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Review: Seek Mia Sheridan. (1/22/2018)


6 Stars

Sexy, unique, thrilling! MUST READ!

“You dream like I do.  Only … you’re more selfless than I am, Thomas.  You dream for others.  You were once scared, alone.”

 WOW WOW Mia! This is quite a surprise!!! When I heard Mia is having a surprise release next week I jumped at a chance to read it early and wow, this book blew me away.  Seek is a short story but has all the feels, unique characters and an intense plot – something that we all come to expect from this author.

“Yeah, you.  I’m assuming you have a heart under all that … muscle mass?”

Holy hell! This book is fast paced, steamy, intense and packed with twists and turns that will make your heart pound out of your chest.  I could not put it down.  Olivia was supposed to get married and live happily ever after, but her fiancé Alec suddenly disappeared.  A private investigator revealed that Alec is currently hiding out in Colombia, a place riddled with crime after a devastating earth quake and the tsunami that followed.  Columbia is unsafe – people live by their own rules.   Olivia hired an ex-Seal Thomas to escort her through the treacherous and dangerous journey to find her fiancé.  Thomas was supposed to be her employee and protector but somewhere along the way, feelings develop.  Thomas and Olivia are polar opposites but the sexual chemistry is palpable, gritty, sexy and mouthwatering hot! Olivia is a rich girl who inherited an empire from her parents.  Thomas is broody, cold, intimidating and a dangerous man.  But are they that much different? Thomas and Olivia lives crossed paths, dark secrets were revealed and lord I did not see that one coming.  Will Oliva find what she is looking for or will her heart break all over again?

“A part of me they couldn’t erase, no matter how hard they tired.”

Without spoiling too much, I can only say that Seek is quite a unique, steamy romance.  It’s thrilling, and full of heart.  I am moved by both Alec and Olivia and their heartbreaking past. The writing is brilliant as always. I can’t help but admire the author and her talent of storytelling – always coming up with such interesting stories.  A fan of the author or not, I promise you will not be disappointed.



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Seek T1

Review: Hidden Seams by Alessandra Torre. (1/18/2018)

Hidden Seams


Okay WOW! I’ve read a lot of books over the years and I thought I had seen it all.   Apparently not.  Hidden Seams has quite an interesting storyline.  The thing that I love about Alessandra Torre is that you really know what you are going to get when you pick up one of her books.  It’s a pleasant surprise every time – she is truly a versatile writer.

Marco Lent is a young designer who inherited an empire after his boyfriend Vince Horace, a fashion mogul passed away.  Marco and Vince lived together for over a decade, together they ruled the fashion world.  Marco is to inherit his entire estate and carry on his legacy.  Avery is adopted, a troubled teen who managed to survive on her own.  For a long time, she wants to find her roots.  She met her mother but never found out who her father was.  The only thing she has is a 30 year old photo of a man who somewhat resembles the fashion mogul Vince Horace.  Avery is determined to find out who Vince was so she makes her way to NY, but she quickly runs into a roadblock – a hard rock body of Marco J Shit hits the fence, a chain of events happens, and secrets revealed … Who is Marco? Has he been living a lie all these years?  Is Vince gay or straight? Does he have a daughter all these years and never realized it?  Will Avery get part of his empire and the closure she needs?

All I can say is go into this book with an open mind.  Nothing is what it seems and the plot will surprise you.  I love the hero – multilayered, mysterious, sexy and the heroine who is strong, independent and smart.  She is not someone easily trifled with, yet feminine and beautiful inside and out.  The romance between them is definitely steamy, sexy, passionate and heartwarmingly beautiful.  The plot captivates my attention from the start and sucks me in until the end. Alessandra Torre does not disappoint with her brilliant stories and flawless writing.


Hidden Seams T2



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Review: Sex, Not Love by Vi Keeland. (1/15/2018)


Sex, not love Cover 

OMG! OMG! Hands down, this is the first 6 STARS of 2018!!!!

