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Review: Dirty Filthy Rich Boys by Laurelin Paige (2/27/2017)


My rating: 4.5 STARS

Holy shit! This book is like a huge foreplay, prelude to Dirty Filthy Rich Men. I can’t believe I have to wait another whole damn month for Rich Men. So in this book we are introduced to Sabrina, Weston, and Donovan. Sabrina is a freshmen at Harvard on an academic scholarship. Weston is also a freshman handsome, sexy, and popular. Sabrina has a mini crush on Weston but her plan of snooping on him backfired when she was caught by Donovan watching Weston doing the deed. Donovan is a TA for one of Sabrina class – he is brooding and an asshole. One proposition later, Sabrina could not kept Donovan off her mind. At the same time Weston finally taken noticed of Sabrina and asked her out. Poor Sabrina, she was burned bad – Donovan ended up breaking more than her heart ❤️. Then tragedy strikes – Sabrina left Harvard, lost her scholarship and never look back. Until now … at the end of the book Sabrina found herself attending a conference where she will come face to face with Weston and Donovan – the speakers. And Then … that is it folks. We have to wait until the end of March.
OMG! I can’t even … Sounds like Sabrina is all grown up and matured. Donovan seems to aged well handsome as ever. Shit is gonna hit the fence I just know it. It’s gonna be an angsty, bumpy ride!

Dirty Filthy Rich Men is coming 3/27/17 — CANNOT WAIT!!! ❤
Dirty Filthy Rich Love is coming 9/11/17


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Review: Sweet Rivalry by K. Bromberg (2/27/2017)

My rating: 5 SEXY STARS

She’s feisty and determined.
He’s tatted and tenacious.
One career-changing contract stands between them.
Their rivalry is unyielding.
Their attraction undeniable.
When the competition ends, who will come out on top?

Squeeze!!! The best things do come in small packages. I am really loving all these short stories from the 1001 Dark Nights. I was so excited to see a story from K. Bromberg and once again she nailed it. I love this ridiculously cute, sexy, second-chance romance.

Ryder and Harper were classmates and fierce rivals in college. They are both smart, driven and always try to best each other in everything. On their last competitive debate Harper bests Ryder but she is pissed at Ryder for the way he “mocked” her during the debate. So, what’s a man to do when a woman is fuming at him? He kisses her senseless … Harper is confused and breathless afterward. But she does not stick around long enough to find out what is brewing between them. Harper moves to NY, Ryder to LA. Fast forward a decade later, Harper finds her way to LA on a work assignment. Turns out she is bidding for a contract that Ryder is also competing for. Once again the two are facing off for a contract that will really advance their respective careers. The stakes are high – they both need to focus but there are too many distractions. Ryder is all tattoos and “beard burn” potential 🙂 and Harper is sassy, sexy in pencil skirts and fuck-me heels. Let the game begin and maybe the best man or woman win!!!

K. Bromberg did such an amazing job with the chemistry between Ryder and Harper – hostile and flirty at first. Then all passionate kisses, steamy office sex, and sweet romance. What Ryder did at the end was totally swoony. They guy is not only a sex God but also loyal and a stand-up guy. I really enjoyed this story – short and sweet, sexy, and romantic. LOVE  IT!!!


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Review: The Butterfly Project by Emma Scott (2/26/2017)

