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Check out this secret cover reveal by Whitney G. and all the goodies coming this year!!! (6/27/2017)
Title: On A Tuesday
Author: Whitney G.
Release Date: On A Tuesday (Summer 2017) 
Type of Book: Standalone novel. 
Genre: Second Chance Romance. (Contemporary)
Cover Design: Najla Qamber Designs
Model Credit: Andrea Denver
Pre-order (iBooks):
We met on a Tuesday

Became best friends, then lovers, on a Tuesday
And everything fell apart on a Tuesday… 
Charlotte Taylor has three automatic strikes in my book: 1) She hates me. She also claims that I’m a “domineering jerk with a huge, overbearing ego.” (I do have something huge. It’s not my ego, though.) 2) She takes our mandatory tutoring sessions way too seriously.  3) She’s sexy as hell…And a virgin.
At least, those were her strikes before our study sessions started lasting longer than they were supposed to. Until one innocent kiss became a hundred dirty ones, and until she became the first woman I ever fell hard for. 
Our future together after graduation was supposed to be set: 
Professional football for me. Law school for her. 
But she left me at the end of the semester with no explanation, and then she completely disappeared from my life. 
Until tonight.
We met on a Tuesday
Became everything, then nothing, on a Tuesday
And now it’s seven years later, on a Tuesday… 
*This is a full length second chance romance, inspired by Adele’s “When We Were Young” 
Screen Shot 2017-06-26 at 10.36.52 AM
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July 27th: Naughty, Dirty Cocky release/blitz (box set of vol 1 of series. Cover image + LINKS attached) 
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Whitney Gracia Williams
New York Times & USA Today Bestselling author
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Sale & re-release blitz A Different Blue by Amy Harmon (6/26/2017)

A Different Blue by Amy Harmon


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FREE ebook: June 26-28, 2017

Re-release paperback: June 27, 2017



Blue Echohawk doesn’t know who she is. She doesn’t know her real name or when she was born. Abandoned at two and raised by a drifter, she didn’t attend school until she was ten years old. At nineteen, when most kids her age are attending college or moving on with life, she is just a senior in high school. With no mother, no father, no faith, and no future, Blue Echohawk is a difficult student, to say the least. Tough, hard and overtly sexy, she is the complete opposite of the young British teacher who decides he is up for the challenge, and takes the troublemaker under his wing.

This is the story of a nobody who becomes somebody. It is the story of an unlikely friendship, where hope fosters healing and redemption becomes love. But falling in love can be hard when you don’t know who you are. Falling in love with someone who knows exactly who they are and exactly why they can’t love you back might be impossible.



I stood and moved next to Wilson but kept my eyes trained on the sculpture so that I didn’t have to make eye contact with anyone in the room.  The class had fallen into stunned silence.  Wilson started by asking some basic questions about tools and different kinds of wood.  I answered easily, without embellishment and found myself relaxing with each question.

“Why do you carve?”

“My . . . father . . . taught me.  I grew up watching him work with wood.  He made beautiful things.  Carving makes me feel close to him.”  I paused, gathering my thoughts.  “My father said carving requires looking beyond what is obvious to what is possible.”

Wilson nodded as if he understood, but Chrissy piped up from the front row.

“What do you mean?” she questioned, her face screwed up as she turned her head this way and that, as if trying to figure out what she was looking at.

“Well . . . take this sculpture for example,” I explained. “It was just a huge hunk of mesquite. When I started, it wasn’t beautiful at all.  In fact, it was ugly and heavy and a pain in the ass to get in my truck.”

Everyone laughed, and I winced and muttered an apology for my language.

“So tell us about this particular sculpture.” Wilson ignored the laughter and continued, refocusing the class. “You called it ‘The Arc’ – which I found fascinating.”

