Review: Going Down Fast by Carly Phillips

Going Down FastGoing Down Fast by Carly Phillips

My rating: 4.5 Stars

“I have loved you my entire life and plan to love you for eternity.”

Oh geezzzz! I just finished another sweet romance with a most beautiful hero and heroine. In the very first chapter I was teary eyed and the story continued to suck me in until the end. Maxie has always been in love with her childhood best friend Lucas. However, she was innocent and young and was manipulated into marrying the wrong brother. Speaking of the devil I don’t think I hate any character more than I hate Lucas’s brother Keith. What a manipulative, douche bag, drunk. UGH!!!
Anyways, moving on to the good part. When Keith left Maxie destitute she reached out to Lucas for help and Lucas was immediately at her side. The truth is Lucas has been in love with Maxie forever but he was too shy, too nerdy back then. I really adore Lucas. He is strong and successful but what I find most sexy is his caring heart. The way he takes care of Maxie is totally SWOONY. I find it a little frustrating when Maxie pushes him away but I do understand her reasons. Maxie has been through a lot of heartache so at times Lucas overwhelms her. She wants to be able to make her own decisions and is determined to take care of herself — I do understand her reluctance to receive his help. Lucas respects Maxie’s decision and gives her space, but at the same time he is persistent with proving his love to her. I totally love him for that. It also does not hurt that he is super bad-boy in the bedroom. The angst and the chemistry between Lucas and Maxie is undeniable. You will be treated with some sizzling, scorching hot scenes.

“You are most definitely in charge of your own life. It’s just that I’m in charge in the bedroom.”

Going Down Fast was a sweet, sexy friends to lovers romance. It does have a little bit of suspense and drama thanks to the mess Keith left behind. If you are looking for an easy, passionate, sexy romance with a touch of suspense that will keep you on the edge, this is the book for you. Enjoy!


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