast bud! Just because the owner was enamored with his d*ck, doesn’t mean he can waggles it in her firm… this badass publicist will hand his ass to him before he could unzip his trouser.

I love everything about this book. I know it’s a novella and it’s short, but it is straight to the point, cute, steamy, fun, and hot as hell. The hero is arrogant but in an attractive sexy adorable way. The heroine is feisty – it makes for some awesome banters. I honestly love all the short stories from this collection. Steamy, flirty, amazing chemistry, flawless writing that will you salivating for more!!! Totally addicting – give me more please!


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Review: Star Struck by Laurelin Paige (8/7/2017)

Star Struck


4 Stars

Here is a scoop – Heather is a Hollywood star – beautiful, sassy, a total diva with a chip on her shoulder.  Heather’s up-bringing saddened by an abusive father and an alcoholic mother.  Seth is a production designer – sexy, alpha, and is really good with his tools J LOL.  Some might mistake him as a carpenter, namely Heather.  The diva actress does not want anything to do with the helper on set and that’s just fine with Seth.  He likes to keep his identity a secret.  Heather and Seth could not be more opposite but for some reason they cannot resist the flirty and the attraction for each other.  What will happen though when Heather finds out the real Seth and that he has been lying about his identity all along?

To be honest, Hollywood star romance isn’t my favorite because most of the time I cannot relate to the characters.  At the beginning Heather seems too much of a cold-hearted diva and despites her abusive past I could not relate to the reasons she shies away from dating “commoners” nor can I understand her bedroom habits and preferences in reference to making her a bad wh*re.  As her story progress, I do admire Heather’s determination to rise above poverty and making a better life for herself.  I realized that Heather put on a huge wall but deep down she is a good person – she just wants to protect herself from getting hurt.  By the end, I understand Heather better – she is just like any one of us – looking to belong, to be understood, and to be loved.

Now, I love Seth – he is totally down to earth despite all his success.  He is sweet, sexy, funny and the way he went all alpha crazy on Heather’s father was swoony.  Seth is also guilty of omitting information from Heather.  He let Heather assumed his real identity because he wants to know if their feelings for each other are real and sincere.  I enjoy the sizzling, slow burn, passionate, opposite attracts, enemies to lovers relationship between Heather and Seth – it’s Laurelin Paige’s forte, she can transform the characters and the story in a way that suck you in and capture your attention until the end. Over all, Star Struck has a nice balance of humor, fun, sweet and steamy romance.  Great banters, little drama which is perfect for me.  Sometimes, I just want something fun, light, romantic, and this did it for me.



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Review: The Difference Between Us by Rachel Higginson. (8/7/2017)



5 Stars

Squeeezzz!!!! If you love a good romance and food, this book is definitely for you.  OMG! I love to eat and the amount of food talks in here is like orgasm in itself – make me all salivating and craving for more.  I want to crawl into the book and taste some of those delicious, refined food; and if I happen to taste a little bit of that handsome man Ezra I wouldn’t complain one bit J

“Our story was a complex piece of art that we worked on every day.  It wasn’t always beautiful in the traditional sense, but it was captivating, and worthy and endless.”

This is a standalone, second book of the Opposites Attract series.  We met Molly and Ezra in the first book.  Molly has a successful career as a graphic designer by day and artist (hobby) by night.  Unfortunately, she is not so lucky in love having been though series of bad dates.  The last proper kiss she had was back in high school and all the guys that followed are less than subpar.  Molly is giving up on love.  So she thought … but then Ezra waltzed in Molly’s life – playing nice with helping Molly throw Vera’ engagement party.  Then he demands to hire her to help with redesigning his restaurant websites and also boost his social media accounts.  The first-time Molly met Ezra, she was not impressed by his rudeness, offensive, and arrogant attitude that fit for an old man.  Naturally, the last thing Molly wants is to be anywhere close proximity to Ezra, let alone working for him.  Oh man! I am surprised by this man Ezra Baptiste – he is more than what meets the eye.  The man is a genius restauranteur, businessman extraordinaire but behind all that was a boy who lost his mother at a young age, living in and out of foster care, broken but determined to rise above poverty and made a life for himself.  He is successful, cranky and sarcastic at times – but deep down he is caring, protective, thoughtful, and has a huge heart.  I absolutely love the chemistry sizzling slowly between these two – just a little bit of angst but more lighthearted, fun, flirty enemies turn lovers.

