A Measure of Love by Sophie Jackson (a review)

A Measure of Love
A Measure of Love by Sophie Jackson

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A Measure of Love is a third installment of the A Pound of Flesh series and each can be read as a standalone. I have to say this series is getting better and better. I love Riley and Lexie’s love story – beautiful, sweet, sexy and passionate.

Riley and Lexie were childhood friends – they were inseparable growing up. They tried to be platonic best friends at first but eventually it turned into something more. The two were so in love and were planning their future together. Unfortunately, life gets in the way – Lexie’s father died and she never really grieved properly. So when Riley took an opportunity at an internship overseas, Lexie ended their relationship before he could hurt her. Riley in the meantime made some bad choices that landed him in prison. They were both stubborn and said things they regret which caused so much hurt between them. Lexie kept a secret from Riley for so long until Riley came home and the truth came to light. Can they ever trust and forgive each other, heal and move on?

I think both Lexie and Riley have flaws but I like that about these characters — their imperfections make them real and relatable. Of course what Lexie did was wrong but I understand her decision at the time. I also understand why Riley was having a hard time trusting Lexie again. He was hurt and it’s just going to take time to give his heart freely again. I like the fact that they took time the second go-around and didn’t give into lust, especially when there were little people involved – that part is super adorable guys!

Overall, this book was a sweet romance, low on drama and angst. It is about young love and second chance romance. It’s also about the love for family. I adore Riley’s whole family from the brothers to his parents. They seem to be close-knit and it’s not something you see a lot of these days in fiction or real life – it’s quite refreshing. This book was beautifully written and full of heartwarming sweetness. It’s about heartbreak, healing and forgiveness because love always prevails. Sophie Jackson delivered! Again!!! Loved it!
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