Anything but Minor by Kate Stewart (a review)

Anything but Minor
Anything but Minor by Kate Stewart
Anything but Minor by Kate Stewart ~ No end stars

“I’ve got you.”

OMG! OMG! OMG!!! Is there any producer out there? We need to make Anything but Minor into a romantic comedy movie. Please!!!! I am not an expert but I think its got a catchy title and great characters to compliment a gorgeous storyline. It’s got humor, romance and a fairy tale ending guaranteed to melt your heart. God! I can just see it!
I mean I devoured this book in one sitting and I am sitting here completely STUNNED. I am not even giving this book a rating… why? Because it is a “NO END” stars for me…

Alice is a complete nerd, smart, and a badass flight instructor with an impressive flight log to prove it. She is a sweet heart, beautiful, funny, uber quirky; but what I love most about Alice is her honesty. She wears her emotion on her sleeves, says what she means even if it completely embarrasses her. Aside from an overbearing mother Alice seems to be a loner. Leaving her mother and her mediocre life in Ohio behind, she takes a job as a Boeing flight instructor in Charleston. Alice loves the new life and is hell bent on exploring everything in town, including attending a ball game. That day changed the course of her life forever. Rafe is a local star. He is a sexy handsome ladies’ man and he knows it. The minute Rafe eyes’ land on Alice he knows he has to have her. Alice is no fool to fall for a bad boy and a one-night stand. She wants friendship and maybe more… Rafe’s life has been unappealing until Alice but is he really ready for “the real”? Is there more to Rafe than a “bone-headed athlete who only cares about baseball and women”? Well, ladies you are in for a ride. Rafe is not only hot and talented but has a beautiful heart. He is loyal, loving and dreamy. But most importantly he has depth and surprise surprise he IS real. God, I SWOOOON so bad over this guy. Together they are both hard-headed fools but so adorable. It’s sickening 🙂

Anything but Minor HAS IT ALL! I read this book sitting in Squaw Valley Village waiting for a concert to start. Some parts were so freaking hilarious I was literally laughing out loud – seriously people were staring. The story is super sweet, sexy and oh so romantic. The love Alice and Rafe share is just simply gorgeous and magical – a rarity – it’s one of those once in a life-time opposites attract, blissful soulmates type of love.

Why should you read this book? Besides a compelling storyline, there is Kate’s superb, well-honed writing style. Kate can write a story in a way that draws you in and keeps your attention the whole time. The minute I started reading, it immediately grabbed my interest. The more I read the more I became captivated by the plot and ALL of the characters development. This story is mostly funny and sweet but it will make you feel a little bit. Alice and Rafe’s love journey has struggles but ultimately happiness is found. There are also many side characters that are worth mentioning. The tremulous relationship between Andy and Kristina, Andy and Rafe, Alice and her mother, Dutch… their stories are not really described in detail but the way Kate writes, you can just feel the characters and what’s going on with them. I might be wrong but I am hoping for a story of Andy and April. Yes?

Kate can tell a good story! Period! Another HOMERUN. I am a HUGE fan. I am desperate to meet her some day and hopefully not paint her yellow blahhh….wink wink 🙂
Seriously guys, I LOVE this book with all my heart and I think you will too!

“Best day of my life”

Thank you to author Kate!


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