Review: Well Hung by Lauren Blakely <3

Well Hung
Well Hung by Lauren Blakely

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“There’s no such thing as calorie-free chocolate, or a guy who’s funny, well hung, and sweet.”

SQUEEZEEEE!!! I cannot get enough of Lauren Blakely’s book – Big Rock, Mister O and now Well Hung. Lauren knocked this one out of the park too. The characters in all these books are connected but all can be read as standalones. These books are fabulous guys – a nice, low drama, sexy read.

“When I told you to show her the sights, I didn’t mean the Little White Wedding Chapel.”

I really love the characters in this book. Natalie is beautiful, sexy and smart. She is a valuable and irreplaceable assistant to Wyatt’s company. On top of that, Natalie is a black belt karate guru – someone you don’t want to mess with… HOT right?. Wyatt is a smart, sexy, successful, good guy. He knows from experience he should not mix business with pleasure so his assistant Natalie is supposed to be completely off limits. But how long can Wyatt resist the temptation to have a taste of his sexy assistant when they have to spend the night together in sin city. Well, what happens in Vegas sometimes will follow you home … especially when Wyatt wakes up husband to Nat, donning wedding rings on their fingers. Yikes right?!!!

I so love Wyatt. He is wicked and sexy but has a good heart. He wants the best for Natalie and tries hard but sometimes you can’t choose who you want. The author’s writing is awesome – you cannot miss the chemistry sizzling between Wyatt and Natalie. Natalie has been secretly in love with her boss and Wyatt wants Natalie the first time he lays eyes on her. But both of them are trying to fight the attraction and stay professional. Poor Wyatt – sporting half hard equipment around his assistant the whole time which makes it extremely hard to work together. I love the relationship between these two – romantic, flirty, sexy, and fun. What I like about Natalie is that she is honest about her feelings for Wyatt. Sometimes, the heroine plays hard to get and that can get annoying. Well Hung is a delicious friends-to-lovers office romance. Just the right amount of angst, hilarious banters and blazing romance. Lauren delivers every time – a fun, entertaining, sexy romcom. You won’t regret it! WOOT!!!

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