Love, Chloe by Alessandra Torre


5 Stars!!!

This book is FUN, FUN, FUN!! For all you TV watchers, this book is Sex in the City meets 2 Broke Girls J. Before I review this book, let me give you a little background information. Alessandra Torre writes a mini-series on her website called The Bedroom Blog. It is written in blog format from the POV of Chloe, a Manhattan princess who has fallen from grace. Alessandra Torre has turned this mini-series into a novel. Expectedly, this book is unique because the writing is a blend of a traditional novel and a blog. I loved the instagram pictures; it adds cute visuals and more depth to the story. I loved the colloquial tone; the book just speaks to me. I freaking loved it!!

Ok, on to the review…

Love, Chloe is about Chloe who was once a spoiled Manhattan princess. Chloe’s world is turned upside down when her parents are investigated for insider trading. The FBI has frozen all assets and funds…Yikes!

“There was a time in my life when I found FBI agents sexy. Let me assure you, they aren’t.”

Chloe, unexpectedly, finds herself penniless with nothing but her clothes to take with her. She’s forced to put her big girl panties on and navigate the real world by finding a job and supporting herself. She finds a position being Nicole Brantley’s assistant and she is dragged into a world of drama. Chloe finds herself questioning her morals, questioning who she is, and who she wants to be. It’s a story of self-discovery. While there is a wonderful love story in it, to me, it wasn’t the focal point of the story. The whole book is really about Chloe, her adventures, and how she deals with life and its curveballs. I actually think this book falls more into the women’s fiction genre.

The best part about Love, Chloe is Chloe. She may have been a spoiled Manhattan princess, but her character is so real and relatable. She is strong and determined and I loved how once she became poor she didn’t try to find a man to take care of her; she actually got a job and found independence liberating.

“Yes, I’d be eating Ramen noodles and taking the subway. But still! I was on my own and, for the first time, it didn’t feel scary; it felt manageable.”

Chloe works hard to pick up her life and her strength is refreshing. She no doubt finds herself in many sticky situations and she ends up questioning herself and morals and discovers what she is willing to do to make money and pay the bills.

“I could sell my morals.”

LOL…Chloe is too cute, but I know I’ve been in her shoes and I would have had the same dilemma and questions. I also loved the fact that Chloe left Vic, her cheating ex. She loved him, but refused to settle for less despite all his wealth.

“I hated him. I loved him. I wanted him. I missed him.”

She respected herself enough to know she deserved more. She’s a strong heroine and I felt proud of her.

Now onto Carter…what a SWEETHEART! He is swoon worthy. Chloe changes and grows during this journey. In the past, she would have never given Carter the time of day, but as she changes, she begins to value love and friendship over money and all the other superficial things in life.

“I forgot about protecting my heart. I got over all my hang-ups. And I fell a little bit in like with him.”

“I believed half of the beauty of love was in the loving.”

She’s scared, but she’s brave and she works her relationship out with Carter like an adult. I never felt Chloe made stupid mistakes. Even though she was scared, she did what she thought was right and communicated with him. There wasn’t any unnecessary drama.

I think Carter is perfect for Chloe. Everything about him was perfect. I wish we had more glimpses of Carter and Chloe, but as I said, the story isn’t really about Chloe and Carter, but Chloe’s journey. There is one treat though…we get a small snippet of Carter’s POV at the very end and it is so freaking fantastic. I want more!!! He is too damn sweet.

“When she found out about my family’s money, she was disappointed. When she told me about her parents, she was embarrassed. When she struggled with Nicole’s infidelity, she was flawed. And when she spoke of Vic, she was human. And when she looks at me, she is complete.”

“I want to build her a home, and make babies with her, and to open her eyes to everything she hasn’t seen. I want to watch the rest of her journey.”

I loved this story. I loved watching Chloe grow and mature. Her journey was fun and full of friends and love. It’s an uplifting story about how life throws us curve balls, but we have the power to change our ending.

“This entire life wasn’t how I had envisioned it. It was so much better.”



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