Review: Bedmates by Nicole Chase

Bedmates by Nichole Chase

My rating: 4.5 Stars

“You’re a bright star in a sea of black.”

OMG!!!! Just finished this baby in the blink of an eye. This book is not what I expected at all. It is SO SO MUCH MORE!!!! When I read the blurb, I had it in my mind that the story is like the Chasing Liberty movie starring Mandy Moore…. I know, I know… I am crazy! But anyway, the heroine and hero in this book are so much more mature and complex and the story is absolutely thoughtful and heartfelt.

Maddie is the daughter of the President so it is hard to do anything without the scrutiny of reporters. Maddie is beautiful, smart and passionate about animals and she will do whatever it takes to fight for their rights, including breaking and entering once in a while. Jake is a vice-president’s son. He is also a soldier returning from Afghanistan and broken in more ways than one. Jake lost his legs but survived while the rest of his teammates (except for one), lost their lives. Whatever actually happened over in Afghanistan is eating at him and Jake can’t shake the guilt. Maddie and Jake have known each other for a long time but their relationship has not been rosy. In fact, they can’t stand each other, or are they? Jake thinks Maddie is sexy, infuriating and so off limits. Maddie secretly has a crush on Jake – he is hot but obnoxious.
So when the vice-president asks her son Jake to head a volunteer effort to build houses for other veterans, Maddie was assigned to join him in an effort to clean up her image. The two are forced to work together and coexist. The relationship between Maddie and Jake was absolutely adorable. I really enjoyed the witty banters, the angst and the sweetness of their slow building relationship. The chemistry is undeniable. There were plenty of scorching hot scenes as well as the push and pull chase… sexy! LOVED IT!

“Most people don’t realize that the real damage is inside, where no one can see it. It’s not physical.”

What I like about this book is there is a deeper storyline than just a romance between the president’s daughter and a wounded soldier. When Jake received devastating news about the only friend left from Jake’s unit, Jake spiraled out of control. He is hurting and is not capable of dealing with his own demons. Jake is proud and stubborn though he does not accept help from anyone so he hurt Maddie deeply by pushing her away. This part of the story was quite emotional. It touches on the issue of PTSD, something that a lot of our soldiers deal with on a daily basis – unfortunately there is very little help and support for mental health care in this country. Bedmates was a fantastic read – emotional, heartwarming, sweet. I laughed out loud, I cried and I swooned. The hero is proud, strong but also loving, caring and sweet. I adore the heroine – beautiful inside and out, not the typical spoiled, privileged girl. I came to the conclusion that this story is not AT ALL Chasing Liberty LOL – Bedmates is full of heart, fun, warming, sexy, and unique. Highly recommended! 4.5 Stars!!!

ARC was provided by the author and publisher in exchange for an honest review!
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