“I find that if something is really on my mind . . . it tends to come out through my hands.  For whatever reason, I couldn’t get the story about Joan of Arc out of my head.  She appealed to me,” I confessed, slanting a look at Wilson, hoping he didn’t think I was trying to butter him up.  “She inspired me.  Maybe it was how young she was.  Or how brave.  Maybe it was because she was tough in a time when woman weren’t especially valued for their strength.  But she wasn’t just tough . . . she was . . . good,” I finished timidly.  I was afraid everyone would laugh again, knowing that “good” was not something that had ever been applied to me.

The class had grown quiet. The boys who usually slapped my rear and made lewd suggestions were staring at me with confused expressions.  Danny Apo, a hot Polynesian kid I’d made out with a time or two, was leaning forward in his chair, his black brows lowered over equally black eyes.  He kept looking from me to the sculpture and then back again.  The quiet was unnerving, and I looked at Wilson, hoping he would fill it with another question.

“You said carving is seeing what’s possible.  How did you know where to even start?” He fingered the graceful sway of the wood, running a long finger over Joan’s bowed head.

“There was a section of  trunk that had a slight curve.  Some of the wood had rotted, and when I cut it all away I could see an interesting angle that mimicked that curve.  I continued to cut away, creating the arch.  To me it looked like a woman’s spine . . . like a woman praying.”  My eyes shot to Wilson’s, wondering if my words brought to mind the night he had discovered me in the darkened hallway.  His eyes met mine briefly and then refocused on the sculpture.

“One thing I noticed, when I saw all your work together, was that each piece was very unique – as if the inspiration behind each one was different.”

I nodded.  “They all tell a different story.”

“Ahhh.  Hear that class?” Wilson grinned widely.  “And I didn’t even tell Blue to say it.  Everyone has a story.  Everything has a story.  Told you so.”

The class snickered and rolled their eyes, but they were intent on the discussion, and their attention remained with me.  A strange feeling came over me as I looked out over the faces of people I had known for many years.  People I had known but never known.  People I had often ignored and who had ignored me.  And I was struck by the thought that they were seeing me for the first time.



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About the author:

Amy Harmon is a Wall Street JournalUSA Today, and New York Times Bestselling author. Amy knew at an early age that writing was something she wanted to do, and she divided her time between writing songs and stories as she grew. Having grown up in the middle of wheat fields without a television, with only her books and her siblings to entertain her, she developed a strong sense of what made a good story. Her books are now being published in seventeen different languages, truly a dream come true for a little country girl from Levan, Utah.

Amy Harmon has written eleven novels – the USA Today Bestsellers The Bird and The Sword, Making Faces and Running Barefoot, as well as From Sand and Ash, The Law of Moses, The Song of David, Infinity + One, Slow Dance in Purgatory, Prom Night in Purgatory, and the New York Times Bestseller, A Different Blue. Her latest novel, The Queen and The Cure, book two in The Bird and The Sword Chronicles, was released May 9, 2017.


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Review: Forgetting You, Forgetting Me by Monica James! (6/24/2017)

Forgetting You Forgetting Me ebook

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

OH HELL! WTH have you done to me, Monica??? I am not going to MEL to see you anymore! I am NOT!!!! (Stomping my feet like a toddler) … Not until you give me book two!!!!
Seriously though, I have been waiting for Forgetting You, Forgetting Me for a long time and let me tell you it is well worth it! I fell in love the author’s Dirty Dix series – erotic and sexy but this book shows a new side of her. Brilliant!! You must read!!!

“You may not be my rose, but you’ll always be my sunshine.”

Here is the scoop: Lucy Tucker seems to have a perfect life – a warming home, a handsome fiancé Sam who loves her unconditionally. Then one day, she lost it all right before she walks down the aisle to the man of her dream. Sam desperately needed help so Lucy reluctantly turned to his identical twin brother Saxon. Saxon had skipped town a long time ago and neither Sam nor Lucy have any relationship with him. The last thing Saxon wants is to come back to his home town and deal with all the hurtful memories. But he did! What happened when Lucy realized Saxon isn’t there to save his brother but rather he is there to save her? Is the man she vows to love forever really who she thinks he is? How is Lucy going move on with Sam when she is falling into the arms for Saxon, the man who made her feel safe and protected.

