Winning It All by Victoria Denault (a review)

Winning It All
Winning It All by Victoria Denault

My rating: 4.5 Stars

Squeeze! This book was so cute, fun and sexy. Perfect for a relaxing Sunday read. Standalone sport romance.

Shayne knows all about hockey players and she is not impressed. Her father was a great hockey player and a better womanizer. Her brother was a good hockey player too, a man-whore and a recovering prescription drugs addict. Her ex-boyfriend – another hockey player turned cheating bastard. So to say Shayne’s opinion of hockey players and romance is jaded would be an understatement… she swears that she will never date a hockey player again in her life. Until she meets Sebastian and has a hot one-night stand with a French “white-collar professional look alike” thinking she would never have to see him again. Well, WRONG! Not only did they “see” each other again and again, Shayne and Sebastian were attracted to each other like magnets. They could not keep their hands off of each other if they tried – maybe it’s sex, maybe it’s more. So not only was she seeing a lot of Sebastian, she could not resist his charms and started developing feelings for him. What happens though when she finds out who Sebastian really is? Catastrophe! Shay feels betrayed that he kept his identity secret. Sebastian is doing all he can to woo her and prove her theory wrong while Shayne is a stubborn woman and fights him every step of the way. Will it be too late by the time she realizes that she has been looking for a way out of their relationship before it even starts?

“But there are two kinds of players. The ones who use it as an excuse to mistreat and ignore the people who love them, and the ones who find balance.”

I’ve got to say Sebastian is one swoony, sexy, sweet, total package of a boyfriend. Despite his reputation in the past, once he makes a decision to be with one woman he is loyal, caring and giving. It does not hurt that he oozes sex appeal and speaks French. Shayne and Sebastian’s relationship is turbulent but he is patient and persistent in helping Shayne see the real him. There is no denying that their chemistry is explosive but in order to have a real relationship, Shay has to move on from her past and have faith in the man she loves.

First time I read this author and this sport romance is fabulous. The first few chapters were a bit slow for me but once I got into it I was hooked. At times I was frustrated with Shay and her stubbornness but she redeemed herself at end (the airport scene was brave, sweet, heartfelt and ALL is FORGIVEN). Overall, I say 4.5 Stars all around for characters, beautiful narrative, witty banters, steamy sex scenes, and a heartfelt fun love story. I am definitely looking forward to more of this series.

“My brain is an evil pessimist but my heart is a hopeful romantic. And my heart says you’re the one for me. And I’m the one for you.”

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