More than Us (More than Water #1.2) by Renee Ericson


4.5 Stars!!

“You made it impossible for me not to fall in love with you, and it’s going to be impossible for me not to love you forever.”

This is another novella for EJ and Fozzie. So if you haven’t read More than Water, you need to because it’s one of my favorite books. It’s pure magic with an incredible artistic flare to the story. You need to read it before you read this novella too. EJ and Fozzie found a special place in my heart and it was hard to let them go. Luckily Renee couldn’t let them go either and gave us their wedding!

“In this world, there is so much more than us, a place filled with complications and distractions, but in this moment, there is only us.”

EJ and Fozzie are opposites who meet in college. They go through their ups and downs, but their love is strong and they make it despite life. And now it’s their wedding!

I’m swooning and smiling because EJ and Fozzie are still so in love! For this tiny novella, I have so many beautiful quotes highlighted and it’s impossible to share them all. I especially love how EJ is so soft with him. She’s normally a tough girl, but she gets girly and mushy with Fozzie.

“You’re my forever. You’re my Fozzie.”

“All she wants to do is marry you and have, like, ten thousand of your geeky babies.”

And of course, there is Fozzie, my hot little geeky stud. Fozzie does smart and geeky right and I still love that about him. He is absolute perfection and together they are perfect. This was the perfect ending to EJ and Fozzie’s story. It’s complete with a beautiful picture of not only their wedding, but their future with kids. It’s bittersweet because the story needs to end and yet I hate saying goodbye to one of my favorite couples. Well, I’m in a happy place right now and you will be too when you read this. I definitely recommend all the books about EJ and Fozzie. Happy Reading!

“The world fades away, like water flowing over lava, and all that’s left is the woman standing next to me. We are bonded by marriage and love. We are no longer two but one.”

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