Review: Vanguard by C.J. Markusfeld

Vanguard by C.J. Markusfeld

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Vanguard by CJ Markusfeld – 5 Stars

WHOA WHOA – this is a MUST READ you guys!

The story is about Michael, a Baltic-born American doctor who disappeared after joining the resistance in the Soviet Republic and Sophie (a refugee aid) aka Michael’s former lover who always believed that Michael alive and so she is determined to embarks on a very dangerous mission to find him.

I am a sucker for military war love story and this book did it for me. It is pretty much a modern-day war love story. The story is so intense with lots of twists and turns. I literally could not put it down because I was too anxious to know if Sophie find Michael and what happen when they found each other and then how they cope with the whole ordeal. There were some part I thought I am going to have a stroke especially when Sophie get marked (you have to read to know what ‘marked’ means L 🙂 – I cried.

The love portrayed between Sophie and Michael was sweet, sexy, and swoon worthy especially when he calls her mana mila….GEEZE !!!. I enjoyed the banter between the two and their interactions. I mentioned before that this book is about modern-war but this is definitely a love story and CJ Markusfeld has the right balance there. This book is beautifully written!

I obviously did not pay attention in Geography class because as soon as I was done with the book I was googling Orlisia so I can visit (I love to travel). Could not find it… HAH!!!

Three words for this book UNIQUE, INTENSE, and EPIC love story! Get a copy everyone!!!!

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