All the Rage by T. M. Frazier

4.5 stars!!

 “She didn’t know it yet, but Rage was about to become mine. In every way.”

Rage is first introduced in Bear’s story (Lawless and Soulless). I was super intrigued with her character and hoped she would get her own story. This is it…yay!!

Rage was born different, like psychopath different.  She’s got a crazy rage in her and has the urge to kill.  But I’m not judging because everyone needs love, right?  T.M. Frazier’s writing shines because the fact that she can make me root and love Rage, a borderline psychopath, shows that she is just pure genius.

Rage gives up trying to be normal and lives the life of an outlaw. She’s ruthless, has no loyalty to anyone, and knows how to kill. Then she meets Nolan. She doesn’t understand her reaction to him. He brings out feelings she’s never felt before. Nolan knows he wants Rage, but he’s got secrets of his own. What are his secrets? Will Nolan accept Rage for who she really is? Can their love survive in this crazy violent world? The one thing they both know is that they share a bond that is building something deep between them.

I think T. M. Frazier is going soft on me…j/k…well, sort of. If you are familiar with T.M. Frazier, then you know she likes her romance tied to a whole lot of crazy violence. This story has some violence, but it is definitely toned down compared to King and Bear’s story.  Although the story is still set in a fairly violent situation, there is a weird innocence to their blooming love. The relationship between Rage and Nolan is the center piece of this story and it is great to read.

Nolan and Rage are perfectly matched.  They balance each other out.  Rage is an oxymoron. She is a contradiction in every way, which is part of her charm and why I just love her character.

“She was so tiny, so powerless, yet so strong and so powerful. She was anger and beauty and lust wrapped up in one fierce package.”

I love that Nolan accepts her for who she is and isn’t bothered by her “quirks.”  There truly is someone for everyone. I love that he wants to take her rage to help her. He shows her that she is capable of loving and feeling despite her rage and need to kill.

“I learned that just because I can kill, doesn’t mean I don’t have a heart. I could have both the night and the day, the passion and the poison. The Hope and the Rage.”

Nolan is fantastic too. Even though he is a MC brother, he is much more humane, more well-rounded and basically, more normal than most of the other characters.  I like that he has hockey and isn’t as violent as some of the other characters. I know he can be brutal based on his past, but Nolan is sweet and vulnerable in my eyes. When he realizes Rage leaves him, my heart just breaks.

 “That’s the moment I felt my heart actually break. It actually fucking hurt.”

Awe…see he’s sensitive. =)

Overall, I love this book and I’m happy to report that the ages are more appropriate in this book. My big complaints in her previous book were that the age differences between the main characters were a little too much for me, but in this book, Rage and Nolan are close in age. This is a great story; I highly recommend it. Happy reading!

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