So Much More by Kim Holden



SO MUCH MORE THAN I EXPECTED…What an emotionally raw story!

This is a life story about the ups, the downs, the good, the bad, the ugly, and the beautiful. It highlights the complexity of human nature, but also the simplicity of the love and kindness we possess. It is quite a beautiful story!

So Much More mainly focuses on Seamus and Miranda’s life and how they find themselves in their current situation…divorced and bitter.  The story’s set up is interesting as we get Miranda’s POV in the past and Seamus’ POV in the present.  Seamus is pure in heart and truly falls in love with Miranda. He gives her his all: all his love, his effort, his happiness.

“He’s idealistic, selfless, and genuinely believes in the good in humanity. I didn’t know men like him existed outside of the goddamn Hallmark channel.”

Miranda, on the other hand, is pure evil. She is delusional and narcissistic.  She never truly falls in love with Seamus but rather uses him to create a facade for herself: the loving wife and mom.

“Only fools fall in love. And I am no fool.”

She uses Seamus to find her own redemption, but we all know some else can’t be your redemption. She fails, they fail, and their kids suffer, but there is light at the end of the tunnel.  Through the love of their children, Seamus and Miranda will have to fight to survive this, for second chances.

“Life blooms in second chances.”

This book is powerful! The writing is superb and it drew me in immediately. I have so many highlighted quotes; I don’t know where to even begin.  I’ve never had such strong and conflicting emotions while reading a book. I alternated between loving Seamus and being furious with Miranda. I tried so hard to understand Miranda, but her character is despicable. She’s a borderline narcissistic sociopath–yes, I think that’s a real diagnosis! “Nothing, and no one, will destroy me.” I guess, I wanted a reason for her behavior and I couldn’t find any justification besides she has a true mental disorder.  Her grandmother was a pro bono lawyer who taught her to be a strong woman. I don’t understand how she came to be the way she was. While the car accident with her grandma can cause guilt, I just don’t think it justified her crazy behavior. She’s basically soulless.  “You’re a selfish bitch and a horrible mother.” As Miranda hits rock bottom, she tries to find redemption. It’s hard for me to believe her motives and even at the end, I’m not sure I believe she can really change (at least not without some sort of therapy).  Maybe I’m a pessimist, but I’m slow to forgive and forget. I just don’t think people can change that much. (Wow…I guess I could use a lesson from Kai and Faith in forgiveness…hehe)

Next comes Seamus…such a beautiful soul. His heart is kind and pure and he passes that love to his children. A good dad is a sexy dad!!  His only flaw was being blind to Miranda’s deceit for so long.  Surprisingly, I was never frustrated with him because once he did see her true colors, he never gave her a second chance.  I empathize with his bitterness. “I serve up my bitter with a heaping side of bitter.” Seamus struggles in life, but despite his bitterness, he never lets it fully win. He fights for his life, his independence, and his children everyday. How can I not love a man like that? I was happy he found Faith. She matched his soul. “My heart really likes your heart.”

He deserves her love; she heals his heart and his soul; restores his faith in humanity.

“So much more than thank you. So. Much. More.”

Now, I really like Faith. She is good for Seamus, but I don’t have the strong emotions for her like I do for Seamus and Miranda. She gets her moments to shine and shares her story. “A fighter with a gentle heart.” She’s overcome so much. She is authentic, kind, free spirited, and just has a beautiful soul.

“Genuine nice is such a rarity.”  

“I didn’t know people could hug your soul with their soul. Faith can.”

I am happy things work out well for her. She and Seamus deserve their happy ending.  Also, I do feel proud of myself because I knew from the very beginning who she was looking for and who it was.

Finally, I can’t end this review without mentioning the kids.  They highlight the innocence children possess and the innate goodness we all start out with.  They are wonderful!

“Thank God for my kids. They’re my life. They’re my purpose. They’re my everything.”

 This novel makes me analyze my own life: my husband, my children, and myself. I appreciate my life more because of this book. I think I want to be more loving like Faith  and Seamus, and more forgiving like the children. It’s a powerful novel and I took away some important lessons.

“What an unbelievably beautiful circumstance to be in.”

Now that’s a sign of a great book. This a must Read!!

 “All that’s left is we.”

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