MY RATING: 5 Gorgeous Butterfly Stars



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Well now! Once again I am speechless. You want heart? THIS BOOK IS ALL HEART!!!
Once again, I did not expect anything less from Emma Scott. The Butterfly Project was brilliant and unique – nothing I have read in the past. Zelda witnessed something that haunted her since she was 14 years old. Zelda was a kid herself but she could not shake the guilt and responsibility she felt for what happened. She suffers from PTSD and panic attacks as the result. Nothing seems to help even with the smallest trigger. Zelda’s passion is graphic novels. Her latest plot is about time travel – The Butterfly Project a story about special agents traveling back in time to stop crimes before they happen. In the story, the heroine’s quest was to murder pedophiles and kidnappers without mercy. Unfortunately, while Zelda was in New York pitching her comic book idea, she was turned down by every publishing company, except one. That one required she change the story and give it more heart. With little money left and a bruised ego, Zelda felt like a failure — desperate and lost. That’s when she ran into Beckett, who is a messenger by day and table-busser on the weekends. Beckett was also in the same predicament – always scrapping by for the next meal waiting for the other shoe to drop. All because he made one huge mistake as a young man. Beckett also lives with guilt and regrets from his past. The two lost souls help each other through hard times at first just by sharing rent and a meal. But in the end Zelda and Beckett teach each other more than survival, but rather an important lesson on forgiveness, healing, friendship, and love.

“Lessening the misery of the past will lead to a brighter future.”

I have to say, right from the start I was intrigued by the story and it captivated me the whole way through. The plot is definitely different from anything I’ve read in the past. My heart hurts for both Zelda and Beckett for what they have been through. I am a believer in second chances – we are all humans and humans are flawed. So, I am so glad the author gave Beckett that ending. Zelda is a great character – she is so strong and what I love most about her is her loyalty to Beckett. I think that is one quality that is essential in life. Zelda cannot move on with her life and truly be happy until she finds peace within – Beckett understood that and in a way he is her saving grace. He helped her realize that she must move past the pain and rage and that “there is always another way”. I think Emma Scott’s books almost always have a solemn, thoughtful, heart wrenching tone to them but I love that she always offers some wisdom for us to take away at the end – the Emmanism. I think The Butterfly Project is about forgiveness and second chance. It’s about being kind to one another because gosh, all of us deserve to be happy and to be loved.

I don’t have to say much about Emma Scott’s writing – flawless as always. The characters and the storyline were phenomenal – brilliantly executed!!!


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Review: The Hot One by Lauren Blakely (2/26/2017)



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Squeeeezzz! Let’s see… a book from Lauren Blakely? Yeah, I am totally in. Simple as that!  I love all Lauren’s hot romance. The Hot One is about Tyler, the hot shot entertainment lawyer with a cocky, confident personality to go with it.  Well, with a sex God body and a successful career I guess he is allowed to be a bit cocky.  Delaney owns a massage therapy Nirvana in Manhattan.  She has a small circle of friends, loves her job and enjoys the single life.  That is until she runs into Tyler while out running.  Tyler happens to be the guy that smashed her heart right after their senior year in college.  Delaney and Tyler were inseparable back then and they had so many future plans together, including law school.  Well, one day Tyler just broke it off without so much as an explanation.  Delaney’s heart was shattered – she never went through with her plan to attend law school. They have not seen each other since that fateful day 8 years before.

Tyler does not want to admit it but deep down he always regrets hurting Delaney.  She is the one that got away and this time around Tyler is determined to win her back.  What is his master plan?  Show up at Delaney’s work place naked. LOL  I was dying.

The Hot One is a flirty, sexy, fun, cute and sweet second romance.  I had a smile on my face the whole time.  I thought there would be a bit more angst or Delaney throwing daggers at Tyler, making Tyler suffer and work hard to win her back.  But that’s just not Delaney’s personality – she is honest, sweet and she always loved Tyler. Tyler though is persistent – he wants to prove to Delaney that she always has been the one, he was just too young and made a big mistake letting her go.  Tyler is so swoony with all the gestures he shows Delaney – the plant, the lunch etc… just so sweet and thoughtful.  I love these two’s chemistry – innocent flirting and super explosive sex scenes.  I love love love the epilogue – I was surprised by Delaney – again proven she is such a sweetheart.  I can’t help but feel so much joy for these two – adorable characters.

I can always count on Lauren Blakely stories and the hot one is no different – another light-hearted, sexy, and romantic second chance love story.  LOVED IT!