Sex, not Love – sounds fun and light hearted enough right? Don’t let this title fool you.  I was surprised, emotional, and deeply moved by the complexity of the storyline.

The story started out with Hunter meeting Natalia at a wedding of their childhood best friends.  He was eavesdropping into Natalia’s conversation with the bride-to-be.  The girls were discussing sex while smoking a joint in the back yard.  It was lust at first sight for the hero and heroine.  The attraction between Natalia and Hunter was instant.  The chemistry they had for each other was intense.  Hunter has no problem letting Natalia know what his intentions are (not honorable) but Natalia is not the least bit interested.  Natalie – a 28 year old divorcé who has been burned bad by an ex-husband.  The ex was a lying thief, went to prison and left Natalia nothing but a mountain of debt, a teenage stepdaughter, and a jaded view on the male species.  Natalia has major trust issues and was not interested in any romantic relationship.  Needless to say she left him high and dry with her wrong contact phone number before she left town.

“You are going to be the death of me.  I just know it.”

Got to give it to Hunter – a year passes and the man is still extremely persistent.  It finally paid off – he got a deal – its’ sex, not love for two months while he was on a work assignment in Natalia’s home town.  Natalia put up a huge wall around her heart and is fighting every step of the way to not fall in love with Hunter but she fails.  When Natalia opened her heart at the end of their two-months arrangement, Hunter bolted.  I was so mad at Hunter I wanted to kill him … that is until I found out why.  There is more to Hunter than what meets the eye.  The man is gorgeous, charming and carefree but he has demons that hold him back from living life.  Why is Hunter such a commitment phobe?  The story is told in alternating past and present of Hunter’s life journey.  Boy, I was blind-sided and saddened by his childhood.  I cried buckets… I don’t think I had a tear left when the last page was turned.

What I love about this book is the captivating storyline, the complexity of the characters and each of their heartbreaking past stories.  I adore the hero and heroine – beautiful and flawed.  Natalia in my opinion is a saint – sweet, caring, beautiful inside and out.  Hunter is handsome, charming, talented.  He has a crass mouth but he has many layers.  As the story progresses, I get to see the best side of Hunter and boy did I swoon.

The second cast of characters, Anna and Derek are amazing – sweet, fun, supportive – what great friends! Even Izzy the petulant teenager surprised in the best way when she handed Hunter’s ass to him J  Don’t get me wrong, there is no shortage of hilarious moments and extremely sexy and passionate scenes.  But for me, I love the many touching messages the author conveyed.  The writing is absolutely flawless.  This story bought out all the feels you could ever want – I laughed, cried, swooned, and loved.  I break and I heal.  You guys, this book is A DREAM and the author is absolutely unstoppable.  She is a USA Best Seller for a reason!!!

What an epic love story!!!!!  MUST READ!!!!

“I prefer to live my life looking forward, not backward.  You look in the rearview mirror too often, sometimes you miss what’s right in front of you.”

Sex, not love T1.jpg



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Sex, not love T2


Review: Three Blind Dates by Meghan Quinn. (12/30/2017)

Three Blind Dates


4.5 Stars!!!

Noely is a TV show host for Good Moring Malibu.  Noely is content with life and seems to have everything she wants except a little romance.  With a busy work schedule, it is impossible for Noely to find someone to share her life with.  Noely decides to sign up for the “Going in Blind” in search for “the one”.  Noely is matched up with three blind dates: the suit, the rebel, and the jock.  Who will she choose?


Got to say, I was a bit worried at first that I might hate the book if Noely ended up with someone I didn’t like.  This was not the case.  The three guys are so different and unique in their own way – so there is no “wrong guy” here.  I would have been happy with any of the three heroes.  Besides, this story is lighthearted and fun and the dates she went on were just that – a date.  Nothing too serious developed so I didn’t feel invested in one guy or the other.  In the end, Noely chose the one I personally love the most so it really is a win-win situation for me.  I love all three men.  The suite is broody, confident, and a bit intense.  The rebel is fun and carefree.  The jock has a good heart, sweet, sexy.  The heroine is also adorable. I like her good natured, independent and sassy attitude.


