Review: First Touch by Laurelin Paige

First Touch
First Touch by Laurelin Paige

My rating: 5 of 5 stars


ALL MY $30 MANICURED NAILS ARE GONE! Laurelin owed me for this one…. 🙂

First Touch – Laurelin Paige ~ 5 Stars

“The problem with men who are actually a threat is that you don’t ever find out how unsafe they are until it’s to late.”

Fuck Me! This is what I get for not reading the synopsis carefully before reading a book. I chose this book based on the author J

The title of this book TOTALLY FOOLED me… “First Touch” Sounds so innocent and sweet right??? YEAH right!!! Be warned! There is nothing sweet and innocent about this book… This is a total mind fuck kind of a book. Its is dark, gritty, chilling, heart-pounding… and it is SICK that I absolutely LOVED it!!!

I am so freaking mad at Laurelin Paige right now… where the hell is my second book????

“There is no words for the overwhelming elation that swelled through my body. No words for the jolting dread as my entire world collapsed under me in the resurrection of the women he and I both loved and hated. Amber.”

Emily and Amber both came from shitty families. They had to grow up fast and they became best friends. Emily and Amber live life in the fast lane seducing rich men and using them for money, materials, a roof over their head, and sex. Eventually emotions and jealousy get in the way, and they decide to go on to their separate lives and eventually lose touch. Until one day Emily comes home to visit her mom and finds a message from her former best friend using the safe word “blue raincoat” which Emily understood well – it meant Amber was in some sort of trouble. Turned out Amber has gone missing and feared dead. Emily is determined to track down her friend and even hires a private investigator. The search leads Emily to Reeve, a hotelier known for his shady dealings, bad boy reputation and possible involvement with the Mafia. Emily’s plan was to seduce Reeve (something she did well at the young age in order to survive) and find out what had happened to Amber. But Emily became drawn to Reeve and finds herself caught in the love spell of her enemy. Will she choose to save Amber or save her heart?

“Thank you for coming. And before you make some tacky joke about not having come yet, I’ll assure you that you will.”

Since this is book 1 of 2, it ended in a cliff hanger and we will have to wait to find out the grand FINALE in “First and Last” which will come out in June. Yes, this book is a romance but it is SO MUCH MORE. Laurelin’s story telling and dialogues are brilliant. I mean the first few chapters jumped right into the search for missing Amber. Emily weaved herself into Reeve’s territory pulling out all seducing techniques to get Reeve to notice her. Well, two can play that game. Reeve is sexy, mysterious, not easily fooled and she was caught!!! … the massage scene? OMG! It was so hot and scary at the same time. YEAH! You will have to read it to find out. My heart was beating out of my freaking chest from the dialogue.

“Oh, and I think you made a good choice not to meet up with my former pool boy last night. As his tittle implies, he’s jus a child. What you’re looking for requires a man.”

Emily and Reeve’s relationship is HOT, SEXY, TOXIC, and INTENSE as hell too. A few scenes were very unsettling but I did not mind because it made the story telling much more powerful.

“He threatened me, but that look made me wish I’d called his bluff.”

This first book basically tells the story of how Emily went about finding her friend, meeting Reeve, weaving herself into his life thinking she will only use him as a means to find Amber, but she fell the for bad boy. Just when Emily and Reeve started to get comfortable – Amber was found.

I was so engrossed in this book. It’s like solving a mystery. You pealed of one layer at the time – I was guessing and predicting but nothing ever turned out like what I expected. Don’t expect this book to be predictable – it’s far from it. I am done and I am so lost right now. So many questions… ALL MY $30 manicured NAILS are gone – I blamed Laurelin for that one. I was so nervous and on edge the whole time…

READ this book people. SO GOOD! I am sure it will be worth the wait when we get to read the ending of this story.

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