From the sound of it you might think there is cheating involved but I don’t see it that way. You have to really read the story to judge for yourself – their relationship is anything but simple. It’s messy, complicated – a huge roller coaster of past, present, lies and secrets and poor Lucy is caught right in the middle of it. I feel for Lucy – she is beautiful, smart, brave and has a good heart. She grew up in the system and was mistreated but it hadn’t hardened her spirit – she turned the cruelty that brought upon her to helping others in needs.
Sam is a good old boy – his parent’s golden child. He can do no wrong but oh, he did wrong! Very wrong! What Sam did back in high school was unforgiveable – it was a game at first but once his heart involved, there was no going back. I wanted to hate Sam badly, but in the end, I just could not. You will see why …
Saxon – whoa!!! I want to take him home. Saxon is misunderstood by everyone. As long as he remembered he is a just thorn on his parents’ side – unwanted, unloved. We as reader knows better, don’t we? Saxon is rugged, sexy, kind-hearted, and caring. What he did at the end was once again selfless – showcased his true character that I fell in love with all along. The book ended with Saxon and Lucy finally came clean with their feelings. Sam is still confused about who he is and what he had done? Lucy loves both men for different reasons – one can’t live without her while the other needed her more. What will she do? So yeah Monica? What will she do and where is the rest of it? LOVE YOU!

“I will never forget you.  I can’t.”

“I will never forget you either, Lucy.  Ever.  You’re a part of me, now and forever.”

I need not to tell you about Monica’s talent of storytelling – nothing short of spectacular. She is super sweet guys, but she is wicked. She doesn’t play safe and this storyline proves it – unique, unexpected, and just brilliant. You will be taken on a roller coaster of emotions. I cried a lot but I laughed too. Some of the dialogues were hilarious compliment of the feisty Lucy. I love everything about this book – the complexity of each characters, the clever dialogues, the narrative and everything in between. There is plenty of angst, drama, secrets that will keep you captivated from beginning to end. Let’s not forget the swoony and sexy parts though – Monica is the queen of writing panty-dropping sex scenes. This story is quite a surprise! Monica James doesn’t disappoint. I have faith that the author will bring us an epic ending to this magnificent story.

Highly recommended!!!!
Stars??? Who cares – IT IS A MUST READ!!!! PERIOD!!!


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Cover reveal of The Bars Between Us by A.S. Teague! (6/23/2017)

Today we have the gorgeous cover reveal for The Bars Between Us by A.S. Teague!! Check it out and be sure to grab your copy July 20th!!

Title: The Bars Between Us

Author: A.S. Teague

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: July 20th

About The Bars Between Us:

I don’t have a damn thing in common with the beautiful rich girl who walks in to my bar. She’s southern class, fancy cars, and designer shoes.

I’ve got a drunk for a mother, a cheater for a father, and a reputation for trouble I’ve more than earned.

I look the other way, pretending I don’t notice how perfect she is. She wouldn’t give me the time of day anyway. Until she shatters that first impression and shows me she’s so much more––everything I never thought I deserved.

After a lifetime of being a disappointment, I want to prove to her that I’m better than my past.

We have one tragic thing in common, and the thread that binds us together will tear us apart as it unravels.

Are we strong enough to break through the Bars Between Us?

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Exclusive Excerpt:

Parked beside my car is a truck that’s got to be twice as old as I am and looks like it should have been buried long ago.

Bronn hooks a thumb in the rust bucket’s direction and tells me, “Bessie’s seen better days, but I just can’t bring myself to put her out to pasture.”

I pull my door open and toss my purse inside, before turning to face him. “Bessie, huh?”

He props a hip on her front fender. “Belonged to my dad. When he died, Dani’s mom kept her. Gave her to me.”

His face is relaxed, but the pain of his loss is still in his eyes, and I’ve come to notice that it’s a look that’s always there.  Even when he’s laughing, it doesn’t erase the perpetual sadness that he carries with him.  It’s a sadness that I carry with me as well.