“I tried to save you from this, Molly.  I’m tired of failing.”

This book is all hearts guys!  A fun, sweet, swoony, and passionate romance – check; but it is also about loyalty and friendship.  One of the highlight of this book is that we get so many updates on Vera and Killian – you get to know them well from this book and they are one adorable couple.  I highly recommend you read The Opposite of You to get their whole romance.  The other secondary characters are quite endearing too – I would love a story on Wyatt and Vann.  I am a big fan of Rachel – she is a brilliant storyteller and her writing is flawless.  These beautiful love stories always make me laugh, swoon, and deliriously happy – melted my heart EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Awesome summer read!

“You are unexpected and lovely, and something that very much feels like salvation.



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Difference T

Review: Twisted Twosome by Meghan Quinn (8/1/2017)


4.5 Hilarious Stars!!

LOL…yup, this book had me laughing. It was such a fun and cute ride. I absolutely loved it! Meghan Quinn’s books always put me in the best mood and Twisted Twosome is no exception.  Racer is your hard-working poor boy who can’t stand Georgie, the daughter of the one of the most powerful men in town. While Racer is working night and day to stay afloat, Georgie is enjoying her tan and eating nuggies. At least, that’s what Racer thinks.  It’s a battle from the beginning, but fate intervenes forcing them to work together.  Its opposites attract; both need each other and both more alike than different, but can they stop bickering long enough to see what’s right in front of them?

First off, Racer is HOT! Even his name is hot.  He’s such a great male lead. He’s the perfect balance of man and child. He’s works hard, has great ethics, a huge heart, but he’s also a man child! He can be immature at times, but he’s mostly playful and funny. He knows just how to push Georgie’s buttons. I loved all the back and forth bickering. It was a hoot! But the best part was Racer and the strip tease. No spoilers, but freakin hilarious!!

Georgie is perfect. She’s rich, but she has a brain and a heart. I loved all that gossiping and nuggie eating. Despite Racer’s initial perception of Georgie, I knew she was a down to earth girl; she’s my type of girl! She is the perfect match for Racer.  She balanced him well and kept him on his toes. The pull between the two was tense and the buildup for their relationship was done so well done. I was giddy with anticipation the entire time.  Timing the get together is a crucial element and it was done at a perfect pace.

Even with all the humor, there is a beautiful love blooming and that is heart of the story.  I think their love is founded on friendship and it made their love develop on a deeper level. I enjoyed watching their relationship develop on multiple levels.

Overall, I can’t wait for another book in this series. It’s fun, sexy, hilarious, and full of heart. The best combinations! Happy Reading!

“It’s Racer. He sees me. Wants me. Needs me.”


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Review: Atheists Who Kneel and Pray by Tarryn Fisher (7/24/2017)



4.5 Stars!!

Yara is a wandering muse, avoiding attachment at all cost. Then she meets David, a musician in need of a muse. Yara agrees to be his muse, but promises their love will be temporary. They soon find out falling in love is easy, but staying together is far more complicated. The complications and fears of everyday life may be too much for David and Yara to overcome. Who will surrender to love? Who will sacrifice their fears?

I devoured this book in one night! I’ve been a huge fan of Tarryn Fisher ever since I read her Love me with Lies series, which is one of my favorite series. This book actually reminds me of that series because at the heart of the story is a great love complicated by the naiveté of youth and the insecurities we hold.

“I was too insecure to allow David to love me. I didn’t trust him, despite what I said.”

