Furious Rush by S.C. Stephens (a review)

Furious Rush
Furious Rush by S.C. Stephens ~ 4.5 Stars

Kenzie is a daughter of a racing legend. During the first season as a professional racer, Kenzie has something to prove – not only to show her talent as a woman racer in the male-dominated sport — she also carries a chip on her shoulder. It is important that she succeed because her father and his Cox racing company depend on it. The last thing she needs is a distraction from Hayden, the formal illegal street racer turned professional. The bad thing is he belongs to Benneti Motorsports, the rival team to her father’s Cox Racing company. The relationship between Cox and Benneti is unpleasantly complicated and as a result they have a strict no fraternizing between racers. Kenzie thought she would have no problem with that rule. Hayden is nothing but a cocky asshole that can’t seem to get her name right. Hayden thinks Kenzie is a spoiled princess who belongs in a fashion show instead of the race track. Despite the fact they annoy each other on a daily basis, the more Kenzie and Hayden race and spend time together, the more the attraction grows. They become friends who lean on each other and maybe even more… But with so many obstacles, can they be together or will breaking the rules ruin their racing careers forever?

The author did a great job with the characters – the chemistry between Kayden and Kenzie is off the charts. The sparks and sexual tension is scorching hot. A few things I am not sure about are that the rest of the cast of characters are not very likable. I would have liked to hear Hayden’s point of view as well to see what’s in his head. I am intrigued by this bad boy but this book is told in only Kenzie’s POV. The story starts out a bit slow at first but picks up to a nice pace halfway through. There is drama, angst, and an interesting plot but the story is not finished. I am afraid this book ends in a semi-cliffy ending. A certain ex emerged at the end and so there will be book 2. I am really looking forward to the next book though – I see a lot DRAMA coming. I am also curious to see how Kenzie and her father’s relationship will pan out. Let the race begins! 🙂
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