“When I was a kid, my dad took me to the beach once.”

Bronn’s brows knit and I hurry to continue my story. “It was cold that morning, early spring, the breeze causing goosebumps to take up permanent residence on my arms. I remember Daddy taking his sweat shirt off and putting it on me. The thing swamped me.” I pause and laugh, remembering how the arms of the hoodie had drug the ground and how daddy had belly laughed at the sight before rolling them up. “Anyway, we searched for shark’s teeth that morning.  It was too cold to swim, too cold to play in the sand. But I’d had a fascination with the predators of the sea, a newfound one, and Daddy had been determined that we were going to find a great white’s full jaw, I think.” I’d been staring up at the sky, but I glanced at Bronn to see his face rapt with attention, his expression intense. “We looked and looked until my eyes went cross. But, we didn’t have any luck.”

I can’t tear my gaze away from Bronn’s, even though the way he’s studying me is a little unnerving.

“We found all kinds of amazing shells, rocks that were smooth from being tumbled by the waves, crab shells that must have been eaten by gulls. But nothing that came from Jaw’s mouth.” I shrug, and smile. Bronn smiles back. His face finally relaxes, but his eyes are still full of emotion.

“I remember Daddy was so disappointed. But I wasn’t. I’d spent the morning with my favorite person in the world. I may have been freezing the whole time, my face chapped from with wind and sand whipping in it, my hair a tangled mess that took mama an hour to brush, but it was the best day.”

The half-smile that I’d been sporting while lost in the memory fades. “That was my last happy memory with him. He died not long after that.” I swallow hard, determined not to cry.

The memory is bittersweet, but it’s still sweet. That’s the thing about memories. The same exact memory can be happy or sad, depending on how you choose to remember it. And I choose to remember the sheer joy I’d felt that day, not the crushing sadness that it was the last time I’d felt that way.

I clear the emotion from my throat. “Anyway, I don’t know why I shared that. Just, maybe, to tell you, that I understand holding on to something because it has sentimental value.” I nod at his truck, “Bessie may not be worth any money, but she’s worth her weight in gold if she makes you happy.”

My lips quiver as I offer a smile. Bronn may think that we come from different worlds, and maybe we do.  Nana would have killed me dead if I had ever come home from a date in a truck like his.  But there’s sadness and loss everywhere, no matter how much money you have. And that common thread binds us together, whether Bronn realizes it or not.


About the Author:

A.S. Teague enjoys the warmth of South Carolina with her husband and two daughters. The stereotypes about peach cobbler and sweet tea are not overstated. After years in the medical field, she is now enjoying every minute of being a stay-at-home mom. She loves wine, the beach, wine on the beach, and crying at Disney movies. When she doesn’t have a book in her hand, she can be found pestering her husband with pictures of animals she wants to rescue, as well as debating whether to exercise or take a nap.


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THE KNOCKED UP PLAN by Lauren Blakely – Release Day Launch! (6/23/2017)



From #1 NYT Bestselling author Lauren Blakely, comes a new and sexy romance…THE KNOCKED UP PLAN! A standalone romance told in dual POV, THE KNOCKED UP PLAN is about all of the fun, hotness, and heartfelt emotions that come when a single woman asks her gorgeous, jaded, sworn-to-be-single-forever good friend to get one particular job done. What happens next when he agrees to provide the bun for her oven are lots of hot sexy times and heartfelt moments.



Now available on all retailers! Get your copy delivered now!



✮✮✮ THE KNOCKED UP PLAN is here! Grab your copy today! ✮✮✮

There are three little words most guys don’t want to hear on the first date. Not those…I mean these… “knock me up.”

This single gal has had enough of the games, the BS and the endless chase. I know what I want most, and it’s not true love. It’s a bun in the oven, and I’m not afraid to hit up my sex-on-a-stick co-worker to do the job. Ryder is gorgeous, witty and charming — and he’s also a notorious commitment-phobe. That makes him the perfect candidate to make a deposit in the bank of me.

