Turbulence by Whitney G.



4.5 Stars!!

“All is lost. All is us. All is turbulence.”

Holy Hotness!! This was one steamy read.  Oh, Whitney better not make us wait this long for another book. I’ve been waiting for Turbulence for over a year and this book did not disappoint.

So what’s this book about. Boy meets girl. Boy realizes girl has been breaking into his house.  Boy still fucks girl. Girl falls in love. Boy needs to get his head out of his ass and get over his issues to love girl back.

Ok…there’s a little more to this story, but that’s basically the gist. Jake is our hero. He’s a hot, emotionally unavailable pilot.  He’s crude and downright mean sometimes, but underneath it all is just a tortured soul; a man who just wants to find someone he can trust and will love him unconditionally.

“I saw storms swirling in his irises, saw dark grey specks of uncertainties in his bright blue. I saw potential moments like this one, words spoken that meant nothing, and most importantly, I saw pain. For the both of us.”

Gillian is also lost and fumbling through New York City.  I love the way she meets Jake and how she takes him back to his own apartment pretending she lives there.  Sound confusing?  Well, the situation was a hoot and I was laughing hard. After that, Gillian became my girl. She was a bit of a hot mess, but I liked her ability to cope and go with the flow. I like how forward she is. She just outright tells Jake how it is.  She made me smile. She was a beautiful blend of weak and strong, but all at the right moments.

Jake and Gillian had awesome chemistry. Oh my, the dirty dirty sex they have. Like I said, quite steamy!! She burrows her way into Jake’s heart and I just love how he sees her.

“You’re still my anomaly, Gillian,” he said softly. “You always will be.”

Aww…don’t we all want to be somebody’s anomaly.  I love that! Whitney G definitely has a way with words.

This would have been a 5 star for me if it wasn’t for some small details. I was completely intrigued by Jake’s story. I wanted to know so badly what happened to make him so tortured.  I understand his hatred toward his family. His dad and brother are despicable and I would cut ties too.  However, I feel his story was a bit incomplete. Now I might have missed it because I did finish reading this book late at night, but I still don’t understand his mind blocks and I’m not sure how his dad and brother caused him to be that damaged.  What they did was wrong and I would be angry, but it damaged Jake on a level that seems a bit extreme for the situation.  Anyhow, questions remain for me, unfortunately.

Overall, though, I loved this book and now I’m patiently waiting for Whitney to write her next great story. I definitely recommend this book. Happy reading!



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