Review: Falling Sweetly by Aidan Willows

Falling Sweetly
Falling Sweetly by Aidan Willows

My rating: 4.5 Sweet stars!


“Be brave, be bold, take chances”

SQUEEEZE! My heart is so happy right now after reading this breathtaking romance. Falling Sweetly is the second book of the Starling Falls. The first book was about Annika’s sister Maliya and Caleb. Annika is shy, sweet, and a bit socially awkward. She wants to find Mr. Right to share her life with but lately she is not so lucky in love. Annika has been serial dating men she meets online but they all turned out to be losers. Annika has been crushing on Jacob for a while but thinks she is not enough for him. On top of that she suffered quite an embarrassing incident with Jacob. One drunken New Years eve party Annika was a bit tipsy so she disclosed her true feelings for Jacob in addition to doing a little grinding on her object of affection. The problem is she’s not certain what really happened that night. So, she evades Jacob every time she sees him.

Jacob is a handsome, successful chef. He too has a crush on Annika but did not think she was interested in him because he knows Annika has been avoiding him like the plague. He does not really know why she put him in the friend zone. After hearing Annika’s confession New Year’s eve, Jacob held out hope that Annika might actually have feelings for him. So when Jacob’s job fell apart he took an opportunity to coax her into helping him with a new menu for his restaurant. What a perfect plan to spend time wooing Annika into giving him a date and maybe more . There you have it! Let the chase begin!!!

“That was me telling you that I like you, baby. I really like you. I’ve wanted you for a long fucking time. No more hiding from me, no more running away.”

I seriously adore all the characters in this book. Annika has a little issue with self-esteem but Jacob helps bring out the best in her. She is beautiful, sweet and caring. Jacob is positively swoony. A handsome chef so obviously good with his hands, among other things LOL. I mean who would not want to be chased by a man like that – handsome, talented, and most of all a gentleman. I also love the storyline – so sweet, cute, lighthearted. Besides a couple of douche bags that I don’t want to speak of, I enjoyed the nice secondary characters, the small town feel of Starling Falls, and the closeness of family and friends.

The author’s writing is fluent from beginning to end and full of hilarious banters. Since I am a sucker for the friends to lovers chase I could not stop reading. I wanted to see the finish line with these two so badly I actually finished this book in one day. This story is also told in dual POV – my favorite. You get too see what both of the character’s views are on each other.

If you are looking for a feel good love story, funny, sweet, sexy, and low drama you have to give this book a go! I LOVED IT! I can’t wait for the third one that will feature Nate.
4.5 Sweet Stars read for me!

ARC provided by author and publisher in exchange for an honest review.
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