The Goal by Elle Kennedy (a review)

The Goal
The Goal by Elle Kennedy

My rating: 4.25 beautiful stars




“…love is the ultimate goal. It’s not the one I had strive for, but I was lucky enough so damn lucky, to achieve it.”

The Goal is the 4th book of the off-campus series. The Deal is still my favorite of all but I have to say I also enjoy this book and the rest of the series. College romance/sport romance is one of my favorite genres and I do have a soft spot for the sport boys So naturally, I totally fell in love with the hero Tucker, the sexy hockey player. This book followed Sabrina and Tucker’s whirlwind romance.

Sabrina is a senior, an overachiever who has her whole life planned out to the minute. She has one goal and that is to get into Harvard law school – her ticket out of the dump that she calls a home whom she shares with her grandmother and her nasty stepfather. Sabrina does not do attachment. She is focused on school, getting good grades, and working 2 jobs to support herself. She is not interested in boyfriends as they are a big distraction. But all it takes is one night out with Tucker and her entire life changed. Sabrina is beautiful, strong, independent, and I admire her for having goals and aspirations for a better future. However, sometimes she frustrates me because she pushes Tucker away knowing he is such a good guy. But not to worry … slowly but surely she does come around and realizes you can have both a nice someone to share your life with and a career.

Tucker, on the other hand… I so ADORE him. Tucker is handsome, sexy and popular with the ladies but he is not a typical bad boy – he only has eyes for Sabrina. Tucker is a down to earth, sweet, patient, and a good guy at heart. Did I mention patience? Because he is definitely persistent and hell bent on wearing Sabrina’s wall down. Tucker also has his own future plans and that involves getting married and having a family. I mean how sweet is that? I adore the way he always takes care of Sabrina – I will totally steal him if she is not interested LOL :). Anyhow, just when Tucker and Sabrina got to a comfortable place, life throws them a curveball. Sabrina has some decisions to make and her first instinct is to retreat inside her turtle shell but I understand her reasons for not sharing her true feelings. Given her past, I think she built a pretty high wall to protect herself, and I think sometimes she is misunderstood by people around her because she comes off strong and determined. It does not help that she did not have good support from her family, Tucker family, even his friend. For this reason and combine with her stubborn personality she could not open her heart and trust Tucker until the end. Once again, MY Tucker came through. He continues to be so patient, kind, supportive, and loving. This guy is a true southern gentleman and utterly flawless. Just amazing. TOTALLY SWOONS!

Overall, the goal is a beautiful read – heartfelt, fun, and sexy. Yes, there were definitely some sizzling hot scenes in there. I mean after all, Tucker has awesome tongue skills compliments of his old high school friend . I really like that the author focuses more on the closed circle of friends surrounding Tucker and Sabrina. I love Hope and Carin – they are funny and good friends to Sabrina. Some of the banters between them are just hilarious – make me laugh out loud. I enjoyed the light-hearted, entertaining conversations between all the friends.

I love the epilogue – made me smile from ear to ear. Elle Kennedy’s writing is gorgeous as always. I thoroughly enjoy the off-campus series and I am hoping for a story on Fitzy (seems like a quiet, sweet guy). As I said before The Deal is my ultimate favorite but I highly recommend the whole series if you are looking for a sweet, fun, sexy sport romance. All can be read as standalone.

“You’re the only one for me.
My sun rises and sets on your smile.
My heart beats because yours does.”

Eat. Read. Smile.

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