I Wish You Were Mine by

This is the 2nd book in the Oxford Series and it follows Jackson Burke. Jackson was a star NFL quarterback. Due to an accident, he can no longer play. After losing his career and a failed marriage, Jackson takes up a position at Oxford men magazine in NYC. Jackson dislikes New York and wants to coach football instead. While waiting for his coaching job to come through, Jackson spends time with his ex-wife’s sister, Mollie. Mollie and Jackson find it difficult to resist their attraction and chemistry to one another. As time goes on, Jackson learns to appreciate New York, his new friends at Oxford, and his time with Mollie. But is it enough to keep Jackson in New York? Will Jackson let love in again?

What can I say…I love my Oxford Men. Jackson is the new guy thrown into the mix and I definitely enjoyed his story. It’s a light, cute, and easy read. Jackson was sexy and sweet and he has some insecurities that he has to work through. I enjoyed how he and Mollie leaned on each other for support. They had a strong foundation for their relationship. Their relationship was complicated with Jackson having been previously married to her sister. Their getting together is obviously taboo, but they can’t seem to fight their attraction to one another. I like how Mollie was really strong for Jackson, but she was weak when it came to her sister Maddie, which often frustrated me. As Mollie becomes more sure of her feelings for Jackson she does become stronger and I liked seeing that growth. I really cheered for Mollie. I actually think I liked her more than Jackson. Don’t get me wrong, I liked Jackson. He takes a while to figure his situation out, but once he does, I think he does good.

“You’re my worm, Mollie. The creepy, mate-for-life variety.”

The only issue I had was a personal one. I think I’m a true romantic and I like the feeling of seeing people who are meant to be get together. While Jackson is already divorced, he admits to having loved Maddie fiercely in the past. He loves Mollie now, but it’s hard for me to really feel that connection for them because of this. How can Mollie really be with Jackson when he loved her sister so deeply once? I mean people write books about second chance love with love like that. I would have liked the situation to be more that Jackson married Maddie but maybe they weren’t truly in love because they were young and thought what they had was love. So I had to really try to look past this and just focus on the fact that Jackson loves Mollie now.

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