Review: Stroked Hard by Meghan Quinn

Stroked HardStroked Hard by Meghan Quinn

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

GAHHHH! Meghan Quinn has outdone herself with Stroke Hard again. I don’t know how she does it but Meghan continues to to deliver freaking hot, hilarious rom com – it’s sick how I am totally addicted to her. I admit I love Reese and Bodi in the previous books but there is something special about Hollis. I think I might LOVE Hollis the most. He is one of those perfect swoony boyfriends that you want to bring home to your parents.

Hollis is a star Olympic diver, already with 2 gold medals under his belt. So, you think the guy should be cocky with an enormous attitude right? WRONG! Hollis is anything but… well, he is ALL COCK alright 🙂 but the the man is so sweet, nice, and beautiful inside and out. I love that Hollis is successful but humble. Hollis does appear cocky when he talks to Melody but that’s just because he adores her. He has an old soul quality who is not afraid of commitment. He is the opposite of a player – he wants nothing more than to find the one woman to romance, woo, marry and live happily ever after. The woman that catches his eye happens to be Melony except she will have nothing to do with the sexy Hollis. Melony has a shaded view of men thanks to her douche bag of a father. So, Melony is hell bent on being on her own and never falling in love – let alone hooking up with a popular, handsome star. I admit a few times I was frustrated with Melony and her indifference toward Hollis but I do understand she was cut deep and it will take a lot to break down her walls. I love how he is so patient and persistent. Hollis knows the first time he lays eyes on her that she is the one he is going to marry so it will take a lot more than the silent treatment and eye rolling from Melony for Hollis to ever give up.

I do enjoy the chase – I think the flirting and the cat and mouse game is what makes the story fun and entertaining. I like the banters between Hollis and Melony – cute and hilarious. There are so many LOL moments, a whole lot of mouth-watering SEXY times, and just the right amount of angst. It was nice to see they were friends first and slowly Hollis wins her over with dates, flowers and a lot of nickname calling (I don’t know where the author came up with all these nicknames… the one from Anything But Minor by Kate Stewart was brilliant btw). I think the slow building friendship to lovers is necessary in their story because both Hollis and Melony harbor some guilt and trust issue from the past. I think the time helps them build a stronger, more mature, real, and lasting relationship.

Well, what can I say but Meghan has a real talent for rom com. She DELIVERS every single time – like all her other books, Stroke Hard is funny, sweet, swoony, and oh so romantic. Folks! BIG DADDY is all mine! ADORE him. I can’t get enough of Meghan – can’t wait for what’s next!
LOVE YOU Meghan!

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