Ramsay by Mia Sheridan (a review)


~ 5 emotional stars!!!

 Raw.  Real.  Absolutely Beautiful.

 What makes a good book? Good writing, some humor, a good story line, and some great characters.  Now…what makes a GREAT book?  To me, a great book not only has flawless writing and a well-developed plot and characters, but it has a special spark that speaks to my heart.  It’s a story that stays with me for the long haul.  And that my dear is what Mia Sheridan always delivers. She delivers GREAT books….Ramsay is no exception. I’m not a writer; my specialty is reading so no amount of my rambling is going to do this book justice. I apologize, but I’ll try to do my best =).

 “The humiliation. The rage. The hopelessness. The grief.”

 “And I couldn’t forgive her for it. I wouldn’t ever forgive her for it.”

Ramsay is a wonderfully layered story showcasing the complexity of our human nature. Brogan Ramsay, the poor Irish servant, and Lydia De Havilland, the rich princess, fall in love in their teenage years.  What should be a beautiful night between Lydia and Brogan turns ugly quickly. A huge miscommunication occurs causing unintentional pain, leaving Lydia and Brogan broken, bitter, and hurt. As times goes on, Lydia and Brogan cross paths but it’s no accident. Brogan is full of vengeance and vows to destroy Lydia for her betrayal. The only problem is that Lydia still holds the power to bring him to his knees.

 “Ya can’t avoid it. Life brings us all to our knees at one point or another.”

I’m definitely feeling like this book brings me to my knees. What a humbling story! Ahhh…where do I begin? I suppose I need to talk about Brogan first because he steals the show.  He is incredibly complex and absolutely raw and real.  The depths to which he feels is extremely palpable.  He is so flawed, but his heart is oh so beautiful.  I identified with him the most because I know it is those we love the most that have the power to hurt us deeply.

 “God, Brogan. I didn’t know it still hurt so badly.”

I used to think forgiveness is a one done deal and then I would kick myself in the ass when the anger and bitterness creeps back up.  I love that Lydia teaches Brogan (and me!) that forgiveness is a choice we make over and over again.

 “Learn from you mistakes, but don’t let them define you now. Find forgiveness, for them and for yourself.”

“Forgiveness isn’t an emotion. Forgiveness is a choice. And sometimes it’s one you have to choose again and again.”

Sometimes, I feel so flawed, but when I read books like Ramsay, I just feel human. Brogan and Lydia exemplify how forgiveness is a conscious effort that takes work sometimes. It’s not something to feel guilty about, but a work in progress we should all strive for. Brogan is a good man who sometimes makes poor choices, but he’s human and his heart shines through even with all his mistakes.  It also doesn’t hurt he’s a hot Irish man with a panty-melting accent…my weakness…swoon.

Then there is Lydia.  She was so naïve when she was a teenager, but aren’t we all at that age? She is real and flawed as well, but she matures throughout and her growth is empowering. Her innate good and ability to forgive is inspiring and admirable.  She has a peaceful quality and an ability to highlight the good in people. I just love her!

Together, Lydia and Brogan are perfect. Their love is so beautiful and strong. The way Lydia brings Brogan to his knees is so humbling and beautiful. To have love that strong…isn’t that what we all want? Their souls connect on a higher level and the way she can read Brogan is so heartwarming.

 “The girl in me swooned and melted just a little.”

Yes…I definitely swooned. But more than that, my heart melts at the truthful exposure of how anger and bitterness can so easily consume us, how difficult forgiveness can be, and just how powerful love is.

 “Love doesn’t keep a tally. Love doesn’t seek to punish.”

 “There is such as thin veil between love and hate. I had chosen love.”

Well, I choose love too and I hope you all do too. So thank you Mia for sharing such a beautiful story with the world, for delivering such an inspiring message, and for bringing a little hope and sunshine to my life. This is a MUST read! Happy reading =)

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