I love that this book references the movie You’ve Got Mail because that is one of my very favorite movies.  I enjoyed the hilarious banters, the awesome chemistry – believe or not scorching with all three men.  Three Blind Dates is a light hearted, flirty, sexy romance.  You can’t go wrong with one of Meghan Quinn books – highly entertaining and guaranteed to have  laughing out loud and swoony moments.


Three T1









Review: Team Player: A Sports Romance Anthology by Adriana Locke, Charleigh Rose, Ella Fox, Emma Scott, Emma Scott, Kate Stewart, Kate Stewart, Kennedy Ryan, L.J. Shen, Mandi Beck, Meghan Quinn, Rochelle Paige, Sara Ney. (12/24/2017)

Team Player


Goodness I love this anthology.  There are so many talented authors in here and the bonus is they all write sport heroes which are one of my favorite romances.  These are novellas – short and sweet reads but for sure I would have happily read them in full-length.

One of my favorite novellas is Emma Scott’s One Good Man – full of heart and feels.  Janey is a journalist student who writes about mostly sport stars in the states but her passion is beyond sweaty men and their muscles.  She wants to be taken seriously.  Her passion is to explore and write stories that make a difference in the world.  Janey was sent to Paris to start anew but unfortunately her first assignment is a story on another sports star Adrian – a football player.  Janey wasn’t thrilled.  She knows all the hot jocks’ numbers and she is not impressed, but Adrian might just surprise her.  I adore Adrian.  He is such a good soul, kind, and not a typical sports jock.  He has secrets and he struggles with making the right decisions for himself and his family.  One of Good Man is so much more than a typical sports romance.  Beautiful, heartfelt, amazing love story.

Another of my favorites is Sweeping the Series by Kate Stewart.  I am always excited to get my hands on one of her stories and she does not disappoint.  If you love Kate’s sense of humor and writing style you cannot go wrong, regardless of genre.  Ren and Erica are adorable.  It’s a second chance/ sport romance filled with wicked banters and steamy sex scenes.  One of them is mad at the other so the angst and the tension is incredible.  The sizzling chemistry is definitely amazing as well.  Overall a very heartwarming, fun, sexy romance.


Team Player T1


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Team Player T2


Review: Sinful Empire by Meghan March. (12/18/2017)

sinful empire.jpg

Whoa! One of my favorite reads this year!!!!

What a fantastic ending to the Mount trilogy. Sinful Empire is the third and final book and Meghan March did not disappoint. It was just as thrilling and captivating as the first two books. In this book, we got a glimpse into the heartbreaking childhood of Mount and how it shaped who he is today. The second book ended with a huge cliff hanger where both Keira and Mount were attacked, which nearly killed them both. Mount took a bullet to protect Keira (swoons, right?). When Keira came to it, she finally understood where she belongs – body and soul. Since Dublin, Keira already started to fall for Mount but she is stubborn and still wants to hold on to some independence. But Keira was meant to be the Queen and the center of Mount’s universe. Mount is still alpha, demanding, ruthless, dangerous and at the same time caring and protective. Despite Mount’s dominant tendency, he does not want to own Keira (well, in the bedroom he does – He loves that Keira is independent, rebellious and keeps him on his toes. Dublin trip changed everything – so will their hearts.

This book is exhilarating – packed with actions and suspense from the beginning until the end. There were also a couple of huge twists that had me gasping for breath. Magnolia is Keira’s only friend but Keira discovered Magnolia was disloyal. Can Keira ever trust Magnolia again or are their friendships forever broken? There is another big twist at the end where Mount’s past came back to haunt him. This one I did not see it coming… we have heard about J throughout the book, but just who is J and what is J’s motive? You know what they say: keep your friend close and your enemies closer :0)

I really enjoyed the intense relationship between Mount and Keira. They finally came to the understanding that they were destined to be together from the very beginning. So much heartache and time wasted, we finally see Keira and Mount’s relationship blossom in this book. The chemistry, the passion, and the steamy romance is insanely sexy. I thought the ending was a bit rushed but other than that, I enjoyed this series tremendously.

