Review: The Fix Up by Kendall Ryan

The Fix Up
The Fix Up by Kendall Ryan

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Squeeze! The Fix Up is just the cutest love story. Sterling is a manwhore. A successful cocky lawyer in NY who is English with a sexy accent that women can’t seem to resist. Well, our little manwhore is using all that sexiness to his advantage – bedding women around NY. Unfortunately, one phone call from uncle Charles put a damper on his playboy ways. A great grandfather has left him a huge inheritance except he cannot put his hands on it unless he weds in 6 months’ time. Well, do you think he is ready to fall in love and become a husband?

Here comes Camryn to the rescue. Camryn is a PR manager who is assigned to help Sterling get a wife. Camryn met Sterling previously at their friend’s wedding and there could have been some sparks. However, nothing materialized once Sterling realized Camryn was all gooey eyes over the newlywed couple in love. Now he is forced to work with the gorgeous Camryn who is completely off limits. Camryn is beautiful, smart, driven. She is not looking for a one-night stand – she wants to find her “lobster”. Can Sterling resist the irresistible this time around? You shall have to read and see.

The Fix Up was just a sweet, fun, light-hearted read. The plot is purely for entertaining purpose – Sterling is forced to be married, Camryn follows Patty’s reality show match making and set up a 10-minutes speed date, Camry being jealous of Sterling ex but continue to set him up with other women. I have to admit all this is a little comical but like I said before I think this book is meant to be fun so just enjoy!!! Anyhow, the characters are likable and easy to relate to. The chemistry and the sexual tension between Camryn and Sterling is definitely undeniable. I laughed at their banters at times. There are some sizzling sexy scenes that will make you want to take a cold shower. Overall, a very entertaining read!!!!
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