Totally, Sweetly, Irrevocably (Sweet Love #2) by Kira Archer

4 Stars!

This book was a fun surprise because it’s not only incredibly sweet and cute, but it has some hilarious moments too.

Gina Silvano is on the stakeout to find who is breaking into her food truck. She knows it’s her ex-boyfriend and is ready to catch him in the act. To Gina’s dismay, her neighbor calls the cops on her peeping tom ways. And in comes Officer Rick Boyd. Totally, boring straight laced Rick is caught off guard by this deviant beauty. They are polar opposites, but opposites attract right? Despite their differences, Rick and Gina can’t seem to stay away from each other. Can they overcome their differences?

Oh man, what a great book! Gina cracks me up. She is strong, sassy, defiant, but full of fun too. She’s a bit closed on in the emotional department and has a grudge against cops. I don’t blame her for her feelings toward cops because one bad experience can do that to you, but Rick shows her that not all cops are bad. She’s such a free spirit, an independent woman, loves to bend the rules, and sees life in gray. She’s very refreshing. But what I love most is how she lets love in when it’s staring her straight in the face.

“If there had been any doubt in her mind, that kiss had erased it. She was his. Heart and soul. Forever.”

Now Rick is her polar opposite. The man gives his own sister a ticket for talking on the cell phone while driving!! Yes, it’s wrong, but what the heck! It’s hilarious because Gina jokes he’d probably give a ticket to a jaywalker…lol…he probably would. Rick’s a good guy but he needs Gina’s spontaneity to loosen him up. I like that he loves her enough to bend the rules for her. Now that is true love on Rick’s part.

“Because despite everything stacked against them, he couldn’t get her out of his mind. He was so screwed.”

I love their relationship. It’s the perfect example of how opposite attract and how despite what many of us think, the differences can keep us together. It makes it fun and interesting. Kira has given us another good book. Happy reading!

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