To Love and to Cherish (The Wedding Belles #3) by Lauren Layne



4.75 Stars!!

You know the saying save the best for last…well, this is definitely the case here. This is the third and last book of Lauren’s Wedding Belles series and it was by far the best.

“There was only her.”

This book features Alexis Morgan and Logan Harris. If you haven’t read the previous books, Alexis is the owner of the Wedding Belles and Logan is her so called “accountant.” Alexis is a hard women and everything about her is spot on to a T. She’s rigid, cold, and frankly, her personality is unappealing. Logan Harris is your sexy smart British accountant. He’s in love with Alexis, but of course Alexis has no clue because all she cares about and knows is her business. Alexis is hit with a waking call and realizes somewhere along the way she has become a hard woman. Alexis finally decides it’s time to focus on her personal life. Logan realizes this is his chance to make a move; it’s now or never. Will Alexis see what has been in front of her this entire time? Can Logan break through her icy exterior?

I have been waiting for Alexis and Logan’s story. More because I really like Logan in the previous books and I just want to see his happy ending. Alexis was so rigid and did nothing for me in the previous books and I was curious to see how I would handle her being the heroine in this book. Well, Lauren did a great job because I just love her in this story. Alexis is hard, rigid, and icy, but I identified with her situation so much. I completely understand why she became so isolated and guarded. Betrayal by a friend is painful, but betrayal by our families can alter us so much and affect us so deeply. I was angry for Alexis and I was mad at her family for her. A part of me didn’t want to forgive them either, but if Alexis can do it, then I guess I can do it too. =)

My favorite part was the flash back of how Logan and Alexis met. I loved seeing them both so young and fresh. Alexis was so in love with her dreams and Logan was so sweet. You could see it was love at first sight for him. It was a great beginning. Too bad it takes them forever to get their ending. I suppose all that matters is that they do eventually get their happy ending.

I really like Logan, but I have to admit that part of this long overdue love affair is his fault. I can’t believe he never made one move in 8 years. Yeah, talk about playing it too safe. Nonetheless, I was always rooting for him. I’m glad he grew some balls in this story and finally fought for his woman, but I’m also glad he had his limit. He refused to be something for on the side for Alexis. In the end, I had so much more respect for him.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book. Lauren Layne doesn’t disappoint in this story. It’s a great story about friendship and love. Happy reading!


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