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Review: Don’t Speak by Katy Regnery (2/25/2017)

Don't SpeakDon’t Speak by Katy Regnery

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wow wow wow!!! Katy Regnery has outdone herself AGAIN. Every time I pick up one of her books I just know I’m in for something 110% amazing and special because Katy NEVER DISSAPOINTS us. Don’t Speak is utterly breathtaking you guys. I was up until 5:30 am engrossed in my reading and crying my eyes out – could not stop turning the page.

This story is a modern retelling of The Little Mermaid. Laire is a daughter of a fisherman from the Outer Banks. Laire grew up sheltered within a small community with her father and two sisters. He was expected to pick a nice island boy, marry and raise nice little island children but Laire has bigger dreams. She wants to get off the island, move to a big city and become a successful fashion designer. One summer Laire met Erik, a son of North Carolina’s governor. The love birds spent a whirlwind summer sneaking around together trying to escape the town gossip and their family’s disapproval. Erik knows in his heart that Laire is the one but unfortunately his fate was decided by someone else. I really feel bad for Laire – for the cruel treatment from Erik’s family who believes that social status is most important. They have bigger plans for Erik – to follow his father’s footstep and to marry well. The summer romance was short lived and by the end of it their hearts were irrevocably broken.

Several years later, fate leads Erik and Laire back together – broken hearted but both are older and wiser. How have they been all these years? Slowly, all the misunderstandings and secrets come to light. Can Erik and Laire find in their heart to forgive, restore faith, trust each other and fall in love again?

Don’t Speak is a gorgeous love story. The first part of the book tells a story when Erik and Laire were young, free and in love so it was mostly light-hearted, sexy, cute, and fun. As the story progress, it was harder and harder to read. I was crying my eyes out during the events that lead up to how their summer ended. The cruel, unfair circumstances that Laire had to suffer – it really gutted my heart. Laire is so innocent, sweet, beautiful, honest and she deserves so much more. I adore Erik – he is handsome, charming, fun and has a big heart. He is nothing like his selfish parents. I especially love the commitment Erik has for Laire – he always believes that Laire is his forever and he never forgets that. The second part when they met again there was more heart breaking (especially the letters – it was all too much for me ). I was devastated for both of them. But if anything, Erik and Laire made me believe in faith and destiny and that everlasting love does exist despite any distance or barriers. Love will find a way.

This book is truly a masterpiece – a beautiful tale of 2 young lovers from the opposite tracks who found friendship and everlasting love. I find this fairytale story stunning – a bit haunting, emotional, heartbreaking, but at the same time soul healing, passionate and oh so romantic. I can’t wait for you all to read it!

As always, Katy is donating part of her royalties for a good cause. I adore this woman – she is one of my very favorite authors. THANK YOU KATY!!!


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Review: Royally Matched by Emma Chase (2/21/2017)

Royally MatchedRoyally Matched by Emma Chase

My rating: 5 of 5 stars


Royally Matched is the second book in the Royally series and it’s about Henry the younger brother who is next in line to be King. He is NOT READY. If you read the first book, Henry’s older brother Nicholas gave up his throne so he could marry the love of this life – an American. So Henry inherited the honor (or it was thrust upon him) of becoming King. Henry is smart but irresponsible. He is a playboy who does not have a care in the world – least of all runing a country. So, instead of hitting the books and studying politicking, he enters an American reality show Matched: Royal Edition where he is running around the palace with 20 women flocking by his side. At the end of this circus he is supposed to place a tiara on the future queen. Who are we kidding right? Reality shows are anything but reality – Henry’s plan is to have fun and receive as many blow jobs as possible in the next 6 weeks behind the Queen’s back. Well, his plan back fires when the first day of filming he meets Sarah – the bookish nerd, a dreamer who wants consistency, steadiness, adoration – everything Henry is not.

When I first read the blurb I was afraid that it would be cheesy, especially The Bachelor is tolerable – to put it mildly. What I do know for sure is that I love Emma Chase’s writing and storytelling and somehow I would fall in love with the book. Well, I not only like the story I LOVE it. I was totally engrossed in it – I was up until 4 in the morning reading, giggling, laughing out loud and peeing my pants. I was so loud that I woke my husband and when he inquired wtf I am doing I started reading out loud to him. God bless him – he tried to listen with one eye closed.

