Review: Big Rock by Lauren Blakely

Big Rock
Big Rock by Lauren Blakely

4.5 Stars

After reading a few emotional books, I was in desperate need for something totally light and easy- no angst, just fun. Well, this is a good book if you are in the mood for this!

Big Rock is your friends to lover story. Spencer and Charlotte have been best friends since college. Spencer ends up concocting a lie that he and Charlotte are engaged to dispel his playboy image so a potential buyer for his father’s jewelry business will close the deal. Spencer and Charlotte find playing make believe ends in creating real feelings. He finds out Mrs. Right was under his nose the entire time.

“This is what friends do for each other. They pretend they’re going to marry you when you need them to. Right?”

So at first I wasn’t sure I was going to like this book because Spencer starts out with his egotistical narcissistic monologue about how his “dick is fucking awesome” and how good looking he is. I was basically rolling my eyes right away, but I pushed on. I’m glad I did because Spencer’s ego settles down a bit and he actually turns out to be a wholesome guy. He is nice, charming, funny, loves his family and he’s HOT! So yeah, I bought into Spencer.

I also really liked Charlotte. Her honesty was a breath of fresh air. She’s definitely one of my favorite characters. She spoke her mind and her feelings and that minimized any unnecessary drama. It’s why this book didn’t have any angst. It was just lovely to watch them fall in love and be open about it.

“Yes. This is why there are books, movies, songs, and poetry about falling for someone.”

One of my favorite things about this book is that it is told in Spencer’s POV. I’m a sucker for the male POV and it is nicely done. Spencer majors in women and I think he totally gets it….

“Happy wife = happy life.”

LOL…I totally reminded my husband after reading this book that he needed to remember this statement because if the wifey isn’t happy, no one is =).
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