Fire & Ice (The Locklaine Boys #1) by Jessica Prince


4.5 Stars!

“We were like fire and ice, a rather poignant analogy if you thought about it, but it was us.”

Fire & Ice is a Love Hate Relationship spin-off. You don’t need to read Love Hate Relationship to enjoy the story because I haven’t read it, but I certainly enjoyed Fire & Ice. I have read Wildflower so I was familiar with the gang. I really liked Wildflower and with Fire & Ice, I’m beginning to love this little group.

Fire & Ice is a forbidden love novel. Pepper O’Malley has been in love with her brother’s best friend, Griffin Locklaine, since she was a scrawny little girl. Griffin who is much older than Pepper has never really seen Pepper …that is until she grows up. One night after the grand opening of her store, Griffin and Pepper cross that line. Pepper gives Griffin her virginity; she’s living on cloud nine until she sees Griffin with another woman. Pepper is brokenhearted and love quickly turns to hate.

This is their story…4 years later….

If you are looking for a sexy, sweet romance story with a bit of humor, then this is your book! Griffin and Pepper are great characters. The novel is dual POV and I love it. I especially love Griffin. He cracks me up. Griffin starts out thinking he is sick because he doesn’t seem to want to have sex anymore. He’s turning women down left and right.

“Damn woman! No means no!” “I’m not in the mood so just back off!”

“For Christ’s sake! Could no one see I was sick?”

He had me laughing right from the start. He knows he’s got it bad for Pepper and regrets how he left things four years ago, but she’s still off-limits to him.

“My friendship with Dex ran deep. I cared about the man. He was my brother. Even though the thought of hurting her killed, I just couldn’t do it.”

However, he is only human; he eventually gives into his desires and Pepper can’t seem to resist him despite the hurt and anger she has towards him. Their relationship is volatile with constant bickering. They challenge each other, but they also complete one another and it was beautiful to watch them fall in love.

“I wasn’t falling in love with Griffin Locklaine. I’d never fallen out. I was ass-over-elbow, in stupid love with the man who’d broken my heart once already.”

“Only me. Only you.”

Pepper is also a great character. She’s a spitfire and she tries to keep Griffin at a distance. She’s angry, somewhat immature, and irrational with him, but I don’t blame her. While at times I think Griffin and Pepper acted liked teenagers with all the bickering, I actually think it was realistic. When it comes to love, we can all be immature at times.

“This isn’t me running! This is me being pissed off that you’d have the nerve to throw the last four years in my face when you fucking know why I didn’t want to have anything to do with you.”

I think Griffin truly learned his lesson, though. I felt he repented and made up for his errors. He really tries to make up for what he did. He puts in a lot of effort to tear down her walls. When that man puts on the charm, he’s a hard man to resist. =)

“How are you so beautiful all the fucking time?”

“I was fucking gone for the woman.”

“Tell me you forgive me.”

I also thought Pepper was hoot. At times, she made me laugh too. At one point Pepper is mugged, but she’s so feisty she refuses to see the severity of the situation.

“I’d hardly say he beat the hell out of me.”

“He hit you in the face twice and knocked you out cold. He nearly dislocated your shoulder. What the fuck would you call it?!”

LOL…if I wasn’t chuckling in this book, then I was swooning. However, this book is more than romance too. It touches on family and friendship as well. I kind of fell in love with the whole gang. They are a crazy bunch. Dex and Pepper had a great brother-sister relationship but it was nice to see the problems they had and see them resolve them. I also enjoyed reading about the wonderful friendships among the group; I loved seeing how close all the boys were with each other. Their strong bond made me smile. I honestly can’t wait for the next Locklaine story. So to sum it up– READ THIS BOOK!

Happy reading!

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