Review: Wrong Side Girl by Julia Goda

Wrong Side Girl
Wrong Side Girl by Julia Goda

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wrong Side Girl (The Girl Series Book 1) by Julia Goda – 5 Stars *** CAPTIVATING, NOT TO BE MISSED!***

“Cole has been Lizzy’s best friend from the moment he found her crying in the woods two weeks before her tenth birthday. Growing up without a father, Lizzy was raised by her alcoholic and drug-addicted mother. Being branded as the town whore’s daughter, she had one bright spot in her dark world: Cole. He was the one constant in her life, the only person she trusted would never let her down.
He’s her savior, her protector…and the secret love of her life.
Now, sixteen years later, they both live successful lives in Boston. But while Lizzy still harbors hope that one day Cole will come around and see what’s right in front of his eyes, Cole enjoys his bachelor lifestyle with no intentions of slowing down.
It’s time for Lizzy to move on.

Cole has been in love with Lizzy since he can remember. Those gorgeous but sad green eyes of hers have held him captive since he was twelve years old.
But she is too pure, too perfect, too innocent for him and his lustful and promiscuous thoughts.
He has promised himself he won’t touch her.
That is, until he doesn’t have a choice but to claim her as his or lose her forever.

Is it possible for them to have what both their hearts desire or will the cruelty of life keep them apart?”

*** WHOA WHOA WHOA!!! This is the first book of Julia Goda I read and I love this author already. What a great love story! I LOVED IT! This is a friends to lovers book, one of my favorites. This book is written in dual POV and alternating past and present which I really like because you get to see what is in both of the characters’ minds.

Lizzy has a very difficult childhood but she is strong and determined to leave the past behind. She works as a social workers helping teens that are in the same situation that she was years ago. She is compassionate, caring and has a big heart but she is also tough with a no bullshit attitude. There is not sugar coating around Lizzy – that’s goes the same for her best friend Cole.

Cole came from a wealthy family but his parents are so wrapped up in their own social life that they might as well don’t exist. Cole has been in love with Lizzy since they were kids but he thinks Lizzy deserves better than him. So, instead Cole is acting like a man-whore making his rounds with woman without ever looking at them twice. Around Lizzy he can’t help but being a protective best friend/jealous boyfriend (even though he is not her boyfriend). So, will Cole ever build up the courage to claim Lizzy once and for all or will he lets her slip through his fingers forever?

This book is about friendship, sacrifice, betrayal, healing and forgiveness. From the very first chapter I had tears in my eyes. Throughout the whole book, I feel like a rollercoaster emotionally, going from sad to happy to heartbroken and finally blissful ending. I was definitely in the mood for this kind of story – emotional, angsts, heart-pounding. There are twists and turns that surprised me and had me gasping for air. There isn’t always sunshine and rainbow, hearts will be tested, but at the same time there are very funny dialogues and some light hearted moments. Cole and Lizzy are cute and sweet together. Cole is really alpha and overly proactive of Lizzy but he takes good care of her. I love both Cole and Lizzy characters – good hearts, sweet, beautiful, and sexy. The story line is definitely compelling, one I have not read in the past. The author’s writing is flawless and captivating – funny banters and stimulating narratives. This is not one you want to miss. I highly recommended this book. I am looking forward to Julia Goda next story of the Girl Series book.

ARC was kindly provided in exchange for an honest review!

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