Off Limits by Lola Darling (a review)

Off Limits
Off Limits by Lola Darling

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I hate Max Davis.

I hate his cocky, overconfident smirk and the way every woman in the office drools over him. I hate the irresistible way he fills out his suit and his manwhore ways. I hate his tempting touch and the way he makes me want to break all the rules. His Clark Kent Glasses, his cheesy sense of humor, his animalistic desire to have me—on my desk, against the filing cabinet, spread out across the conference table.

I hate that he’s my number one competition and if we’re caught, I lose it all. And most of all, I hate that he’s off-limits and I just can’t stay away.

Holy Hotness!!! Alright, so this is the sexy office romance between two litigation lawyers that will leave you panting and bothered for days … I object! NOT 🙂 🙂

Chloe is a workaholic. She is independent, smart, driven, and a hard worker. But she also has quite a sex appeal that is hard for men to resist. Chloe is determined to build a life and future that is better than her mom’s. No one and nothing will get in her way. All was going according to plan until Chloe was assigned to a high profile case and partnered with the office manwhore Max Davis.

Max is a cocky player and a bit of a creep making rounds around the office… or is he? He is smart, handsome, sexy, and he is not shy of making Chloe squirm. He is Chloe’s biggest competitor in the firm. But will a couple of days in beautiful Napa with plenty of wine loosen the tension? Can Max convince Chloe to enjoy life and just live a little?

Off Limits was definitely a sweet, sexy romance full of hilarious provocative banters. The chemistry and sexual tension between Chloe and Max is panty-dropping. I love the writing and the storyline – low on drama, highly entertaining, short and sweet. Loved it!

Here’s to dirty little secrets!  Cheers!
Have fun with this book!!! I DID!!!
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