“I have a meeting. Mother’s sent her car to take me. You can’t come, Henry.”
“I can come lots of times. My stamina is legendary. Do you want me to show you?”
“You can’t come with me.”
“That sounds like a challenge.”
“I bet I could time it just right.”

Why am I so addicted to this book? IT WAS FREAKING HILARIOUS. The story was sweet, funny, light-hearted, sexy and so romantic. I want to reach in my kindle and give Henry a BIG KISS!!! HE IS SO YUMMY OMG SWOOOONNNS. I absolutely ADORE Sarah – she is so naïve, sweet and innocent. Why the change of heart on the reality plot? Because that is not really the focus of the story at all. Yes, you will see snippets of his time filming but the story is mostly about Henry and Sarah. They are so DAMN CUTE together. On a serious note, my heart hurts for Sarah and what she endures in her past at the hands of a family member. It shapes the way she is today – a bit broken, reserved, and shy. But that’s what Henry adores about Sarah. She is beautiful inside and out, quirky and honest. There is no pretentiousness with her. Henry is kind of misunderstood – he never had a chance to shine, having ridden on his brother’s coattails growing up. Nicholas is always the favorite, more responsible and successful. I feel like he is overcompensating when he is acting out or defying the Queen. On the outside, he is a bit arrogant, flirtatious, and wildly inappropriate with his words. But deep down he is a kind, gentle, strong, generous, a good man, lover, and a romantic. I love the way Henry and Sarah bring out the best in each other. Henry wants to change into a man that Sarah deserves. Henry brings Sarah out of her shell and helps her build confidence, makes her less fearful, and strong enough to stand up for herself. The last few chapters of the book were truly heart-warming – when the two march on to fulfill their life duties separately with their hearts never so far away. The epilogue is so sweet I was crying happy tears.

Royally Matched is my favorite of the two If you are looking for something light-hearted, hilarious, sexy, sweet, romantic, – this is it! I ABOSULTELY LOVED IT!!!!!

“Reading brings knowledge and knowledge is power; therefore reading is power. The power to know and learn and understand… but also the power to dream. Stories inspire us to reach high, love deep, change the world and be more than we ever thought we could. Every book allows us to dream a new dream.”

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Review: Preston’s Honor (2/15/2017)

Preston's Honor
Preston’s Honor by Mia Sheridan

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Preston’s Honor by Mia Sheridan

5 Heart wrenching Stars!!

Oh Mia, she never fails me. This woman knows how to write to the heart! This story speaks to my heart; my emotions are raw right now. I came into this book with preconceived notions based on the book’s summary. It sounded like a story about two brothers loving one woman, a love triangle of sorts (which I kind of hate). I was already judging Lia because what kind of woman leaves her child, right? But let me tell you, the summary doesn’t do this book justice. By the second chapter, all my preconceived notions were blown away.
I loved so many things about this book, but by far, Lia is the star. I changed my opinion of Lia almost immediately because Mia didn’t allow anything but her heart to show. I can’t say I’ve ever known anyone in Lia’s situation or felt the despair of poverty, but through Mia’s words, it all came to life for me. Her situation gutted me to the point of tears. I felt sad on every level for Lia…for her mother’s lack of love, for the terrible children who teased her, for the lack of self-worth, for all the pain in her life. I had no room for judgement when it came to her. Despite all her mistakes, I think she is strong. She has a silent, resilient kind of strong that endures through time. I found Lia’s insecurities and dreams to be relatable and I connected with her almost immediately. It’s a long and continuing battle, but Lia begins to accept and stand up for herself. I felt so proud of her.

“Not shunned. Not ignored. Not gossiped about. Not ridiculed. Not demeaned. Not passed over. Embraced. Welcomed. Make a fuss, Mi amor, she’d said.”

