Review: Endless Possibility by Emma Scott

Endless Possibility
Endless Possibility by Emma Scott

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I finished Endless Possibility and WOW OMG! My heart is so happy right now. I am touched. Truly!!!

First, if you have not read RUSH please get a copy and read it now. You will need to read Rush to get a full story of Noah and Charlotte and their journey from the beginning. Endless Possibility is a novella in Noah’s point of view. This novella gave me sort of a closure to a beautiful story of Noah and Charlotte’s hardship, perseverance, and ultimately love and happiness. I know I said closure but if Ms. Emma Scott is so inclined to write another one feel free 🙂 I love these two books so much I would read more.

In my opinion both characters are equally admirable. Charlotte is talented, sweet and caring. The way she brings light and happiness back into Noah’s life is nothing short of amazing. Noah went through a great deal. He was physically and mentally broken but with Charlotte’s persistence he learned to live and love again — it was not an easy road.

Without giving too much away, this novella is about Noah’s journey to find himself again. You know the saying when you love someone you have to let them go. Noah made that sacrifice in order to show Charlotte how much he loves her. The journey he made alone and what he endured is heart-wrenching but the love he has for Charlotte is “endless” and eternal.

“You showed me I could walk the earth alone, in the dark, but I don’t want to. I want you by my side, now and forever”

Noah and Charlotte are better because of each other. They complete each other. You can just feel the connection and attraction between these two characters. It’s tender and warm. How did you do that Emma Scott???

Emma Scott’s writing is EXQUISITE. I read every word … it’s crazy but I feel like I am in the story with them … I guess that is how much I connect with the characters in the book.

Thank you so much for giving Noah and Charlotte such a beautiful, heart-warming love story.

Emma Scott proved it ———— TRUE LOVE CONQUERS ALL !!!

PS: Anything cooking with Noah’s sister Ava? Wink, wink !!! 🙂

(Thank you for the ARC in exchange for an honest review)

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