Behind Closed Doors by J.L Berg (a review)

Behind Closed Doors
Behind Closed Doors by J.L. Berg

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WOHOO! I am so ecstatic I finally read one of J.L Berg books. I have met author J.L at one of the signing events and I was introduced to this book Behind Closed Doors (she was super nice btw). So I am very happy to finally get my hands on this baby. I understand that this book is part of The Wall Duet series but can be read as a standalone (story of Roman and Cara). The first book Within these Walls is about Roman brother Jude and his leading lady Lailah which I have to go back and read pronto because they sounded like incredible characters. Their story was quite heart-felt. Jude and Lailah were mentioned a little in this book and I was instantly intrigued by them. With that said, I am falling in love with J.L writing and I absolutely adore Roman and Cara’s love story. Goodness! It was fantastic!

Cara is small town girl from Nebraska with impeccable manners, charming, sweet and adorable. She rambles a lot and has a horrible sense of fashion. Cara followed her boyfriend Tyler to NY with the intention of starting a new life. Unfortunately not everything turns out as rosy as Cara hopes. Even though Tyler and Cara have known each other a long time, the distance might have changed them both in what they want out of each other and life. Tyler works late hours entertaining his clients and perhaps maybe enjoying his own entertainment a little too much.

Shortly after arriving in NY Cara landed a temporary job as an assistant to a corporate CEO. Roman is hot, sexy, successful and an intimidating young CEO. But behind his tough facade, he has a sweet and gentle side. Most days, Roman hides behind his office walls and is oblivious to anything and anyone around him. He does not even realize that he just acquired a new assistant. When he found out he is not pleased with the new development. Roman finds Cara annoying with her constant interruptions — intruding, wasting his precious time, and refurnishing his office. What Roman did not expect is that slowly Cara wiggles her way into his heart and secretly he begins to love all of her quirkiness. Roman could not resist her charm so he is determined to make claim to her even if that involves lying and cheating (not the kind you think) . What will happen when Cara finds out the truth? Will she able to forgive him?

I love the characters in this book – Roman and Cara are both likable. Yes, he acts like an arse sometimes but we know the real him so what’s not to like! He is easy on the eyes and sweet when he wants to be. I love the funny, quipped banters between all the characters. The chemistry between Roman and Cara was obviously undeniably sexy. The whole story flows nicely from beginning until the end. As soon as I read the first few chapters I knew I had to finish it and I did in one day. My only hiccup is that I thought the relationship between Cara and her boyfriend dissolved rather quickly given the fact that they had been together nearly a decade. Same goes with the declaration of love between Cara and Roman. But really minor details because the chemistry between Cara and Roman is definitely unquestionably scorching hot. I think these two bring the best out in each other. Cara can be herself and comfortable in her own skin around Roman because he adores her for who she is. Cara in turn helps Roman come out of his grumpy self into a sensible, sexy and genuinely nice boss. If you are looking for a sweet, heart-warming, sexy, low drama, hot office romance story with a bit of a twist – this is for you. J.L writing is fantastic and I am definitely going back for the Jude and Lailah story. Highly recommended!!!

ARC was received in exchange for an honest review. Thanks to the author and publisher.

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