I won’t fall for him, he won’t fall for me, and there’s no way baby will make three.


There are four words every guy wants to hear on the first date — “your place or mine?”

When my hot-as-sin co-worker makes me a no-strings-attached offer that involves her place, my place, any place — as well as any position — I can’t refuse. Besides, I’ve got my own reasons to take her up on her deal even with her one BIG condition.

There’s no way I’ll want more from one woman than any position, any where, any night? Except . . . what if I do?

Be prepared to swoon and fan yourself from the heat! This full-length standalone contains lots of hot baby-making s-e-x, happy tears, playful jokes and a hot, swoon worthy hero you will fall madly in love with. One-click now for pure reading enjoyment!



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✦The audiobook will be narrated by Sebastian York and Andi Arndt! Link coming soon! ✦






“A refreshing take on the baby trope, The Knocked Up Plan is as sweet as it is naughty. Blakely not only balloons Nicole and Ryder’s incredibly powerful chemistry to new heights with their steamy love scenes, but she also infuses sweet emotion into every single one of their interactions.”

– USA Today


“Wildly romantic! Incredibly sexy! Hilarious and sweet! The Knocked Up Plan HAD IT ALL! The PERFECT romance to kick your Summer into HIGH GEAR! Ryder and Nicole are Lauren Blakely’s BEST CHARACTERS YET!”

– Shayna at Shayna Renee’s Spicy Reads





“The chemistry between Ryder and Nicole is COMBUSTIBLE!!! They are magic together.”

– Bookalicious Babes Blog


“How does it work?” I ask. “The whole donation process.”

She stabs a carrot slice, chews, and swallows. “Well, there’s this thing guys do when they’re horny. It’s called”—she glances furtively from side to side—“jacking off.”

“I’m well aware of how the protein shake is made. What I mean is, are we talking about one of those little rooms you go into?” I ask, since what man doesn’t have an image of a jerk-off chamber? “With magazines or porn or whatnot?”

“Yes, they schedule the donors for forty-minute sessions in them.”

“I’m more efficient than that, but that’s good to know.” I take another bite and chew. I set down the burger. “So, a nurse or orderly would escort me to a special room, and then I’d need to drop my
drawers and whack off. Into a cup, right?”

“A plastic sample cup. With a top,” she says, and I’m kind of amazed that she’s answering every question like a champ. No blushing, no stammering.

“What do they provide for entertainment? Laptops? Computers? Or is it old school with Playboy?”

“They provide pornographic material in printed form as well as video on a TV screen.”

“Awesome. So I just choke the chicken in a room with a ton of other dudes going at it in their own rooms, too. Hand a cup to the nurse. She seals up the goods. Then, what’s next?”

“They do tests on your swimmers.”

“They’ll pass. Then you come in, maybe the same day, maybe a few days later?”

“Same day. We’d have to time everything to my cycle and when I’m ovulating.”

“Fine, so they undress you, prop you up on an exam table, and stick a turkey baster into you?”

“You paint a lovely picture of the process.”

I hold up a hand, waving her off. “Wait. I’m not done. You’re in nothing but a hospital gown. The doc tells you to put your cute little feet in stirrups, and they stick that baster up inside what I am sure
is an absolutely gorgeous and heavenly home,” I say, because if she can complement my tadpoles, I can say something nice about the paradise between her legs. She mouths a thank you. “After the boys
make the upstream trip, they send you home.” I mime patting her on the rear and then sending her out the door.

“I think you’ve got the basic idea.”

“And after that?”

“That’s all,” she says. “That’s all I’d want you to do. I don’t expect or want any involvement. I’d have all the paperwork drawn up in advance saying there are no legal rights, responsibilities, or expectations of parenting, and no financial commitments required.”

I’m almost ashamed to admit it, but that’s the clincher for me—the lack of involvement. If I’m ever going to raise a child, I’m damn well going to do it right. The whole nine yards, two parents, just like my mom and dad raised my brother, my sister, and me.