The main character is Yara who is complicated. She’s built walls around her heart. She’s very guarded. She’s not your typical guarded girl because some guy broke her heart; rather, she’s guarded because of the pain she feels from being abandoned by her mom. She runs out on every relationship because she would rather leave first than have them leave her. Her fear is powerful; I could feel her fears just oozing off the pages. She was great at pretending to be strong, but she’s consumed by many insecurities. In many ways, I think she epitomizes many of us who are all faking it until we make it. I find that extremely relatable. I must admit that her jealousy with David was enough to drive me crazy. However, oddly enough, I couldn’t help but agree with her jealously. I was completely engrossed in the story and I felt every emotion Yara was feeling. As I take a step back to analyze Yara, I realize Yara was too young then and didn’t have enough maturity and coping mechanisms to handle her relationship with David.

David, on the other hand, is charismatic and embraces love. He’s a natural charmer. I couldn’t help but love his swoony ways…I’m mean who doesn’t want to be sung to. Despite being faithful to Yara, he lies to her about little things, like who he befriends. He’s in a tough position with Yara because his job is to flirt and charm others with his art, which is not his fault. However, I think he could have done more to secure his relationship with Yara. I’m mean the whole situation with Petra was his fault. Petra was nobody to him at first, so there was no need to befriend her knowing Yara was uncomfortable with their friendship.

Time is the real testament to their love. Despite trying to move on, they both cling to their memories. Only as they grow and mature, do they try to find closure. It’s in this closure that they can begin to work on their issues and embrace the love they have for one another.

“Forgive me, forgive me, forgive me, forgive me”

This story rings truth to me. Love is the easy part. It’s all the other stuff that is hard…balancing career, overcoming our fears, finding strength alone and apart from each other, etc. The only reason I gave this book a 4.5 stars instead of 5 is because I felt the ending didn’t have enough closure. It ended a little abrupt for me. I wish there was an epilogue. Otherwise, this is another must read for me! Happy Reading!



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Review: Beautiful Mistake by Vi Keeland (7/18/2017)

Beautiful Mistake C

5 Beautiful Stars!!!

WEEEE!  Every time I finish one of Vi Keeland’s books I am positively giddy with happiness.  The blurb for this book sets up the premise perfectly.  This is a standalone TA/Professor relationship – I love the forbidden romance and all the angst that goes with it.  The story starts out with a big bang — a hilarious encounter of the hero (Caine) and heroine (Rachel) where she hands his a** to him for being a man-wh*re.  His response was no more than a smirk because he knew she got the wrong guy.  Hilarious!  Rachel does not find out until the next day when she shows up to class LATE and the handsome professor Caine West is none other than the man she chastised the night before.  Talk about the worst mistake ever!!!! Of course, the chemistry between Caine and Rachel was instant, only to intensify every day they have to work together.  How long can they keep their hands off of each other? The stakes are high for dismissal since Rachel is his TA and Caine is also the advisor for her thesis project.

“True love is selfless.”

Here is what you don’t get from the blurb – there is more to this story than just the cute romance.  Rachel and Caine have a history only they do not know it.  Rachel escaped a troubled past and starts a new life in NY with great friends, co-workers, and well… an ex-boyfriend who desperately wants her back (see the complicated mess there?).  Caine has his own secret – a former drum player (almost famous), turned music teacher … why?  Also, he has another unpaid job helping people when he was younger but you will have to read about that to find out more.  Think – “Bless me, Father, for I have sinned.”  This book surprised the heck out of me – made me laugh out loud, happy, sad, and swoon.  The author has a special talent of writing such sweet, sexy, romantic stories and at the same time throwing in that extra oomph of emotional turmoil and heart-pounding twists to the story.  That, ladies and gentleman, is how she reels you in and captures your attention from beginning until the end.  Beautiful Mistake was delightful – made my heart beat wildly and left a permanent smile on my face when I finished.  Flawless writing, unique storyline, hilarious banters, feisty heroine and swoony alpha hero – can’t ask for more.  MUST READ summer book!!!


Beautiful Mistake



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