Brooklyn Rockstar by Jennifer Ann

Brooklyn Rockstar (Kendalls # 1) by Jennifer Ann ~ 4 Stars

Charlie Walker has a great life – a famous rock star with no short amount of money and women. He is not one to settle down but things changed when one of his bandmate disappeared. He is now forced to fly solo. Evelyn has just escaped her overly protective family and relocated to Brooklyn Heights. Is the small town farm girl ready for the big bad tattooed rock star?
To get ready for his solo act, Charlie had to start somewhere. He happened to perform at the club where Evelyn is bartending. The moment Charlie’s eyes locked with hers, he knew she was something special. Evelyn is innocent, a beautiful freckled brunette, and irresistible. She is oblivious to his fame and the last thing she wants is to be one of his groupies. Charlie knows what make his heart tickle and he is determined to go after Evelyn. But can he really change his bad boy ways to deserve Evelyn?
“You don’t have to worry about fitting into my life. I’ll figure out a way to make my life fit around you”
This was such a cute read. Small town girl meets sexy rock star with a little twist and suspense in the story. On top of Charlie’s not so perfect image, he also has a secret that is buried deep down. I honestly did not see that drama coming. The first half of the book focuses on Charlie and Evelyn’s budding relationship. I really like these two characters. Evelyn is sweet, genuine, and innocent. Charlie is all alpha and sexy with a promiscuous past. They are opposites attract – the chemistry was instant for them, maybe a little too rush in my opinion, but I understand it was love at first sight. For the first time, Charlie wants the relationship with Evelyn to be special, but it was hard to fight temptations around Evelyn. Evelyn is very hesitant to accept the rock star – she does not want to be the next knot on his bed post. The push and pull cat and mouse chase was entertaining to read. The story is not without a little drama toward the end– although this is not the main focus of the book. It does however explain the missing bandmate and the reason why Charlie constantly talks to himself and debates every decision. I am not sure about the significance of “that person” to Charlie and why his opinion meant so much to him and his conscience.
I was in the mood for a light read so Brooklyn Rockstar was perfect for me. It was a sweet and sexy romance with panty-melting love scenes, likable characters, and not too drama filled. I would love to see a story written for Evelyn’s brother – he’s overprotective, brooding, sexy, and swoon worthy Wink wink!!! Is that a possibility Ms. Ann?
This is the first book I read of Jennifer Ann and I am looking forward to her next book.

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