Cuff Me (New York’s Finest #3) by Lauren Layne

4 Stars

This is the 3rd book in Lauren Layne’s New York Finest series and it features Vincent Moretti. It’s a standalone so no big deal if you haven’t read the other two.

“He was her best friend. Not in the traditional sense, of course. He was closed-off and irritable, and most of the time he acted like he didn’t even like her. But over the years, they’d become partners in more than just the work-together kind of way.”

Cuff Me is a best friends to lover story. Vincent (Vin) Moretti and Jill Henley are partners and are New York’s top homicide detectives. They’ve been partners for years and Vin’s family loves Jill and wants them to be together. After years as his coworker, Jill has given up hope that anything will happen between them. Jill finds herself taking time off to help her mom in Florida. When Jill returns, she returns as an engaged woman. Vin suddenly finds himself having feelings he never knew he had. He now has to find a way to convince Jill that they are meant to be together.

I actually think this is the best book out of this series. I really like the unrequited love and best friends to lover theme. Jill was such a lovable person and she gave Vin a long time to pursue her so I don’t blame her for trying to move on with her life. I wanted her to find happiness.

“Jill wanted to be loved. She wanted to love.”                                                                                  

“I can’t wait for Vin forever.”

Jill’s engagement sparks something in Vin and Vin struggles with his new feelings. I want to point out that there isn’t any cheating (I hate cheating). Jill and Vin struggle with their feelings, but Jill does the right thing. I was happy with how Jill manages her situation. It’s done respectfully.

I was rooting for Jill and Vin the whole time. Jill was Vin’s opposite and I think the saying “opposites attract” is true for them. Jill was bubbly and happy and Vin was grouchy and moody. Jill was talkative and Vin was quiet. But…they really did fit together. They made sense. I could feel it.

“They were two halves of…something.”

Vin is a tough nut to crack. He is so closed off and difficult to read and he has no idea how to show his emotions or feelings. But slowly we get glimpses of what Vin feels underneath his exterior of stone and he just wants what Jill wants…to love and be loved. I really ended up liking Vin and I could see why Jill loves him.

“Sweetie, if you’d spent your entire life silently waiting-desperately wanting-someone to love you, and never having that gift even offered-would you know how to give it?”

Vin flounders through all his feelings and he screws up a lot. It made me sad, but love him even more knowing how isolated he was growing up, how people always left him out. I’m glad he had his family and Jill to love him. He eventually learns to open up to Jill and it’s a sweet moment.

“My brothers said that saying it would be the hardest thing I’ve ever done. They were wrong. It was the easiest. Because loving you is easy.”

So, this was sweet read. No unnecessary drama. The story did have many scenes regarding their homicide case. Also, this book is in 3rd person. Third person is my least favorite POV and I think it does take a little away from the story but I was still able to enjoy this book. If you are a fan of Lauren Layne, I think you will enjoy this story.

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