Hustler by Megan Quinn and Jessica Prince


4.5 Stars!!!

The queen of Rom Com has paired up with Jessica Prince to deliver a deliciously sexy and fun novel.

Gavin, the king of poker, is getting bored with his hustling ways. He’s wondering where the challenge in life is until he meets Penelope. He can’t seem to figure her out and she’s become his next challenge. She’s a tough nut to crack, but Gavin isn’t going to stop until he wins her over. He finds himself in the hardest hustle of his life and realizes he might just get more than he ever bargained for.

“For the first time in my life, I’m going to do something I’ve never done before, something I swore I’d never do. I’m going to woo the fuck out of Penelope.”

This was such a cute story. The banter between Gavin and Penelope was absolutely PERFECT!!! Both characters were a hoot. First off, I need to wipe the drool off my face because Gavin is a Nick Bateman look alike…HOLY HOTNESS!! Now add in some dirty talk, a hot bod, and killer hustling skills… I’m completely sold. Who can resist this combination? Not me=).

“Call me a cocky bastard, but I’m a sexy motherfucker.”

Yes he is and I absolutely loved him. I loved his cocky personality and the games he played. He was just a fun delight. His internal dialogue had me cracking up. I loved hearing the crap that goes through his head.

“And I can’t even think about how his hoes didn’t match his belt. Shit. I rub my eye with my palm. Maybe I am gay. I pause…Nah, fuck that.”

“Women are so weird. Let’s eat on the ground and gab while ants crawl all over us, it’ll be fun.”

LOL, but he also has a serious side to him and I completely understood why he has a relationship phobia. If there is anybody who is going to break through his playboy ways, it is Penelope.

“Maybe this Penelope girl will finally call your bluff.”

Penelope…now she is my type of girl. She is strong and feisty and I loved how she gives Gavin a run for his money. I completely related to Penelope. Her thought process is exactly how I think. She is all about standards. She keeps it simple, modest, and classy.

“And if there’s one thing I hate more than anything, it’s a cocky, self-absorbed asshole.”

“Say it with me, ladies. STANDARDS!”

Penelope keeps Gavin on his toes. She actually flicks his dick…LOL…see what I mean, she is a total spitfire and I loved it. Her true character comes out in the end when Gavin begins to lose track of his priorities; she doesn’t let Gavin treat her like shit. She puts herself first and makes him know she won’t settle for less. I think we need more strong girls like this to be our role models for self-respect and confidence. I always enjoy reading about a strong heroine. Girl power! Together, Gavin and Penelope are the perfect combination. Their chemistry is off the chart, they have fun banter, sweet moments, and some scorching hot moments.

Gavin of course sees the error of his ways. I love how he is protective of Penelope and wants to take care of her. Everything about him makes me swoon. I need a Gavin of my own!

“I may be lost my way, I may have lost my head when approached by my past but that’s exactly what it is now, my past. You’re my future.”

“Who knew the biggest game of my career was going to involve a cheeky cocktail waitress turned love of my fucking life.”

I also loved the whole gang. The three boys are like girls the way they chat it up. It is freaking adorable. I’m officially hooked…I can’t wait for Graham’s story and Scott better have one too because I love this book and need more!

My only hiccup with the book is that Penelope and her roommate Page are supposed to be poor and struggling, but it didn’t make sense for the jobs they have.  Page is a personal chef for celebrities and the other rich folks, while Penelope is a cocktail waitress for a big casino on the strip. I have family who live in Las Vegas so I know dealers, bartenders, and cocktail waitresses who work for the big casinos make BANK…like 6 figures. The situation just seemed very improbable for their jobs.

Otherwise, this book was a hoot. It was hot, funny, sweet, and has a great ending with hope for more to come. So please read this book written by two of my favorite authors. You will not be disappointed. Happy reading =)

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