Review: Never Never (Part 3) by Colleen Hoover & Tarry Fisher

Never Never: Part Three
Never Never: Part Three by Colleen Hoover

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 Mind Fucking Stars!!!
***Never Never is one book split up into 3 parts. I just finished all 3 sections; it really doesn’t make sense to me to review them separately so I’m going to review them as one book. As result, this review might have spoilers***

“Until then, never lose hope. Never stop loving me. Never forget. Never Never.”

This is such a clever and unique book. The words that come to mind is “MIND FUCK!” The story revolves around Charlie and Silas who were once in love, but somehow lose their memory of everything… who they are, their entire lives. Together, Charlie and Silas have to unlock the mystery of their amnesia. As they begin to unlock the mystery, they discover how their soul shattering love was destroyed by the world around them. A love that turned into destruction and turned them into people they discover they don’t like. Can they remember and get back what they lost?
“While he spends all this time trying to remember…I spend all my time trying to forget.”

This was the perfect blend of romance and mystery. I was completely intrigued the entire time I was reading. I was just as confused as Silas and Charlie wondering why they would lose their memory. I loved going on the journey with them as they try to rediscover who they were. The best part about it was seeing them fall in love through their letters. God…I just fell in love right along with them. It’s young love with forever love all mixed in…the soul mate kind of love. I’m not a believer in soul mates but this book made me want to be a believer. I loved how Charlie and Silas managed to fall in love with each other again. Their chemistry and bond was palpable.

“If you give me half a chance I can make you fall in love with me.”

Do soul mates really exist? Are we fated to love a certain person? I sure want to believe it after this book. This story definitely has a magical quality about it.

“We’ve loved each other since we were kids.”

As Charlie and Silas discover who they are, they find out they don’t really like the people they were and I have to totally agree. I didn’t like the people they were. They were cruel to one another but also other people. I’m glad they lost their memory and got a clean slate to realize they type of people they want to be. I agree with Charlie’s assessment that Silas was the better person. He had more innate kindness in him and that made me really like him and connect with him. I did like Charlie as well. She was a little spitfire. She was a hard nut to crack and it was nice to see Silas break her walls down.
“Somewhere deep down, we want to do good. Be good. Deep down we love each other. A lot.”

Also, I kind of fell in love with Langdon. He was such as sweet boy and I loved how loyal he was to Silas. Strangely, he was my second favorite character in the book. I guess I’m a sucker for brotherly love. =)

Overall, I’m so impressed with this book because it was just so different. It was such an interesting spin on romance; the heart of this book stays true to love, romance, and the concept of soul mates. I loved it and if you are a fan of Colleen Hoover and Tarryn Fisher’s writing, I think you will love this book too!!
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