Preston is a great character as well. I sometimes felt like he was the underdog with his intense seriousness and Cole being the fun charmer. I like it when the underdog gets the woman. But truly there is no competition. I don’t want to give any spoilers, but I will say that I honestly don’t think this book is a love triangle even though it might sound that way (so all you love triangle haters, have no fear!) Preston and Lia are the very definition of soul mates. There wasn’t ever any question. It was always them. Always meant to be.

“I saw my love, my heart, my home.”

The beauty about this book is the rawness of it. Its real life, inundated with ups and downs. It’s more than just being soul mates. People still have to communicate. Lia and Preston’s big issues stem from lack of trust and communication with one another. So much time and pain could have been saved. I think we have all been there and I love the feeling of non-judgement in this book. It takes us all time to learn from our mistakes.
On a more serious note, this book showcases the predicament of immigrants. I’m a person who comes from immigrant parents and so this subject hit home, especially as I turn on the news and see all the issues surrounding immigrants and immigration. With no political tone, I love how Mia innocently showcases the very fact that we are all just humans deserving of safety, love, peace, and acceptance. So Bravo Mia Sheridan! I love you and your work and this book was an absolute gift to read. Thank you! This is a must read!!

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Review: Mack Daddy by Penelope Ward (2/13/2017)



HOLY WOW! I did not expect Mack Daddy to be heart wrenching, angst, and drama – I even shed a few tears.  This was one delicious second chance romance with an incredibly sweet, sexy, romantic hero and the cutest, quirkiest heroine.  I was totally engrossed in the story from beginning to end.

P (since nick names are the theme of this book :)) does not beat around the bush.  Right off the bat Frankie is united with her college love after nearly a decade.  Frankie is a teacher at a private catholic school.  On the first day of school she comes face to face with the man she used to love in college.  Frankie always knew she was different – she wears thick glasses, is awkward around people, and mostly keeps to herself.   Mack comes from a privileged family, sexy as sin and  can have any woman he wants.  But Mack sees the real Frankie behind the thick glasses – he is the only one that gets all her quirks, understands her, and sees through her soul.  Mack was Frankie’s roommate/best friend/crush/her dream but he destroyed her heart when he left college before summer and never came back.  When something like this happens in the story, I usually resent the guy who breaks the girls heart but in this story I cannot even blame Mack.  In leaving Frankie behind he broke her heart but I understood his reasons 100% and I actually respect him for it.  He made a very difficult decision that changed the course of his life but he did it out of respect, responsibility and love for another.  Frankie is a sweet, caring, trusting, loving person but she has suffered some abandonment issues in her past so what happened back in college really destroyed her heart.  Frankie is seemingly moving on with her life now.  The last thing she expects is Mack to waltz back into her life with a renewed purpose – To win her back.  Mack pulled out all the tricks to woo her but is it too late?

I have to say I love both characters in this book.  Frankie is such a lovable character.  What I love most about Frankie is her honesty.  She speaks her mind even if it embarrasses her in front of Mack.  What you see is what you get with her.  Mack, I cannot say enough of him.  The college Mack is sexy, sweet, romantic and funny.  Many times he can take advantage of the situation or selfishly give in to his wants but Mack resisted because he is simply a good guy.  The grown up version of Mack is even better – more mature, responsible, loving and still sexy as hell.  Mack’s actions throughout the book speak volumes of his character.  As I said before, I admire and respect him but aside from that I totally want to jump Mack – he is that yummy ladies.

Mack Daddy is a second chance love story but there is a little bit more to that.  The book also addresses a devastating disease known as OCD.  It also deals with children and broken families.  I like that the story has all the feels – lighthearted, romantic, some parts were emotional, quite a bit of hilarious/cute banters and of course very delicious sexy scenes.   I adore the heroine — totally swoony over the hero.  Love the plot.  Penelope never ceases to amaze me with her gorgeous stories and amazing words.  This one is a MUST READ!!!!