This Mount trilogy is definitely one of my favorites this year. The story line is brilliant, the characters are fascinating, the love story is gorgeous. It was beautifully written.

This series is seriously addictive. Every time I get my hands on an ARC, I devour it in one sitting. 6 THRILLING STARS MUST READ this year!!!!




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Review: The V Card by Lauren Blakely & Lili Valente. (12/12/2017)

V Card Cover


The V Card by Lauren Blakely & Lili Valente

GAH! This book is super cute!!!! Lauren and Lili are quite a pair.  I am a big fan of Lauren and Lili is a first timer for me.  Makes no difference though.  These two talented authors are definitely in sync, and so this incredibly charming love story is born.

Here is the scoop: CJ is a 25 year old virgin.  She is a beautiful, fun, successful business woman but not so lucky in love.  She has yet to find the right guy to lose the V-card with.  Graham is CJ’s brothers best friend.  After CJ’s brother passed away, Graham has taken over the role of brother to his best friend’s little sis.  Graham is smart, charming, a CEO of a fast-growing company, a talented man in the board room and even more talented in the sack J  When Graham runs into some challenges at his business, he enlists CJ for help.  CJ is more than happy to assist Graham pitching a deal but she wants something in return – operation deflower project. If Graham can spend seven nights teaching CJ everything she needs to know in the bedroom, he has got a deal.

Seriously guys!  I love this story.  It was a perfect mixture of humor, sex and romance.  Some of the banters are so hilarious I was laughing hard.  The cast of characters is adorable.  CJ is cute, shy, quirky and Graham is funny, flirty, and a swoon-worthy hero.  The V card is one of those feel-good, heart-warming, sweet and sexy romances that leaves a permanent smile on your face long after you’ve finished.  Lauren and Lili are definitely a force to reckon with in the rom/com world.


V Card T2


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The V Card T1

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Review: Man Hands (Man Hands, #1) by Sarina Bowen & Tanya Eby. (12/10/2017)

Man Hands C


Whoa! What a fun, cute and romantic little story!!! Sarina Bowen is one of my favorite authors / Tanya Eby is new to me and what a pair they are, creating such a masterpiece. Entertaining storyline, hilarious banters, adorable hero and heroine – I cannot stop giggling. Soooo dang cute!

Brynn is fresh off a painful divorce. She is done with men. What she likes to do these days is to work on her blog, Brynn’s Dips and Balls, but her friends disagree. They think what Brynn needs is “to be fucked” What happens when Brynn runs into her ex at a party, watching him hang on to a new younger chick? Well, she leaps into the first man’s arms she sees in the garden, kisses the hell out of him, and ends up having hot sex in the boat house. The minute it was done, she bolts.

Tom is the gardener Brynn had a one night stand with, except he is not a gardener at all. Tom has his own home renovation TV show. After a rather embarrassing episode, he is taking a hiatus from the show hoping the paparazzi will leave him alone. The only excitement Tom has had in months is a steamy one night stand with the mysterious woman in the boat house. Tom’s new mission is to find Brynn but the harder part is to convince the public that the “leaked sex tape scandal” is nothing but two people consummating love. Brynn is to be Tom’s “fake fiancé” until his next renovation project finished, but what happens when the “fake fucking” continues and feelings are involved?

I love the plot – it’s lighthearted, sexy, and entertaining. There is an ease to the authors writing. It flows seamlessly from beginning until the end. I am in awe that the story is written by two authors as you really can’t tell. I enjoyed the hilarious banters, the quirky heroine and the hot sexy on the stick swoony hero. There is not really any angst or drama. Just straight up sweet rom/com with a HEA. Perfect weekend read!!!


