A Stone in the Sea & Drowning to Breathe by A.L. Jackson (a review)

A Stone in the SeaBleeding Stars Series (A Stone in the Sea & Drowning to Breathe)
by A.L. Jackson ~ 5 Stars

“Love of a voice that was never really heard. Love of a face that was never really seen.”

WOW! WOW! What a story! Devoured both books in 2 days. So, here is the thing: I met this beautiful author in Vegas before I read any of her books – she was so nice and gracious btw … I have this series on my kindle and I cannot believe I waited this long to start ;( I am not going to be able to stop now… onto Where Lightning Strikes as soon as I am done with this review.

Sabastian is a lead singer and guitarist for the band Sunder. He and the band have it all – fans, fame and fortune. But Sabastian’s life is not perfect by a mile – he has a painful past that causes regrets, bitterness and a frequent temper which stems from his protective nature toward his family. Recent altercations with an executive producer sent Sabastian straight to a retreat in Savannah hoping he could lay low while his team cleans up the mess in LA.

Well, Sabastian was laying low alright!!! Wink wink wink One night out at a bar he met a beautiful waitress Shea Bentley. He was drawn to her right away and could not help but want to know Shea more. Shea has no time for distractions – she has responsibilities and also despises the lifestyle of a rock star. But Shea’s body and heart are betraying her mind – will she succumb to the bad mysterious rock star?

“He was both the sun and the darkest night. A promise of heaven and the curse of hell.”

Here’s the catch though — Sebastian and Shea both have an abundance of secrets between them. Life is complicated, and when past secrets come to light will they be able to trust each other again? God knows everyone else (with the exception of his bandmates and her close friends) is jaded with lies and deceit.

A Stone in the Sea ended with a major cliff-hanger – no spoilers here… you just have to read!

The second book picks up where Sabastian finds out who the real Shea is. He could not deal with it. He ran out and left Shea devastated and broken hearted. This is a part where I was really mad at Baz for not thinking things through before leaving – but that’s how Baz is, a hot temper and hard headed. Thankfully it did not take him long to pull his head out of his arse and grovel his way back to Shea. So, the make-up part is always fun and HoT 🙂 But Baz and Shea both realize that they are so much stronger as a unit and they are determined to get their life back together, to bring down those that wronged them. Justice prevailed in the end. Pretty sweet!!!

“But we can run as hard and as fast as we want, and until we put our pasts to rest, they will always catch up to us.”

I really love both main characters in this book, even the secondary characters and I am very excited to read about them in the next book. Shea is a strong woman. Despite what she endured in the past she was able to move on and take care of her daughter. I like the fact that she did not heat up the sheets with Baz right away – she is not playing games. Shea is genuinely concerned about attachment to someone who might not in it for a long run – she wants to protect her heart as well as her daughter’s happiness. Baz is sexy, talented, damaged but an amazing guy despite his temper. Deep down Baz is loyal, devoted, caring and protective of those he loves even if it means putting himself in vulnerable situations.

Shea and Baz’s story is touching, beautiful, emotional, and full of angst. At times, my heart hurts for them both … Their love for each other, however, is gorgeous – quite passionate, heart-felt, and sexy. The chemistry is very intense and scorching hot. There are also many cute, sweet and tender moments throughout the book, especially surrounding Kallie. Melted my heart how cute and innocent she is.

This is the first time I read AL Jackson’s books. It did take me a few chapters to get used to her writing style. I was a little bit distracted at first with the repeated words but I quickly attributed that to the poetic way she tells her story. It’s just her style. It’s gorgeous and I am totally digging it.

No doubt this is a fantastic read! AL Jackson, it is so nice to finally meet you and your beautiful characters!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your stories and cannot wait for more to come!!!

“Sometimes when you welcome in something new, the old can no longer remain.”

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