Nicole isn’t asking me to sign up for daddy duty, though. She doesn’t want me to help with diaper detail or midnight feedings.

She’s a friend asking for the help she needs so she can then do those things on her own.

And helping a friend seems like something I should consider.

Fine, she’s asking for a hell of a lot more than a dude to put together an IKEA TV stand, and those things are beyond Da Vinci Code-level cryptic. I’d like to see Robert Langdon decipher some IKEA assembly instructions. Good luck with that, Harvard symbologist.

I like Nicole. I respect the dickens out of this woman. I want to take her request as seriously as she’s asking it. “Can I have a few days to think about it?”

“Of course. Take all the time you need,” she says, then glances at an imaginary watch on her wrist. “It’s only my biological clock ticking.”

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Lauren’s Bundle of Joy Special Delivery Giveaway! This bundle is valued at $200 and includes the most delicious cupcakes delivered to your door from Wicked Cupcakes, a $50 gift certificate for luxurious bath products to make your skin baby soft from The Body Shop, and comes wrapped up with a beautiful sterling silver bow bangle bracelet from Pandora ($125 value).



About Lauren Blakely:

A #1 New York Times Bestselling author, Lauren Blakely is known for her contemporary romance style that’s hot, sweet and sexy. She lives in California with her family and has plotted entire novels while walking her dogs. With fourteen New York Times bestsellers, her titles have appeared on the New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal Bestseller Lists more than eighty times, and she’s sold more than 2 million books. In June she’ll release THE KNOCKED UP PLAN, a standalone contemporary romance. To receive an email when Lauren releases a new book, sign up for her newsletter!



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Review: The Knocked up Plan by Lauren Blakely (6/22/2017)

Knocked up plan

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“You’re a package deal, Nicole. I want the whole package. And I want to spend the rest of my life making sure you always feel that zing.”

Holy molly, my … ovaries!!! I think they are going to explode from all the hotness of the swoony hero and heroine. Blakely is a queen of romantic comedy and she delivered yet again in another gorgeous romance.

Here is the scoop – Nicole is independent, sassy and fierce. She has never been lucky in love but her clock is ticking so she wants to have a baby. Without a partner, it would be difficult, right? No problem. Nicole only wants a sperm donor and not a husband she happened to find a perfect candidate – her coworker Ryder. Ryder is a total package – successful dating columnist, single, sexy as sin. He has been burned by an ex-wife so Ryder is in no hurry to jump into any kind relationship either. When Nicole proposes that Ryder be a sperm donor for her child – he agrees but with one condition – he wants to do it the traditional way which is having lots of hot sex with the mother to be. In exchange, Nicole will help Ryder write about how to woo a woman in ten dates which also means Ryder takes Nicole on dates – WIN WIN for both I think. What will happen though when Ryder falls for the mother of his child and their relationship is no longer platonic, just helping a friend out?

“I am in love. I’m madly in love with the woman I took on the trapeze. She turned my world upside down.”

All I am telling you is that Nicole and Ryder’s chemistry is explosive from the beginning. They are sweet friends at first. Then they turn from baby making buddies to romantic lovers. I love Ryder – he is super sweet and caring the way he takes care of his woman. I also adore Nicole – she is beautiful, fun, witty and apparently irresistible This book is just sweet, sexy, hilarious, and charming. I was giggling and smiling the whole time. If you are looking for a low drama high on swoony sexy adorable romance – this is the one! Another fantastic read from this author! Lauren Blakely delivered every time – you can count on it!!!


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The Knocked Up Plan T


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Review: Until It Fades by K.A. Tucker (6/22/2017)

Until IT Fades.jpeg


AWWW! Just finished this sweet, swoony, heartwarming love story in one sitting and I loved it!

The story is about a young lady Catherine who was innocent and made some bad choices when she was in high school. Catherine had a crush on her art teacher but like most teens with raging hormones she mistakes lust for love. The problem lies in Catherine’s teacher though as he was an adult. He made some false promises he could not kept. Soon after the story broke – Catherine became the talk of the town not only for her stunt with the art teacher but also, she found herself pregnant and was forced to drop out of high school. Catherine was strong though… she took responsibly and with the help of some kind people she was able to get a job and support her daughter.

