Virtually Impossible: Once and Forever #2 by Lauren Stewart


4.5 Stars!!

“To err is human, Hayden,” she said wistfully. So is to love.

I hope Lauren never does this to us again— she made us wait almost 2 years for this second book!  No, no, no, it’s not right. She’s a talented author with a sardonic tone that makes me laugh and swoon…no better combination.

So this is book two of Lauren’s Once and Forever series, where each story begins like a fairytale.  Virtually Impossible is the story of Hayden and Andi.  On the outside, Hayden has the perfect life…he’s rich, has a great job, and a beautiful wife. However, his life is anything but perfect; it’s a facade. He has a past that has closed him off emotionally from everyone and he buries himself in work.  He’s the prime example of the walking dead, that is until he meets Andi.  Andi is his virtual assistant who is also living a façade, hiding behind her computer.  She’s made mistakes and punishes herself by closing herself off to the world.  Through just virtual communication, Andi and Hayden connect on a deep level, but is there connection real enough to break through all the barriers and lies?

Oh my, what a fantastic read!  Andi and Hayden are quite the pair. Both have a history that has damaged them emotionally. Hayden’s past is terribly sad.  He endured quite a bit of abuse as a child and the only way he knows how to cope is to not feel at all.  His heart is big and beautiful, but almost dead until he meets Andi. Andi is a breath of fresh air and shows him he’s capable of having happiness.  He’s never known what real happiness is and it just breaks my heart!! As he begins to open up, I love his playfulness, the funny banter between him and his brother, and the effort he puts forth to break down both their walls.  He’s determined and sexy as hell! He’s so romantic and he doesn’t even know it. I was just swooning at how much he loves her.  Andi doesn’t stand a chance =).

I’m a big fan of the buildup in a relationship and Lauren Stewart does an amazing job developing their chemistry and relationship.  It’s not instalove, but a slow sweet development that becomes powerful and deep.  I love how they don’t actually meet for a long time. They start their relationship with good old fashion talking and there is something so beautiful about watching that process.

“Andi made my chest fill with laughter, my soul fill with hope.”

Then there is Andi.  What a sweetheart! She’s a great combination of sweet, sassy, and sarcastic.  I tend to find sarcasm funny, so Andi was my type of girl! One of my favorite scenes is when Hayden and Andi finally meet. Hayden is surprised by her looks and she says:

“What?” You imagined me sitting in front of my computer all day, combing my mullet and covered in cat hair?”

Totally cracks me up!! LOL.

But there is also a broken side to Andi. You know the saying ‘we are hardest on ourselves’ or ‘the hardest person to forgive is ourselves’ well, that is Andi in a nutshell.  She made some big mistakes but she can’t let go. She can’t forgive herself.  Her mistakes consume her “every single day.”  Her self-punishment causes a push and pull game between Hayden and Andi, but like I said, she doesn’t stand a chance against Hayden.

Hayden and Andi have such a beautiful love. It’s a story about forgiveness, strength, and fear, but most of all, the power of love. I love everything about it…just beautiful. This a must read!

“I want you. I want us. I want a chance at a life I never even dreamed of.”

“Everything I kept hidden, everything I’d screwed up, everything I was. And he didn’t hate me. He didn’t pity me. Nope, he loved me.”


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