Honesty by Seth King (a review)

Honesty by Seth King

Honesty by Seth King ~ 4.5 Stars

A radiant story of first love and self-acceptance for fans of John Green, Jandy Nelson, and Rainbow Rowell

“Maybe we weren’t meant to collide. Maybe we were meant to explode.”

As a closeted teenager in the Deep South with a holy-roller father and the scars to prove it, bookworm Cole Furman has resigned himself to experiencing life and love only within the pages of his favorite novels. But after Nick Flores seems to walk off a page and starts to rewrite his story, Cole finds his dreams spinning into a dazzling – and complicated – reality.

If you have ever found yourself on the wild breathless thriller ride that is young love, Honesty will rip you back again in screaming color.

*** WOW! Honesty is honestly just beautifully written and deals with a such difficult subject matter. You want a book with feels – this is it folks. I laughed, cried, fell in love, got angry and sad, felt pain and cried some more My heart broke for Cole and Nicky throughout the book but it broke a million times over by the end when I found out Honesty is based on a true story.

This story is about Cole and Nicky who is the love of his life. When Cole met Nicky he was pretty sure of who he was but couldn’t be entirely free growing up in the deep south with a church goer community. Add to that an asshole of a father and a society / family that isn’t ready to accept the real Cole. He struggles to fit in with friends his age but most are of the same mindset and cruel. When he met Nicky it was like he could breathe gain. Nicky was hesitant at first but you can’t help who you love. Their relationship, however, was turbulent – break up and make up – the love they have for each other is beyond beautiful but overshadowed by secrecy and guilt.

Living on the west coast it is easy for me to think of Cole and Nicky’s relationship as no big deal – it is “normal” and acceptable everywhere. I never really thought about what it would be like for people like Cole having to grow up and try to fit in with community where everyone is still closed minded. So, I guess this book is an eye opener and it brings awareness to all of us that Cole and Nicky are just two humans with the same cells, molecules and same heart as you and I. They have the same emotions and they love just the same. This is a story that needs to be written and I think the author is so brave to tell us his story and bare his heart and soul to the world. It’s admirable and frankly brilliant.

Honesty is a must read – but be warned it’s heart-breaking although at the same time inspiriting – it unquestionably left a profound message to readers. Honesty is not just a summer romance between two young people – make no mistake the romance is definitely gorgeous. But it’s so much more – it’s about intolerance and unfairness, dealing with life and adversity, and acceptance.

My only hiccup is that the narrative was quite long and drawn out but I understand the author is telling his story and what is on his mind … I am just used to a little more dialogues and banters from the romance books I normally read. I highly recommend this book – I got a dose of reality and it is definitely a story I remember for a long time. First time, I read from author Seth King and I am looking forward to his next book.
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