Several years later, Catherine’s life changes one foggy night when she rescues a man from a car wreck that nearly ends his life. Turns out, the man she saved is a hockey darling Brett Madden and he insists on thanking the woman who saved his life in person. The last thing Catherine wants is attention and the spot light on her but Brett is persistent. Brett is instantly attracted to Catherine but is it more than just gratitude toward someone who saved his life? Can Catherine leave the past behind and finally find get a second chance at love?

I really adore Brett – he is down to earth, sweet, caring — just a total package. I also like Catherine – she is young, naïve and unfortunately learns the hard way. I like the fact that she did not hop into Brett’s bed right away. She struggles as a single mom but she is not hungry for fame or money. She is grown up and much wiser.
I also enjoy the plot – it felt real – a situation that could have happened to anyone. One thing I was uncomfortable with is the fact that Catherine made a major mistake soon after the teacher ordeal, but it produced the adorable little girl. Kids are my kryptonite and I just love stories of single moms/dads falling in love again. She is a pretty darn cute, curious, smart little girl and adds to the lighthearted, hilarious components of the story.

K.A Tucker is a first-time author for me. I have known about this author but because of her genres I never really tried to read her book. When I saw the blurb of this book I was immediately intrigued. I am glad I read it because it was awesome! This is a kind of feel good story – a single mom and a hockey star who were both given a second chance at life. It was sweet, sexy, heartfelt with not too much drama. As far as the writing goes, it totally clicked with me … beautiful, flawless, love the witty banters, and a good pace from beginning to end.

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Release Day Blitz Blog Tour for Blood Rose by Danielle Rose, Incorporating the Blood Magic Cover Reveal!! (6/21/2017)


Blood Rose (Blood Series #1)

by Danielle Rose

Genre: Urban fantasy, New Adult, Paranormal Romance

Release date: June 21, 2017

Publisher: OfTomes Publishing

Cover art by Gwenn Danae of Upon A Day Dreamer.


Published by OfTomes Publishing, the Blood Books trilogy follows the harrowing  journey of Avah Taylor, a mortal witch in the midst of a centuries-old war against the immortal vampire species. Avah’s intense journey is fueled by blood, jealousy, betrayal, murder and revenge.

Book Synopsis

There’s no wrath like that of a witch scorned.

As one of the only spirit users in her coven, Avah has been chosen to wield The Power, the ultimate weapon against the immortal vampire species witches have been at war with for centuries. 

But on the night of her birth rite, Avah’s coven is attacked. Forced to seek refuge among the very beings she’s sworn to kill, Avah vows revenge on those who took her former life from her.

As Avah slowly transitions into a life of blood and war, she realizes everything she’s been told is a lie.

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Blood Magic (Blood Series Book2)


Book Synopsis

Avah Taylor thought she had already faced the worst.

      As her coven’s chosen one, destined to receive a power that could kill her, Avah was forced to make the ultimate sacrifice when she gave up her mortal life to become a vampire, the witches’ greatest enemy. But just when she begins to adjust to her new life, even as she falls in love with her sire, the high priestess of her new coven is seized by Rogue vampires.
     Guided by Avah’s visions of the past, present, and future, Avah and the other vampires set out to rescue their priestess, but their journey leads Avah to the discovery that the conspiracy behind her power runs deeper than she ever imagined. As her visions grow increasingly terrifying, Avah begins to wonder if she may not have a future at all.

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Danielle’s Bio

Danielle Rose holds a Master of Fine Arts in creative writing from the University of Southern Maine. Currently residing in the Midwest, where she spends her days dreaming of warmer temperatures, when she’s not writing, she enjoys pretending she lives in California, spending an embarrassing amount of time at Hobby Lobby, and binge-watching Netflix. Visit Danielle on the Web:
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Review: Stay by Sarina Bowen & Elle Kennedy (6/20/2017)

Stay Cover

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

My goodness! This is the cutest romantic story ever. Sarina and Elle bring it every single time. Stay is the second book of the WAGs series and I am addicted already!

