Review: Letters From Jayson by Amy Hale

Letters From Jayson
Letters From Jayson by Amy Hale

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 Stars!
I tried this book on a whim because it was listed as a romantic comedy and I am always searching for a good rom com. Well, I’m a bit disappointed because I didn’t really find the humor in this book. However, I did enjoy the book.
Lindsey is a news reporter on the search for a big story. Her goal is to land an exclusive interview with Jackson King, a famous author who refuses interviews. She temporarily moves into a beach house to get her story, only to find out that the beach house was also loaned out to a recluse named Jayson. They both find themselves in this weird predicament where they have to share the beach house. Soon, they find themselves connecting through letters and they learn there is a fine line between love and hate.
I really liked the premise of this book about how two strangers meet. They initially both find each other frustrating, but I think it was beautiful to watch them connect through letters. It’s a bit old school since no one writes letters anymore…maybe that’s why I loved the concept so much. I actually wish there were more letters in the book.
Jayson was a total grouch monster, but he’s charming in his own way. I liked Lindsey too, but I did think she overreacted on several of the issues. My main complaint is that while I liked the buildup in their relationship, I felt their relationship was just barely beginning and then all of sudden he was saying he loved her. I guess I wanted to see more development or time together before the big LOVE word. Anyhow, I did enjoy the story. I liked the plot about Jayson’s secret identity. The tone of this book is more contemporary romance instead of romantic comedy. I would read it going in with that mindset to avoid any disappointment. Happy Reading!
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