5 STARS!!! ❤


Review: Must Fit the List by Allie Able & Becca Taylor (2/11/2017)

Must Fit the ListMust Fit the List by Allie Able

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

OMG! I have to say authors Allie and Becca are quite a power duo. Woot!!! Beautifully written, unique ideas but what I love most about this book is the authors’ sense of humor – I imagine they are two good friends just having a ball writing this book and it definitely came through to the readers.

The first part of of the book was about a list of “must” qualities that Cass wants in a man learning from her past dating experiences. Cass was giving us an insight into her dating history and it was freaking hilarious. Some was funny and others were straight up disastrous. I laughed so hard I cried. I think what Cass went through is probably not far from real life – I kissed quite a few frogs to find my prince and some of the guys the author described fit the description 🙂 The second part of the book was about Cass meeting the man of her dreams. It’s true when people say you most likely will find the one when you least expect it – and let me tell you Jase is SWOONY and perfect in every sense of the word. I LOVE Jase. He so sweet, considerate, sexy and super dreamy. The things that he says and does for the woman he loves??? Gahhhh!!! Panty dropping worthy… I want this man for my own
I also adore Cass. She is beautiful, smart, and so quirky. She suffers from a case of diarrhea mouth but that makes her honest – she makes me laugh so hard. Cass has an endearing quality and I think that is what Jase loves most about her. I think the authors did an amazing job with the chemistry between two characters – sexy, steamy but also innocent and sweet. They are truly likable, adorable characters. LOVED IT!

This is one charming second chance/rom com/childhood crush romance filled with humor and sexy moments – you do not want to miss it. A perfect read for a relaxing day, curled up, with dessert and tea. At least that was my experience. Totally devoured it.
I am super excited to read about Emma next.
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Review: A Thousand Letters by Staci Hart (2/11/2017)

A Thousand LettersA Thousand Letters by Staci Hart

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is a beautiful, emotional second chance romance with little light-hearted moments in between so get yourself mentally ready.

Wade and Elliot were high school sweethearts. Wade was a year older so after high school he plans to join the army while Elliot finishes up her senior year. At the last moment Wade changes his mind – he decides that he does not want to live a day without her so he begs Elliot to get married and move away with him. Elliot is not ready plus her family is selfish and are not very supportive of her decision. Wade and Elliot painfully part ways. Elliot writes Wade a thousand letters but they go unanswered.

Seven years later, Wade receives devastating news that his father is dying so he makes his way home from Germany. Meanwhile Elliot is still in town – she is close with Wade’s family so she steps up and takes care of Wade’s sister and father. They are forced to see each other again under difficult circumstances. Where has Wade been all these years? Why hasn’t he answered any of Elliot’s mail? So much hurt, misunderstanding, and regret… is there a chance left for them to rekindle the love for each other or is it lost forever?

The first half of the book surrounds Wade’s father dying which is quite sad. The second part was more of the relationship between Wade and Elliot – there is angst, a few light-hearted moments with the children, and drama with Elliot’s family. I have to say I disliked many secondary characters in this book. Elliot’s family just sucks. Wade is stubborn at first but given what he went through with the war and losing his friend I understand why he sacrifices his heart for a better life for Elliot. I thought that was a selfless act on his part – fitting for a hero. I like Elliot. I feel bad for her – she was hurt, broken hearted and a little lost after Wader left. But I don’t understand how she could let her entire family treat her so badly without standing up for herself. I want to smack her sister — I can’t even say her name. I guess I prefer a bit stronger heroine but that’s just my preference. Elliot is no doubt a beautiful, kind, and loving heroine who deserves so much better. The journey back to HEA for Wade and Elliot was definitely angsty, turbulent, and emotional. I thought the two main characters had a good connection – of course some loving and sexy moments. I really love the way the author incorporates poetry in each chapter – beautiful and sweet. I also like the plot – it was honest, heartfelt, dealt with real life issues – something we can all relate to.  A Thousand Letters is more than a romance – it’s also about life, family and friendships. Overall, this book has a somber feel to it so you have to be in a mood but a beautiful second chance romance all the same.

I am looking forward to this author next book 🙂
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