QUAKE by Jacob Chance (a review)

QUAKE by Jacob Chance

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

*** So I wasn’t going to read this one yet because it has a cliffy ending but this gorgeous cover keeps staring at me every time I open my kindle, so I gave in. Well, I am kicking myself in the butt now that I waited that long.
Awesome book and now I quiver waiting patiently for Quiver 🙂 🙂

I understand this book is a debut novel for author Jacob Chance — you can’t tell it. In my opinion, the writing is flawless, flows smoothly from beginning to the end. From the moment I read the prologue I was intrigued and I could not wait to turn the page… I think largely due to the writing but also because the plot was very unique.

Kyle is a retired cop turned private investigator. Kyle is strong, sexy, and dominant but also a little damaged. Janny is a young college student. She is gorgeous and smart, but 10 years younger than Kyle. Kyle and Janny met at Quake and it seems it was love or lust at first sight. They was an instant attraction but neither of them went any further than hello. The next time they met by chance at a coffee shop Kyle asked Janny out…. as they say the rest is history. Well… not so fast!!! This story is full of suspenseful twists and turns. Kyle is holding several secrets and what happens when Janny finds out the truth. Did they really meet by chance? Can Janny forgive Kyle of all the betrayal, lies, and secrets?

This book has a really compelling storyline, gritty romance full of love, angst, drama and mystery. The chemistry and attraction between Kyle and Janny is super-hot and sexy. Kyle is sexy and all alpha in the bedroom whereas Janny is more shy. They author sure knows how to burn up the sheets – there are definitely some scorching panty-dropping scenes. Every time you think you can breathe easily something else happens that draws you back into the story and keeps you on your toes until the end. Speaking of the end… So mean! I need Quiver like right now but unfortunately I have to wait until September.

The story is told in both Kyle and Janny’s perspective which is nice as you can understand what is in both of their minds. Overall, I really love the storyline, the character’s development, the suspenseful plot. The story is beautifully written. I cannot wait for Quiver now!!! I highly recommend this book – I know that it’s a cliffy but I don’t think I will forget the plot of this book even if I have to wait until September because it’s different!
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