Resisting Roots by Audrey Carlan ~ 5 Namaste Stars :)


“Be kind to yours, for you only get one in this lifetime.”

WHOA WHOA WHOA! I just finished this book in one sitting.  LOVED IT!!!! Seriously, I could not put this book down.  This is a standalone, contemporary, baseball star and yoga instructor romance.

I completely adore the characters in this book.  Genevieve is a 24-year-old woman who is a beautiful blond bombshell.  She is smart, strong and not easily fooled by the sexy smile of a hot baseball star.  She is a yoga instructor by day and hair dresser working out of her garage by night.  Since her parents’ tragic accident three years prior, Genevieve devoted all her time to taking care of her two siblings, keeping them safe, fed, and a roof over their head.  Genevieve has given up on her dream in order for her sibs to pursue theirs.  She does not have a boyfriend or date, and the closest she got to any sexy time is with her battery operated boyfriend.  Well, that is until Trent Fox barged into her life unannounced and rocked her Zen world.

Trent is a super star on the baseball field and an even bigger star in the bedroom…wink wink .  He is a player, bedding his way through away-games with one woman per city.  His MO is wham, bam, thank you ma’am.  He does not do relationship and hasn’t have girlfriend in 10 years.   The last thing on his mind is settling down.  Unfortunately, a hamstring injury forced him off the field and straight to the Lotus House Yoga Center for recuperation.  That’s where he met the curvy petite blond with candy-coated glossy lips which he nick names gumdrop.  There is something about Genevieve that Trent can’t resist.  He was mesmerized and whipped the first yoga session.  Can love grow between a woman who’s rooted in her life and a man who resists a notion of staying in one place?

I really LOVE this story you guys.  It’s totally different – I haven’t read anything about yoga before and I read A LOT.  On top of a beautiful love story, it was an educational experience for me.  I am ashamed to say I know nothing about Yoga.  I thought it was some type of meditation voodoo.  Geeze, am I in for a rude awakening.  I love the way the author incorporates Yoga positions and chakra teachings at the beginning of each chapters and within the chapters she embeds these teachings and made it part of the story.
“The light in me, bows, to the light in you…”
“When I am in that place in me, and you are in that place in you…”
“We are one.”
The Meladhara Chakra or the root chakra of Trent has been blocked which explained why Trent was flighty, on the go and unsettled. That is until he fell head over heel in love with Genevieve. He can now see the red tones chakra within which finally guided him home.
“Wherever you are is where I want to lay down my roots.” – I mean that’s about the sweetest thing I ever heard said from a man who loves a woman.  Seriously, I learned so much about the beauty and spiritual practice of yoga from this book.

Resisting roots is a love story full of lust and desire between two people where opposites attract. There is something to be said about a well written sex scene.  Let me tell you these love making scenes are super HOT – making my sacral chakra sings with happiness LOL .  But besides that, this story also teaches us about the values of family, spiritual healing, love, sacrifice, and forgiveness.  I laughed so hard so many times in the book but I also bawled my eyes out reading about the siblings struggling without their parents, making new memories while preserving the memory of their parents. The sacrifice that Genevieve makes for her brother and sister’s future – it is truly touching.  Not to mention Rowan – he is a young teenager but due to circumstance has quickly stepped into the man of the house role to protect his sisters.  I sort of hope the author will give Rowan his own story.  I absolutely adore Audrey Carlan’s writing – it is fantastic full of wicked banters, hot sex scenes, short and descriptive narrative.  The storyline is definitely unique – I really enjoyed the spiritual theme of this book.

“I’ve laid down my roots, and they are there to stay.”

Resisting roots is the first book I read of Audrey Carlan and it left me wanting more – like right NOW.  I highly recommend this book… sweet, sexy, wonderful storyline. I am sort of feeling blissful, all warm and fuzzy inside after I finished. READ IT!!!! I am so looking forward to book two, Sacred Serenity, which will be a love story between Genevieve’s best friend Amber St. James and Dash Alexander.

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