Opposite Attract (The Locklaine Boys #2) by Jessica Prince


4.5 Stars!

Delilah Northcutt meet the Locklaine boys! This is book 2 of the Locklaine Boys series; it’s a standalone, although, we continue to get glimpses of the whole gang. Delilah is your quirky neighbor. She’s a snorter, eccentric, and wears thick glasses, but somehow she’s got Mr. Hot Richard Locklaine, wrapped around her fingers. After a one night stand, Richard and Delilah can’t seem to forget each other and now they find themselves neighbors. They are complete opposites, but opposites attract right? Now, can Delilah and Richard find common ground to make their chemistry bloom into something more?   Umm…I’m thinking so =).

“I want a man that loves me so much he wants the entire world to know.”

Whoop, whoop! This book celebrates all the everyday women out there. The women who are not model perfect, but real and maybe a little quirky and crazy, but still beautiful inside and out. Delilah is my girl! She’s a bit gun shy with relationships, but she’s been burned in the past. I like that she has moments of boldness and moments of weakness. It just makes her character relatable and realistic. She made Richard work to win her over and that is freaking awesome. Men don’t do enough wooing these days. The chase is half the fun!

Then there is Richard. I’ll be honest…he confused me. He just finalized his divorced and it makes sense for him to be all skittish about relationships, but dragging Delilah back to bed when she’s trying to leave seemed a bit extreme for their level of relationship. Then he tries to act all confused about their relationship and says he just wants to have fun. So I’m feeling Delilah’s confusion and frustration. What the heck! But let me tell you, he makes up for all his faults at the end when he makes his best man speech. Oh, wow…now that’s the way to win a girl. It was so damn sweet.

“You take each day as it comes, and if there ever comes a time when you’re unsure of where it is your supposed to be going, all you have to do is follow her lead.”

See… so sweet and beautiful! It makes me so hopeful and giddy just thinking about their future.

“Oh the possibilities.”

Happy reading!

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