Ready to Fall (Wingmen #1) by Daisy Prescott



4 Stars!!

Oh how I love a rugged lumberjack! Ok, honestly, I’ve never been into beards or lumberjacks, but I’m a changed woman now. John Day is one sexy man, beard and all. He completely steals the show in this book.

John Day is living the life and loving it; he loves the island he lives on, the outdoors is his playground, and he is never short of company. When Diane Watson temporarily moves in next door, he finds himself playing the helpful neighbor. Their relationship begins as an innocent friendship, but as time goes on, their growing chemistry and attraction can’t be denied. Both carry emotional baggage and are scared to take the leap of love. Are they ready to fall?

The story is in John’s POV and I’m a sucker for the male POV. I loved being inside his head. One of the best things about this book is that there is no instalove. It was interesting to see how he didn’t notice Diane at first. He wasn’t interested in her like that. It was a slow progression and as her personality started peeking through, he became a little more aware. He eventually realizes just how beautiful she is. It showcases how inner beauty and the connection we make with others can enhance our outer beauty.

John is just a good man. I loved how he initially just wanted to help Diane become more confident. He was really sweet with and he made camping romantic!! Yeah, he’s a keeper. But he is a man so of course he makes some mistakes. Having his point of view helped his case though; I understood his thought process and why he was scared. A little communication could have gone a long way, but Diane could have also improved her communication.

Their relationship was slow to bloom and that made it all the sweeter. Their chemistry was strong and I felt their connection on a deeper level. I was feeling all the butterflies. I really did like Diane as well. She was strong and I like that she picked herself up and made a life for herself.

This is my first Daisy Prescott book, but it won’t be my last. I definitely enjoyed this book. Happy reading!

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