Hailey co-owns a company called Fetch with her ex-husband. Fetch is a successful business catering to the clients’ every need at top speed any time or place. Hailey has been texting and crushing on one of her clients, a hockey star for nearly a year — they never really met face to face. One day Matt needs someone to walk his dog and Hailey was there for the rescue. Matt has been watching her though security cameras and he was intrigued by the beautiful physique of the blonde who seems to adore his little dog. Matt decides he wants to meet the dog-walker in person and he wants her for more than what her job entails.

I absolutely adore Matt and Hailey. They both came off a recent divorce – his was a little more painful. Neither are looking to jump into another serious relationship. Matt and Hailey have amazing chemistry and they cannot keep their hands off each other long. I like the fact that they did not jump into bed right away. Matt actually asked Hailey out on a proper date and wooed her. I love the heroine – she is smart, driven, hard-working, understanding = not clingy or needy. She is passionate about hockey but not the groupie type – she just has a cute innocent crush on him. Matt is a hockey star… sexy and successful but he is also just a regular guy who is super caring and sweet. It melted my heart the way he adores his little princess. I enjoyed the endearing and hilarious banters between these two. The chemistry is sizzling and the sex scenes are pretty hot. Both have been out of practice for a while after their divorces but it didn’t take long before they burned up the sheets. The part where Matt was trying to role play in the bedroom was hilarious – I was dying laughing so hard. Total genius there ladies!

Overall, this book was so much fun to read – sweet, sexy, light-hearted, romantic – exactly what I was looking for — a feel- good weekend read. Devoured in one sitting – this is a standalone but you really don’t want to miss out on the first book Good Boy either (Blake’s story). I cannot wait for what Sarina and Elle come up with next.







Stay T

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Review: Camouflage by Kate Stewart (6/20/2017)

Camouflage Cover


Holy Shit! Fasten your seatbelt folks because you will be taking on one dirty and filthy ride. I am a fan of Kate and have read many books of different genres – I love them all but I am totally addicted to this erotic / suspense romance series beginning with Excess.

If you read Excess you met Taylor there. She was the assistant turned business partner to Nina. Taylor grew up in an ugly environment with an abusive alcoholic mother and a father who did not have any interest in her or her younger sister. Taylor fought her way out of that hell hole and then became a successful business woman. She has a bitchy bossy attitude which no one dares to mess with. What Taylor wants Taylor gets. Well, I guess not always when it comes to the sexy alpha Daniello, a man she met at a private sex club she frequents. Daniello is a total mystery. Besides the time Daniello fucks Taylor’s brains out, Daniello does not reveal much about himself. He comes and goes as he pleases (including breaking and entering) and he does not answer to anyone. The relationship between Taylor and Daniello is all physical and filled with filthy, dysfunctional, violent sex. There are no feelings or love and they are both satisfied with this arrangement. Both Daniello and Taylor have a deep secret past they hide well from each other. What is Taylor running from and who is Daniello and how dangerous is he? That remains to be seen. You have to read book 2 Crosshairs to discover all the answers.

I like the gritty, cat and mouse, power struggle, and twisted relationship between Taylor and Daniello. Taylor is smart, strong, independent, uninhibited, and takes what she wants. Daniello is still a huge question mark – he is all alpha, sexy, dominating, and enigmatic. Their chemistry is explosive with lust, passion and dirty eroticism.
In a nut shell, this book is freaking HOT – well written, fast paced, with a fabulous strong hero and heroine, a fantastic unpredictable plot which ends with a cliffhanger. I can’t wait to have my grabby hands on book 2 for the finale. I am anxious to see how the story unfolds with Taylor’s past coming to light, her sister back in the picture and Daniello’s real identity, and Laz?… AH!!! I’m hooked.

Crosshairs is coming June 30th.


Camoufalge Full


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