The Girl’s Got Secrets by Linda Kage

4.5 Stars!

I was given an ARC from Netgalley for an honest review.

This the 7th book in the Forbidden Men series. It is Asher Hart’s story.  It’s a stand alone, but I highly encourage every to read the other stories. I believe reading all the books adds a little more depth to each novel.  Overall, this is a cute, sweet, and easy read.

Asher Hart is the lead singer in his band Non-Castrato.  He loses his drummer and is in search for a new one. While holding open auditions, Remy Curran attempts to try out but is instantly refused an audition due to being a woman.  Feeling bitter and resentful, she plots to audition as a man and then plans to reveal that she is a woman after they see her talent, hoping to make the band eat their words.  However once offered the role of drummer, she can’t find the will to reveal her true identity.  She gets caught up in her dream to play in the band.  She quickly becomes one of the guys and is even given the name Sticks. As she spends more time in the band, she slowly gets to know Asher and falls for him. However, the truth will come out and Asher has to find a way to get past all the betrayal and lies.

I have read all the Forbidden Men novels and I never imagined that Asher was so sweet and struggled so much for love and acceptance. He had a lot insecurities about family, love, and acceptance. He definitely had a good reason for his insecurities.  His childhood saddened me and it makes me angry that there are children out there who lack love from their parents. However, I’m so glad Pick and Asher found each other.  Pick is one of my favorite Forbidden men and I couldn’t have picked a better person to be Asher’s long lost brother. I enjoyed seeing Pick and Asher do some brotherly bonding. I also think Linda Kage did a wonderful job explaining why Asher never finds out Remy is a boy.  At times, I kept thinking how could he not know, but Linda Kage always does some explaining and makes the situation plausible.
I just loved how despite never knowing who Remy really was, he had the same reaction to all forms of her from the first time he saw her singing karaoke, to Slick the drummer, or Elisa the Spanish speaking mystery woman. It just shows Remy was the one for him.

“And yet it never seemed to matter if you were Sticks or Elisa, boy or girl, I still always wanted to be around you.”

Remy…I completely understood her actions and I could relate to all her emotions and actions. I really liked her. She was funny, sweet, and kind.  I loved how she couldn’t hide her attraction to Asher so she just pretended to be gay.  Asher and Remy had such good chemistry, but their friendship was the most beautiful thing to watch. I loved watching how Asher opened up to Remy when he thought she was a boy.  They learned to be friends and it totally sealed their relationship.

As always, I love reading about the entire gang and seeing them get together. It was wonderful to see Pick and Eva get married. Since I’ve read all 7 novels, I feel like I am part of the gang and there is a warmth that spreads through me as I read these books. I hope the series doesn’t end. I’m waiting for Brandt and Sarah to get a book. Fingers crossed =).

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