The Gamble by Xavier Neal (a review)

The Gamble
The Gamble by Xavier Neal

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Holy hotness!!! Love this story! Luca, Warren and Alexxa are best friends. Luca and Warren made a bet that Luca would bone Alexxa by the end of summer. Luca is a man-whore bedding half of his town – young, old, married; he is not picky. Warren is a nerdier roommate; he is closer and has more things in common with Alexxa. Alexxa is a 28 year-old woman but hasn’t experienced much with men, partly due to her busy schedule and partly because she is already content with her 2 best friends. Luca started out playing along with Warren but the game bit him in the butt as he started having real feelings for his best friend. To complicate matters, he was Alexxa’s first. What happened then when Alexxa finds out the whole dating thing is a big scheme. Can she forgive or will she lose her 2 best friends forever?

Luca is bit of a man-whore and he frustrated me sometimes. He knows he has the good looks, cocky at times but he is also funny. Warren is sweet and caring – I feel like he would be a better match for Alexxa but that is just my opinion. He is probably more of a best friend/ brother to Alexxa. Alexxa is a strong girl, sweet, quirky. She is not easily swayed but eventually she falls for her best friend. I thought this was a cute read with funny banters and a nice friend to lover storyline. Their relationship is of course panty dropping sexy; the chemistry is undeniable there.

Overall, this was a fun, witty and sexy read. Low on drama besides the obvious. First time I read the author’s book and won’t be my last. Happy Reading! 🙂
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