The Hard Count by Ginger Scott (a review)



5 Stars!

“Brotherhood. Honor. Tradition.”

Oh wow, what did I just stumble upon? Pure heart. This book is just beautiful.  It is so much more than a teenage love story or a sport romance; it’s a beautiful blend of young love, brotherhood, family, prejudices, adversity, friendship, injustice, and the all the ugly in the world.

By day, Nico Medina looks like a regular boy attending private school. But by night, he lives on the wrong side of the tracks.  He’s a brilliant and talented boy who lives in a violent world, but manages to stay above it all.  Reagan Prescott is the coach’s daughter. She also has a brilliant mind but carries the weight of the world on her shoulders.  Reagan finds herself needing Nico to save her family. She propositions him to join the football team.  As Nico and Reagan find themselves facing adversities and the pressure to succeed, they begin to lean on each other. In the end, they might just end up saving each other.

“Nico Medina is. Special. Loyal. Smart. Mysterious. Important.”

Yup…that’s Nico. He steals the show for me.  The book is mainly in Regan’s POV with small sections in Nico’s POV, but Nico is the heart of the book.  Nico’s too young for me and I’m not into the whole cougar thing, but if my daughter could ever find a boy like Nico I would die a happy woman.  He has so much heart and soul. He is wise beyond his years, and yet so young at the same time.

“Eighteen, yet still such a young boy. All he wants is approval.”

Nico is sensitive and brilliant. I love that first and foremost he uses his mind more than his brawn.  I love that he fights with brilliant words.  And the way he plays football…well, he’s just the entire package. He gives his all whether it is in school, football, or loving Reagan.  The way he loves is so passionate and I could feel it all.

“Just don’t ever stop looking at me…look at me like you expect more. Look at me like it isn’t going to be easy…make me earn it…I’ll never stop trying to earn it…to earn you.”

Then there is Reagan.  I love that she is brilliant as well. I feel we don’t get enough strong and brilliant female lead characters. The nerdy scholastic girls are rarely show cased and Ginger does a great job with this. I admired Reagan so much for her courage and ability to go against the current. She fought for Nico despite all her insecurities.

“That fear was balanced out by faith.”

Her love for Nico is pure. Her love for her family is loyal. She does a lot for Nico and I kind of love that she changes her plans for Nico. I know that’s a bit anti-feminism, but I think it speaks truth about how when we love someone we make our choices together.  So yeah, I loved her for all that she does.

“Nico is so much like home; like no home I have ever known.”

“Loving you—it makes me feel alive.”

Now, for full disclosure. This book is very heavy on football.  Not a football fan? No worries because I have never been a football girl and yet my heart was pounding and I was excited in so many scenes.  I was asking my husband football questions and he finally asked me what the heck I was reading.  I told him only the best football love story I have ever read!

Ginger Scott is one talented lady. So this is a must read! It’s a rich story with layers of depth.  It’s pure heart.  Happy reading!!


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