Playboy Pilot by Penelope Ward & Vi Keeland (a review)

Playboy Pilot
Playboy Pilot by Penelope Ward

My rating: 4.5 Stars “Come fly with me”

SQUEEZZZE!!! Vi and Penelope DID IT AGAIN. I seriously can’t get enough of this duo. Another feel good story with a swoony hero – Carter is just someone you want to take home and introduce to your parents. Kendall is a little lost but a sweet heroine who deserves someone to take care of her. Playboy Pilot was brilliantly written with an interesting plot. I am in awe with these two authors.

Kendall met Carter at an airport lounge. She has a tough decision to make and so she decided to make a quick escape, one last hurrah sort to speak, in order to think long and hard about what she needs to do with her life moving forward. The problem is she does not know her destination. Carter guessed Kendall’s predicament and suggests that she goes to Rio. Carter did not reveal to Kendall who he was but just left it to fate that Kendall makes the right choice. Right off the bat, the lounge scene had me giggling so badly… if you read it you know what I am talking about If you haven’t – hint – it has to do with Kendall’s very wet white t-shirt . Carter comes off cocky and flirtatious but there is something about Carter that Kendall is drawn to and is not ready to let go. Kendall boards Carter’s plane (but she did not know it at first) to Rio. And so, the adventure begins for Carter and Kendall as they start a whirlwind romance in different countries wherever Carter’s route takes them.

But just as things start to heat up, someone drops a bomb on Carter. Carter and Kendall are both shocked by the news. Even though Carter vows his love for Kendall, given Carter’s playboy pilot past Kendall cannot take a chance of getting hurt so she lets him go. Nearly a year later they meet again at the airport but under very different circumstances. Will Kendall be able to forgive him? Will they be able to rekindle their romance after such a long time apart? Once again, Kendall is faced with a difficult decision that might change her life and Carter’s life forever.

I would say that the characters in this book are well developed. Yes, Carter is hot and he knows it. They don’t nickname him “Captain Bigcock” for no reason, not to mention said cock was everywhere… To say Carter has a VIP platinum membership for the high mile club is to put it mildly. But Carter is fighting a demon in the past – my heart really breaks for him. Behind Carter’s outside façade, he has a big heart and I LOVE him for it. This is a person who dresses up and runs the Bingo games for the old folks, who takes care of an old man just because he needs help … like I said someone I want to steal and take home to my parents. Kendall grew up in a prestigious family but that life is not for her. Kendall has a huge chip on her shoulder being pulled between her loser mother (who thinks she deserves a free ride) and being truly happy with her life absent all the money in the world. Kendall’s final decision felt a little rushed to me – I mean her journey was wrapped up nicely but I was expecting a little bit more given it was a big part of her. Anyway, only a minor detail because really the heart in this story more than made up for it. Carter and Kendall came from different lives but once crossed path they made for a beautiful love story.

Playboy Pilot is seriously funny, sweet, and uber sexy. I laughed and I swooned. Just the right amount of sweet romance, angst, steamy hot scenes, and witty banters. Low drama with a small twist. FANTASTIC READ!!! Highly recommended! GET IT! GET IT!

ARC kindly provided by authors, Trsor, and publishers in exchange for an honest review.

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