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Man Hands T1

Review: Over Us, Over You by Whitney G. (12/7/2017)

Over Us Over You C


Over Us, Over You is a romcom, friend to lover, can be read as standalone.
Hayley and her brother Jonathan had a rough start in life. They were abandoned by their drug addicted mother. When she was finally sent to jail, Hayley and Jonathan ended up in and out of some bad foster homes. When Jonathan left for college he asked Corey (his foster brother) to look after Hayley. Many nights, Hayley climbed through Corey’s window and spent the night in the warm and comfort of Corey’s arms. They were inseparable and became best friends.

Fast forward several years, Jonathan became one of the most successful businessman. Hayley is still struggling with a failing relationship and a sinking business. Hayley decided to move west to live with her brother until she can get back on her feet. The last thing she expected was to see Corey again; not only seeing him, but rather sharing a close living space and forced to spend a whole lot of time with her childhood crush. Just like old time, right? NOT! They are both grown up. Corey is sexy, gorgeous, man-whore who does not want or need a commitment relationship. That is about to change. Hayley is beautiful and tempting. The simmering chemistry and the sexual tension is off the charts. Corey knows better that Hayley is off limits, but can he denies the attraction and turn his back on the sexy as sin Hayley this time around?

I have to be honest, I am not thrill with Hayley. She seems like a hot mess – did not finish college (her brother paid for), failed at her only business venture, moved in her rich brother. I don’t want to sound judgy – I think everyone deserves a second chance. What bother me though is that she seems lazy, careless, and has a bad work ethic (granted she misses work because she was roaming around having hot sex with Corey ) but still Hayley seems a bit entitled and unappreciative of her brother generosity.

What I love about this book is the storyline – best friend to lover/forbidden best friend’s sister (one of my favorite kind of romance). I enjoyed the banters especially the hilarious texts/emails – this is one of the quirk of Whitney’s writing that I love so much. I adore the overprotective brother Jonathan who is sweet and kind. Despite a little hiccup in Corey’s judgment at the end, I still like the hero. He redeemed himself and it was pretty darn romantic. Over all, this book was entertaining, fun, sexy, short and sweet.

I have been a huge fan of Whitney over the years. I love her gorgeous writing style and all her cute, lighthearted, sexy love stories. This one is not my favorite but I am looking forward to her next installment.


Over Us T1



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Over Us T2

Review: Limitless Love by Audrey Carlan. (11/26/2017)



I fell in love with Audrey Carlan reading the first book of A Lotus House Series and I have been completely hooked since.  Limitless Love is Lotus #4 and it is gorgeous.  A wonderful love story between a single mother and swoony hero.

Monet and Clayton have known each other for a short time the year before.  Monet thought they had a great connection but Clayton seems to get cold feet and never calls her again.  They went their separate ways.  The circumstances of how they reconnect this second time around helps Clayton realize that the chemistry they had was unbreakable and his feelings for Monet and her little girl ran deeper than he had anticipated.  I really enjoyed the slow building friendship to lovers relationship between Monet and Clayton.  This plot is a bit more serious and emotional.  Monet was attacked by her deadbeat ex-husband and badly injured physically and emotionally.  She has been to hell and back and Clayton was there to hold her hand every step of the way.  Clayton was hurt and betrayed in his past relationship that makes it hard for him to trust people but Monet changes that.  Clayton jumps into caring for Monet and her little girl – it’s really sweet.  I adore Clayton.  Clayton is truly a hero in every sense of the word.  He is protective, patient, kind, sweet and caring.  It doesn’t hurt that he is all muscle, sexy and easy on the eye.  He had me at “hello” the minute he had his first interaction with Lily – totally swoony and melted my heart.  Let’s not forget the romance between Monet and Clayton though.  You have to wait a long while given Monet’s healing process but damn! Audrey writes the best erotic, panty dropping hot, and passionate sex scenes like no other.

Over all, Limitless Love is truly a beautify, heartfelt, passionate romance with a dash of suspense and drama.  Another wonderful addition to the Lotus series.

4.5 Beautiful Stars!


Limitless T1



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