The Randy Romance Novelist by Meghan Quinn (a review)

The Randy Romance Novelist by Meghan Quinn
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It finally happened, I lost my virginity. Cue applause and cheers.

For a while life was all rainbows and kittens prancing in a sky full of cotton candy clouds…that was until the demands of the real world set in.

My best friend is getting married and she asked me to be her maid of honor. She’s not worried about flowers, or the dress, or the food at the venue. No, she’s worried about the bachelorette party, what kind of penis crown she will wear, and the nipple size of the stripper who will be attending.

I’m in way over my head trying to balance life with a boyfriend, planning a penis party, and writing my romance novel. Something is bound to give.

This is my life after my happily ever after…

*** This review may contain some spoilers if you have not read The Virgin Romance Novelist!!!


“*Underwear Symbol* + *Nose Symbol* = 4EVA *Heart symbol*”

OMG! SQUEEZE your legs together ladies!!! or wear depends. The QUEEN of Romantic Comedy MEGHAN QUINN IS BACK!!!! I finished this book in one day and seriously guys I LOVED IT. It was delightful, wicked, and so funny. I was laughing so hard I startled my children. They had the look on their faces that the mom had gone completely insane

“I mean do you have a lot of sex, like… during the day?”
“When I’m at work, I don’t’ typically f**k under my desk, but when I get home, yeah. What’s you getting at?”

If you read the first book you know that Rosie and Henry were best friends turned lover’s romance. Here is a recap – Rosie was a virgin trying to write a romance novel and can’t seem to write past a sex scene thanks to her lack of experience. Rosie’s best friends encouraged her to go out and gain some real life practice through multiple dating facets such as blind dates, online profiles, and random hookups. And so a series of sh*t gone wrong because of course for Rosie, losing her virginity is tougher than expected.

This book is the continuation of Rosie and Henry story as a couple. I highly recommend you read The Virgin Romance Novelist first – I promised you it will make you laugh and it’s really CUTE love story… but if you have not you can still read this one. Meghan threw in a small summary here and there from the first book so I promise you will not be lost. This plot is about Rosie and Henry blissful boy friend/ girl friend relationship and how they deal with the ups and downs. They are now dating for about 2 months. The two were assigned maid of honor and best friend to their friend’s wedding. Rosie’s best friend Delaney is a bridezilla high on drugs to put it lightly . She has high demands from the maid of honor to throw a perfect over the top bachelorette party which causes Rosie some major stress. Meanwhile, Henry was up for a promotion but he had to compete with a female for the position; but’s not just any female – this one is Henry’s sexy ex and more importantly Rosie’s biggest enemy. You see the drama there, don’t you????. Well, this new project entails many late nights working in the office with the said ex. So with the new found relationship and busy schedule, Rosie and Henry’s relationship suffers. Adding to that for some unknown reason, Rosie was gaining some weight and insecurity was eating at her. Rosie thinks Henry is too good to be true – so can their relationship survive? Well of course they did!!!! :))This book is a romcom with a HEA guys. Get cozy on the couch with some wine, relax and just enjoy the ride. Feel free to wear depends – YOU WILL NEED IT 🙂

Now that we got that out of the way, I really love the personality Meghan put in each of her characters. I feel like I can relate to the characters, especially Rosie. Of course some of the things Rosie did were over the top but over all she is someone you can relate to. Sometimes she is insecure, she makes mistakes and she has diarrhea mouth – all of us have suffered some of this humiliation at one point in our life right? me at least 🙂 …..I think Meghan is the queen of romcom. She has the ability to turn a fairly normal person like myself into a hot mess falling off my chair with tears rolling down my cheeks, holding my stomach from laughing so hard – Yup! That was me. This book is seriously hilarious. Some of the inappropriate situations were over the top comical – I was hysterical. I read several books from her and I LOVED them all. I think Meghan is freaking funny and I totally get her.

I was curious the whole time though if Meghan was like her character Rosie (don’t shoot me Meghan) – quirky, funny, sweet and just adorable. Or in fact this book is written about Meghan herself? After all, the character Rosie wrote her first romance novel and the heroine’s name was Meghan.

“He would forever go down in history as the best book boyfriend, ever. No questions asked.”
*Were you talking about anyone in particular Ms. Meghan? Wink wink wink …

Well, Ms. Meghan. You did it again girl!!!… What a picture-perfect ending to the series! LOVE LOVE LOVE it. This book is light-hearted, hilarious, sweet, full of witty dialogues, loyal friendships and a ton of love. My heart is doing a happy dance … Excuse me while I go and purr in the corner like Sir Licks-a-Lot too…. Well minus the licks a lot part 🙂 blah!

Just READ IT guys! ROMCOM at it’s best!!!! I can’t recommended this enough.

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